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ECS News

SONAX Ceramic Coating Kit for your Vehicle

Jul 16, 2018

Almost every dealership will offer you a ‘protective coating’ that prevents dirt, grime, and water spots from marring your paint while creating a hard shell to protect it from chips or other damage. This is often an incredibly expensive and time-consuming purchase that is exclusive to new cars or cars purchased from a dealership. Now, thanks to Sonax, you have the ceramic power in your hands with this professional-grade ceramic protection kit for your car! Finish off your wash with the best protection possible from Sonax.

NEW - ECS Tuning Titanium Wheel Bolts

Jul 8, 2018

If you are a performance-minded enthusiast looking to save weight wherever possible or just want a set of very high-quality wheel bolts that won't rust, ECS Titanium Wheel Bolts are exactly what you need. ECS Titanium Wheel Bolts are 50% lighter than steel bolts of the same size, thus reducing rotational mass on the vehicle. They are CNC'd from annealed titanium alloy and when tested to class 10.9 fastener proof load requirements, they showed no signs of fatigue or failure.

Evans Waterless Coolant for your BMW

Jun 21, 2018

Evans High-Performance Waterless Coolant is a proprietary base fluid with an inhibitor package designed for all gasoline and light-duty diesel engines. Evans does not contain water, giving it the ability to protect your engine below -40°F and above 375°F. Its higher boiling point eliminates the risk of overheating, as well as Boil-Over and After-Boil. Without boiling there is effectively no pressure in the cooling system, thus reducing stress on the system. While Evans is ideal for both daily driven and track vehicles, it is also great for BMWs that spend a lot of time in storage.

Turner Front Control Arm Monoball Upgrade | BMW E46 M3

Jun 19, 2018

Engineered by Turner Motorsport to be the no-compromise FCAB solution. Stock rubber front control arm bushings are soft and flexible helping to add a “luxury” feel to your high-performance BMW. The Turner monoball removes the soft rubber and replaces it with a robust, greaseable, double lip sealed spherical bearing cupped in a 6061-T6 housing with Delrin arm adapter bearing insert which offers instantaneous cornering and braking response.

Turner Motorsport Power Pulleys for the BMW E46 M3

Jun 13, 2018

The biggest drawback with belt-driven accessory systems, is that it takes precious horsepower to turn them. Turner Motorsport method of regaining some of the power lost to the parasitic drag effect is to underdrive the system. Turner Power Pulleys remove parasitic loss allowing for faster revs off the line. These are designed to be stronger, lighter, and to look similar to the factory parts. These are designed in 6061-t6 aluminum finish, hard anodized coating black coating for lightweight and good looks.

2018 New Products for your BMW

Jun 4, 2018

ECS had a productive 2017 and a roaring start to 2018 with several new performance aftermarket components for your favorite European cars. Our new parts for your Audi, BMW, MINI, and VW include everything from simple cosmetic upgrades to awesome performance pieces. Check out our full line of new products for your vehicle!

ECS V4 Rotors for your BMW E46 M3

Jun 3, 2018

After 15+ years of ECS Brake Rotors, we are proud to offer our fourth iteration of rotors. Our V4 Rotors come in Plain, Drilled, Slotted, and Drilled & Slotted Varieties for BMW. Whether your BMW spends most of its time in city traffic or hitting the apex, there is an ECS V4 Rotor to suit your needs. Features: Electrostatic Rust-Inhibiting Coating Fully Machined Finish Individually inspected for balance, and mill-corrected Symmetric, OE Style Vane Casting Engineered to meet all OE specs

BMW | ECS Adjustable Clutch Pedal Stop

May 18, 2018

Excessive pedal travel is the time you take during your shifts that translates to no power transfer. Our new Clutch Pedal Stop eliminates 'dead travel' of the clutch pedal so you have a precisely positioned maximum pedal travel. This will help improve the speed of your gear changes and is incredibly effective for hard launches of the car. Improve your driving experience today in your BMW with our brand new Clutch Pedal Stop!

Ignition Service Kits for your E46 M3 ‘01-’06

May 14, 2018

When attending to your vehicle's ignition system, the best approach is to replace as many system components as possible at the same time. Doing so allows each part to wear evenly over time, maintaining an accurate service schedule. ECS assembled Ignition Service Kits are conveniently bundled sets of six spark plugs and sixteen ignition coil wires, allowing you to take care of these critical limited-life parts in a single servicing. Misfires, poor idling, and general poor engine performance can be remedied with one of two kits.

Sprint Booster V3 for your BMW

May 11, 2018

By using state of the art electronics, Sprint Booster allows crisp and instantaneous acceleration, eliminating all drive by wire delays. A dash mounted selectable switch lets you choose between stock/moderate/aggressive acceleration modes at the touch of an LED button. Installation is as simple as plugging it in between your accelerator pedal module and the harness. Once installed you'll instantly feel the difference the moment you step on the throttle. It can be removed just as easily if you ever want to return your car back to stock. Money-back guarantee!

