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European Car Electrical Terminal Tool Kit

Aug 21, 2017

Automotive electrical work demands patience, knowledge, & above all else, the correct tools. European car owners oftentimes find themselves using ineffective, dangerous, & cumbersome methods when repairing or replacing wiring harness connectors. Schwaben's latest release, the European Car Electrical Terminal Tool Kit, gives enthusiasts the exact tools required for bullet connectors, common ABS sensor and power connectors, trailer light plugs, and more. Extend harness life, ensure proper diagnostic equipment connectivity, and preserve wiring harness life with this superb release.

Windshield Cowl Replacements BMW E46 Coupe/Convertible

Aug 18, 2017

Your windshield cowl is the black plastic component covering the electrical wires and connections at the base of your windshield. It serves to protect important electrical components from weather and other damaging influences. The cowl can be easily damaged when replacing windshield wipers or the windshield itself. When the part becomes cracked or torn, water and other elements can damage your vehicle’s electrical system, potentially ruining a number of components. ECS offers a genuine OEM BMW replacement Windshield Cowl, guaranteeing fitment and quality.

Turner Motorsport Power Pulleys for the BMW E46 M3

Aug 16, 2017

The biggest drawback with belt-driven accessory systems, is that it takes precious horsepower to turn them. Turner Motorsport method of regaining some of the power lost to the parasitic drag effect is to underdrive the system. Turner Power Pulleys remove parasitic loose allowing for faster revs off the line. These are designed to be stronger, lighter, and to look similar to the factory parts. These are designed in 6061-t6 aluminum finish, hard anodized coating black coating for lightweight and good looks.

BMW Parts Clearance!

Aug 11, 2017

BMW Clearance Sale! While Supplies Last!

Milltek Performance Exhaust for your BMW E46 M3

Aug 9, 2017

Milltek's BMW offerings exude the engineering rigor and attention to detail that come from experience developing prototype exhaust designs in highly demanding circumstances for race teams throughout the world. Every single Milltek product offering is designed and manufactured in-house in the UK. Milltek tests each system on their own dynamometer through many miles of subjective analysis, fine tuning each component of each system for its specific application. Milltek's collaboration with ECS Tuning allows unprecedented access to these exceptional performance exhaust systems.

25% Off BMW/MINI Fastener Assortment Kit

Aug 4, 2017

Avoid finding yourself without a key trim fastener - stock up for good with the Vaico BMW/MINI Fastener Assortment Kit. Designed with the DIY enthusiast or body shop in mind, this assortment comes stocked with clips for fender liners, interior trim, and body moldings, all in a convenient storage case. An extremely convenient kit for the discriminating MINI owner, you can now achieve a factory-perfect look instead of leaving crucial interior elements out of sorts.

StopTech BBK for your BMW E46 M3

Aug 2, 2017

Your BMW arrives from the factory with a fairly impressive braking arrangement – leaving many enthusiasts asking why this area of their BMW should be addressed for performance upgrades. Only a dedicated performance brake company can deliver a truly advanced system, one that represents progress and innovation over an already superb setup. StopTech Performance Big Brake Kits feature fully forged calipers with patented stiffening bridges, patented 2-piece AeroRotors®, stainless steel brake lines, and performance brake pads - bringing unparalleled stopping power to your BMW.

ON SALE - Shark Performance Software for your E46 M3

Jul 27, 2017

You've heard it all before - “Good, cheap, or fast: pick two.” It's time to forget all of that. The Good – Shark Injector software is dyno-tuned by BMW expert Jim Conforti, designed to preserve driveability & prevent damage. The Fast – Raises the rev limit and improves mid-range torque & high-RPM horsepower. Plug & play push-button installation in 30 minutes or less. The Inexpensive – Dyno-proven double-digit gains in horsepower & torque, priced far less than other modifications.

Blowout Sale on StopTech BMW Big Brake Kits

Jul 26, 2017

Take advantage of special pricing on select StopTech Big Brake Kits! StopTech Performance Big Brake Kits feature fully forged calipers with patented stiffening bridges, patented 2-piece AeroRotors®, stainless steel brake lines, and performance brake pads - bringing unparalleled stopping power to your BMW. Quantities are limited so act fast.

Schwaben BMW S54 Camshaft Alignment Tool Kits

Jul 21, 2017

Today's modern engines were made with complex tools that only dealerships seem to have on hand. This forces one to take their vehicle to a dealer in order to get routine service. With these new tools from Schwaben, you can do this service yourself. Whether you need to do up your brake calipers, remove lug bolts and trim, ignition coils, or tighten your timing belt, Schwaben has the tool for the job. These high-quality and long lasting tools will do the job right the first time, giving you more time to enjoy your vehicle where it belongs, on the road.

ECS Caliper Guide Bushings

Jul 19, 2017

Factory brake calipers slide on guide pins through rubber bushings. This design is adequate and widely used from the factory by BMW. For more precise braking, bronze bushings and 304 stainless steel guide pins allow for a more positive feel at the pedal and more even pad wear. ECS Performance Caliper Guide Bushings are C544 bronze to complement anti-seize, providing additional lubrication - all of which is held in place by an integrated o-ring and dust cap. Working in concert with new stainless steel guide pins allows for a much longer service life and less maintenance.

ECS & Bilstein Audi 8V A3 Sweepstakes | Build List

Jul 15, 2017

This year, ECS Tuning is partnering with Bilstein to give back to the Euro car enthusiasts in a big way. To show their appreciation for their customers and give you one more reason to better your car, ECS Tuning and Bilstein are giving away a new Audi A3 customized with all the goodies. All you have to do to enter is spend $50 at Furthermore, each multiple of $50 you spend brings an additional entry; so for example if you spend $500, you get 10 entries.

BMW E46 M3 ECS Performance Differential Bushings

Jul 14, 2017

The ECS Engineered Performance Polyurethane Differential Bushing with Black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Sleeve Sets take care of drive line slop and reduce power deflection, while increasing throttle response and overall drive train rigidity. After your engine produces power, and before your wheels propel your vehicle forward, energy is lost through your drive train. These losses are measurable and significant, and are made worse by worn or failing bushings. ECS recognized the need for more performance-oriented differential bushings, and have arrived at another world-class product.

BMW E46 M3 ECS Wheel Spacers

Jul 12, 2017

Most new performance cars could use a more athletic, performance-purposed wheel fitment. Not only does widening a car's track width decrease body roll and make better use of available grip, but the new uninterrupted line from the wheel arch to the tire makes for a cleaner front and rear profile. ECS Tuning lets you tweak your stance or fitment down the road with a up to 30mm monster offset change. Engineered and tested to fit your BMW perfectly.

Solo-Werks Coilovers for your BMW

Jul 11, 2017

Ride height too tall? Looking for the perfect set of coilovers? This premium entry level, budget-minded coilover system from Solo-Werks will get you there. S1 coilovers are fully height adjustable with fixed rate shock damping. Featuring progressive elastomer bump stops and silver spring perches with a double lock ring design, these coilovers are built for aggressive street and track driving. All Solo-Werks S1 coilovers come with a 3-year limited warranty.

Carista OBD2 Dongle On Sale!

Jun 30, 2017

Carista is a smartphone app that allows you to diagnose, customize, and service your car. Diagnose: Check your car's health and report any stored faults. Access manufacturer-specific diagnostics, clear fault codes and reset your CEL. Customize: Personalize the behavior of your car’s windows, lights and more, with a click of a button. Service: With Carista’s DIY tools, resetting your service indicator, or checking your launch control count becomes a 1-click action. Engage: Simply plug in the Carista dongle and download the app subscription from your play store.

BMW M3 ECS Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Jun 30, 2017

ECS Exact-Fit stainless reinforced brake lines provide more confident and dependable stopping by maintaining consistent brake pressure, long lasting corrosion resistance, and increased protection from failure. Even when new, factory style fabric mesh lined rubber hoses are prone to expansion under the pressure of hard braking, whether it be highway panic stops or threshold braking at the track. ECS lines are braided with stainless steel mesh, affording expansion resistance. This resistance to expansion creates a firmer pedal, and more direct pedal feel for your BMW.

ECS Swivel Exhaust Tips

Jun 27, 2017

ECS Swivel Exhaust Tips

Did You Know?

Looking for the most attractive & adjustable tip on the market? Look no further than our ECS Swivel Exhaust Tips! Featuring a unique swivel collar design that allows adjustability in any direction for that perfect fitment. Simply adjust the tip to your desired position and tighten the hex bolt to 14 ft-lbs (19 Nm) and the tip will stay in place. These are engineered to last, using chrome plated nuts, 304SS cap screw, clamp, insert ring and exhaust tip. Available in 3.5" or 4.0" outlet and chrome or black chrome finish.

BMW S54 Oil Service Sale

Jun 26, 2017

The oil change, probably the most common service known when owning a vehicle, no matter if you work on cars or not. This time, instead of just having our convenient bundles, we put them on sale with FREE shipping for a limited time, don't let these saving slip by you. With savings like this, now is the perfect time to use that extra cash left in your pocket to get those fun parts you've had your eye on.