Sparta Evolution Big Brake Kits | BMW E46 M3

May 8, 2018

Sparta Evolution is a recent breakout success who manufacture high-performance big brake kits to compete with the biggest names in racing brake solutions. Their specially designed big brake conversion kits for your BMW are meticulously engineered to bring precise stopping power to your street performance car, weekend track toy, or dedicated competitive race car. Triton R - Track Triton - Street & Track Saturn - Street With no more work than a standard brake service, your BMW can benefit from one of the most capable BBKs on the market today.

 New Schwaben Fender Lip Roller

May 1, 2018

Need to fit some aggressive wheels and tires, but your fenders require rolling? The Schwaben Fender Lip Roller is your at-home solution for forming your fender lips without paying excessively at a shop. Get the look you want with professional-like quality from the Schwaben Fender Lip Roller!

QuickJack | Part Lift | Part Jack | for your Vehicle

Apr 30, 2018

The ultimate solution in portable lifting technologies is undoubtedly QuickJack. The days of rolling your floor jack around and snagging it on cords or rocks are over. Just slide the QuickJack risers under your car and enjoy a safe, stable, convenient lift at the touch of a button. At a fraction of the cost of traditional lifts and the portability of the low-profile risers, QuickJack is your perfect choice, whether you are in your home garage or in the pit at a track day!

*New* M Sport Tow Straps from Turner

Apr 24, 2018

With the prohibition of the steel tow ring in multiple racing series, a new more close-quarter racing friendly solution was needed. Introducing the Turner Motorsport Poly Tow Straps! These polyester tow straps are the best tow strap available for your BMW chassis. Using a heavy-duty, chemical-resistant polyester strap webbed around a stainless steel stud. This design allows for tow hooks to grab onto it without hitting your bumper. If you are racing your BMW, a Turner Motorsport Poly Tow Strap is a must have track accessory.

Drivetrain Mounts for your BMW E46 3 Series

Apr 20, 2018

Improve your throttle response and decrease driveline deflection with Drivetrain Mount Kits for your BMW! With these stiffer mounts you will feel a tangible difference in driving experience! Polyurethane: These are great on the street or for some light track day use. DELRIN®: For any BMW owner looking for the spirited weekend drive to the next track event (Increased NVH) Solid: Should not be used for street driving and should only be used when all drivetrain mounts are being changed to solid.

BMW E46 M3 Turner Motorsport Chassis Reinforcement Kits

Apr 17, 2018

With chassis bracing failures showing in all mileage ranges the BMW E46 3 Series, Turner Motorsport has come up with the most comprehensive fixes available. The Turner Reinforcement Kits. These kits are developed to reinforce for the most common weak points your BMW’s chassis. With these kits in place, you can be sure that your car spends less time on a body rack and more time on the street and race track.

NEW Turner Polyurethane Engine Mounts | BMW

Apr 5, 2018

Enthusiasts looking to find the best of both worlds often look to polyurethane engine mounts - and many are disappointed with other designs on the market. Seeking a mount that offers a positive connection yet doesn't deform, fail, or rattle the fillings out of their mouths is frequently a lost cause. Turner engineers designed these mounts with these very concerns in mind. At the core of their enclosed design is a partially-constrained, multi-piece polyurethane bushing with precisely-set preload. This ensures Crisper throttle response and direct power transfer.

K&P High Performance Stainless Steel Oil Filter

Apr 2, 2018

Stainless steel filtration is not a new technology but is quickly gaining popularity in the automotive segment. With the ability to filter down as small as a paper filter element with the ability to be washed and reused! The K&P Engineering filter element is made from medical grade, type 304 stainless steel micronic filter cloth to provide unmatched protection. K&P Engineering manufactures stainless steel filters for a vast array of engines around the world. Staying at the forefront of design and testing allows this company to offer a top-tier product for your European vehicle.

BMW E46 M3 Suspension Refresh and Repair

Mar 28, 2018

Suspension components on any vehicle wear out from rough roads and harsh driving conditions. For a company like BMW, known for superior suspension designs and impressive handling, the issue is even more crucial. Many suspension parts don't just fail one at a time and oftentimes when one fails, the matching part on the opposite side is right behind it. ECS-assembled, and Genuine BMW front, rear, and complete kits are available depending on your current needs - all offering matching components for both sides for a professional job the first time.