Turner Front Control Arm Monoball Upgrade | BMW E46 M3

Jun 23, 2017

Introducing the new Turner Front Control Arm Spherical Bearings. Engineered by Turner Motorsport to be the no-compromise FCAB solution. Stock rubber front control arm bushings are soft and flexible helping to add a “luxury” feel to your high-performance BMW. The Turner monoball removes the soft rubber and replaces it with a robust, greaseable, double lip sealed spherical bearing cupped in a 6061-T6 housing with Delrin arm adapter bearing insert which offers instantaneous cornering and braking response.

BMW ZHP and Performance Shift Knobs | E46 3 Series

Jun 22, 2017

When you turn on your car to start your day, make sure your hand falls to this shift knob. The sumptuous leather and perfect weighting will have you dreaming. These Genuine BMW shift knobs are a direct fit to all BMW manual transmissions. With the extra weight carefully placed up high on the shift lever, shift action becomes smooth, solid, and deliberate. BMW set the benchmark in shift knobs. Feel the difference.

BMW Structural Foam - ON SALE

Jun 22, 2017

Subframe failure on your mind? Ours too! So we put multi-packs of BMW Structural Foam on sale! For a limited time save up to 20% on Structural Foam for your BMW!

BMW K-Mac Camber Correction Clearance

Jun 21, 2017

K-MAC offers engineered solutions for adjusting camber and increased toe adjustment at the front and rear of your car with camber plates – available in three stages to suit your driving style – and adjustable bushings. Whether you're just driving to work or trying to set the best lap times, keep your tires and your wallet happy with K-MAC.

Performance Sway Bars for your BMW E46 M3

Jun 20, 2017

The BMW E46 M3 come with excellent handling packages, but there's always room for improvement. Let us help you step up your game with suspension products that pick up where BMW left off. These sway bars are built on decades of experience designing world class suspension upgrades; then manufactured to old world standards where "excellence" is more than just a word.

BMW E46 M3 Belt Service

Jun 14, 2017

Your BMW's generator, fans, water pumps and AC compressors all rely on accessory drive belts to do their job. Over time, cracking, glazing, and squeaking occur; for these reasons, replacing your drive belts before they crack or break is a highly prudent investment. Additionally, If the accessory belt snaps constantly, or is sloppy and loose in your vehicle, the only solution is a new tensioner. The ECS-assembled kit comes with everything you need to refresh your whole drive belt system, including belts, tensioner, and hardware.

Turner Motorsport BMW SMG shift paddles

Jun 13, 2017

Ready to not only enhance your driving experience but also to add a sporty appearance to your interior. Turner Motorsports engineers worked meticulously to create an exact-fit extension for the OEM SMG shifter paddles that extends the face of the paddle without compromising feel and operation. Turner Motorsport SMG shift paddles provide you with a much broader contact area for activation of the upshift and downshift paddles compared to OEM equipment.

Schwaben Oil Service Essentials

Jun 11, 2017

When it comes to your regular car maintenance, nothing is more common than needing an oil change. Choosing the best oil for your car can often lead to a headache of opinions, so we always recommend sticking with your manufacturer's specific oil. Learning how to change your oil is an easy task for any just about any car owner, but the real trick is having the right tools for the job. Save yourself money for years to come with Schwaben! If you're not the "crawl under the car type", check out our Schwaben Fluid Extractor and Filler. This tool is amazing when it comes to oil changes.

ECS Tuning & Schwaben Fathers Day Products

Jun 10, 2017

Gift cards are perfect for the big guy, that way it makes it easy for him to choose a tool he's had is eye on or finds one he didn't even know about. He might have a repair he's been waiting to get to work on. He might need a new part for his project in the garage. Whatever it is, the ECS gift card will get him exactly what he wants. Happy Fathers Day

BMW E46 3 Series Fuel Pumps and Specialty Tools

Jun 8, 2017

The fuel pump in your vehicle is essential for delivering the proper amount of fuel at the correct pressure. The unit often fails unexpectedly and at the worst possible time. ECS Tuning supplies an assortment of replacement fuel pumps to get your BMW back on the road again. In addition to fuel pumps we offer the right tools for the job. Unlike a screwdriver, punches, and other multi-use tools the Schwaben Fuel Pump Lock Ring Tool securely attaches to the fuel pump lock ring allowing easy removal and servicing of your fuel pump.

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