Schrick Camshafts for your S54 Powered BMW

Mar 24, 2018

One of the best modifications to make your BMW even more aggressive is to swap your factory camshafts for 'hotter' cams with longer duration. Now back in stock are the Schrick Performance Camshafts to help boost the top end power in your S54. Schrick has been an industry leader since 1969 in producing performance and street camshafts with proven gains. They provide both camshafts capable of living with daily, and camshafts intended for race use exclusively. For noticeable, reliable, consistent power there is no better choice than including more aggressive cams in your build.

BMW E46 M3 Front and Rear 2-piece Rotors

Mar 6, 2018

Light on weight. Long on looks. Our 2-Piece rotors combine the natural advantages of a cast-iron braking surface with the weight savings and rapid heat dissipation of an aluminum hat. Drilled and slotted to keep the swept area cool and clean, our lightweight vented rotors reduce unsprung weight to improve both braking and suspension performance. ECS Tuning 2-Piece rotors are direct bolts on that work with factory and many aftermarket brake components; no mods required.

BMW ECS Ultimate Performance Rear Shock Mounts

Mar 2, 2018

The rear shock mounts of your BMW are prone to failure. Snaps, pops, thuds, and cracks are not sounds you should be hearing. A sagging rear end isn't something you should have to see. If this describes your car, chances are you need new rear shock mounts and we have you covered. Factory style mounts for factory fresh feel. Turner Motorsports Monoball the track ready solution. ECS Ultimate Performance Rear Shock mount, Polyurethane-isolated monoball design for street comfort with race performance.

Schwaben Subframe & Diff Bushing Tool | MINI/BMW

Feb 26, 2018

At-home bushing service can be a pain. Especially the rear trailing arm bushings, since the rear carrier usually needs to come out as well for access. With the Schwaben Subframe and Differential Bushing Tool Set, your removal and install process becomes a breeze. Having the right tools for the job makes the difference between a painless maintenance service and a massive headache. Schwaben has the right tools for your BMW to keep it on the road and driving like it should!

BMW E46 M3 Castrol Oil Service Kits

Feb 19, 2018

If you demand nothing but Castrol TWS for your high performance M3 engine, then we have good news. Now you can buy Castrol Edge Professional TWS--for less. This is the same oil specified by BMW engineers for the M3. The same oil that came in your M3's crankcase from Bavaria. Not a similar oil; not a substitute. The real deal. The difference? The bottle. Save on your next oil change by buying Castrol TWS in a slightly different bottle, and put the savings in the bank. Or the tank. Same oil. Less dough. Any questions?

10% Off Specialty Tools from Schwaben

Feb 15, 2018

With tax returns and the spring season right around the corner, we wanted to thank you for all of the hard work that you have put in over the winter. We have selected a handful of specialty tools from Schwaben to help get your project up and running before optimal driving weather is here. Sale Ends at 11:59 PM (EST) Thursday February 22, 2018

Schwaben Scan Tools - Back In Stock!

Feb 12, 2018

Developed by the most distinguished experts of this industry, the Schwaben Professional Scan Tool is one of the most powerful aftermarket tools available for your European car. From simple trouble code reads/clears, service light resets, parking brake deactivation, recording live sensor data, to providing live data graphing; The Schwaben Professional Scan Tool does it all! Owning a Schwaben Scan Tool separates you from the average car enthusiast, empowering you with manufacturer-level diagnostic and analytic capabilities.

Fertan Rust Converter

Feb 3, 2018

Fertan Rust Converter

Did You Know?

Winter months keep us from enjoying our cars, especially in areas with heavy salt use on the roads. Each time we get behind the wheel, we almost hear rust beginning in all the nooks and crannies under and around your car. With FERTAN Rust Converter, you can stop those rust problems as they start! The converter neutralizes rust by converting it to an inert state, halting its progression, and allows you to clean off the rusted surface easily to be prepped for further repair. Don't let rust get you down, solve it with FERTAN Rust Converter!

New - ECS Vacuum Actuated Exhaust Cutouts

Feb 1, 2018

Free up horsepower easily without sacrificing comfort with the ECS Vacuum Actuated Exhaust Cutouts! A simple modification that allows you to flip between the factory exhaust routing through the full system or dumped out the open valve when you need extra performance. Since the vacuum-actuated valve is not electronic, it will not stick or burn out, meaning you will enjoy this effective modification for a long time without worry. No welding required, instant power, and a fraction the cost of a full exhaust system makes this the perfect upgrade for your German performance car.

Now Offering Fortune Auto Coilovers for your E46

Jan 26, 2018

Fortune Auto Coilovers have found homes in several of the up-and-coming time attack stars all across the country for good reason. Their uncompromising performance, complete customizability, and entirely adjustable design allow you to maximize your suspension capabilities in line with other complementary modifications to create the perfect track, street, or show car out of your BMW E46. Don't be the only one with cheap coilovers at your next track day: build proper suspension with Fortune Auto.

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