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Up to 15% off BMW E46 M3 Assembled By ECS

Dec 6, 2017

If you've been putting off required maintenance on your car you surely shouldn't wait much longer. Spring is almost here and there is only a short window left to get your bimmer back in its prime! Whether it's preventative maintenance, routine service, or buttoning up your seasonal project, we have what you need. At ECS Tuning we've assembled multiple kits of all the major services to help you avoid troublesome hang-ups and costly repairs. Most kits include additional components that should be replaced at same time of service to avoid doing the same repair twice.

ECS Performance Poly Diff Bushings | BMW E46 M3

Dec 4, 2017

The ECS Engineered Performance Polyurethane Differential Bushing with Black anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Sleeve Sets take care of drive line slop and reduce power deflection, while increasing throttle response and overall drive train rigidity. After your engine produces power, and before your wheels propel your vehicle forward, energy is lost through your drive train. These losses are measurable and significant, and are made worse by worn or failing bushings. ECS recognized the need for more performance-oriented differential bushings, and have arrived at another world-class product.

Get 1 Free When you Buy 3 Alzor Wheels!

Nov 29, 2017

Alzor Wheels are made specifically for your BMW to bolt right up, look incredible, and set your car apart from the rest. With unique, individual, striking designs as well as some timeless classics make up the catalogue of choices you have to truly differentiate the European performance car in your life. A wide range of sizes, fitments, and color options mean you can have everything exactly right to take your BMW fitment to the standards you always wanted. Now, ALL Alzor Wheels are 25% OFF! Buy 3, get 1 FREE!

10% Off Liqui-Moly Molygen for your BMW

Nov 28, 2017

Enlighten your engine with new LIQUI MOLY Molygen engine oil, exclusively available in the United States through ECS. Using revolutionary molecular friction control, Molygen will provide the quality protection your BMW deserves. Molygen is specifically engineered to preserve, cool, and lubricate your naturally aspirated or forced induction engine from performance use to daily driving. ECS now offers Molygen for BMW engines, sold individually, or in complete service kits.

Ugly Christmas Sweaters - ECS Tuning

Nov 28, 2017

Our 'Ugly Christmas Sweater" shirt wishes you and everyone you pester with car talk a happy Season's Tunings by offering a cheerful design featuring wrenches, turbos, and even a check engine light. Whether you are out with friends, at home with family, or in the garage with your car, this Winter you can show off where you source all your European performance and maintenance parts. These shirts are available while they last red, green, blue, and black and they make a perfect gift for any jolly car enthusiast. Silk screen printed on long-sleeve shirts.

25% OFF - Schwaben Professional Scan Tools

Nov 28, 2017

It's time to take the guesswork out of car repairs, our powerful scan tools help create a map to the issue at hand. Schwaben by Foxwell has an assortment of brand specific tools that all have the ability to read both brand specific trouble codes and general OBD for all other OBDII vehicles. The next step up is our tablet, this isn't only for shops at this price, it's perfect for the multi-brand owner or side mechanic. Our scan tools give you the power to know what's going on before guessing blindly or going to the shop. Stay Informed

25% Off Schwaben Lifting Products

Nov 25, 2017

When it comes to getting under your car to perform any type of service it's very wise to do it right. The Schwaben 2 Ton aluminum floor has the ability for getting under low cars without lifting height sacrifice. If you prefer to drive right into you service we also carry a line of ramps with accessories to accommodate even the lowest of vehicles. From jack stands to wheels stands, these are a key point in safety when supporting the vehicle while working underneath. This is a small investment for safe working conditions.

25% Off Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit

Nov 16, 2017

We've all been in that helpless position when your car dies and there's no one around to help. What if you had a tool to remedy being stranded with a dead battery? Something so small it fits in your glovebox. The Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit is the remedy, the days of looking for cable and another car to jump from are over. As a bonus it even works as a phone charger for those days where both your car and phone are both drained.

Turner Motorsport Power Pulleys for the BMW E46 M3

Nov 15, 2017

The biggest drawback with belt-driven accessory systems, is that it takes precious horsepower to turn them. Turner Motorsport method of regaining some of the power lost to the parasitic drag effect is to underdrive the system. Turner Power Pulleys remove parasitic loss allowing for faster revs off the line. These are designed to be stronger, lighter, and to look similar to the factory parts. These are designed in 6061-t6 aluminum finish, hard anodized coating black coating for lightweight and good looks.

BMW E46 M3 WPC Treated Rod Bearings

Nov 14, 2017

The two largest enemies of any high-performance engine are heat and friction - WPC has found a way to reduce both. WPC treatment is not a coating, it’s a metal improvement process utilizing high-speed micro peening technology giving higher compressive stresses creating a harder more durable finish which also creates oil retention pools which prevent oil starvation. WPC is a surface treatment that reduces friction and adds strength, two improvements that benefit your engine. What's better than using Original BMW rod bearings in your next engine build? WPC-treated OEM bearings!

New ECS Street Coilover System for your BMW

Nov 13, 2017

Bring your BMW closer to the ground with the ECS Street Coilover Systems. Eliminating wheel gap with springs is fine, but when you want something with more height adjustability, sport-tuned dampers, and specifically rated springs for a more responsive driving experience, these coilovers are exactly right for you. With adjustable ride height, new sway bar links, and fixed dampers tuned for their specific model, you can confidently give your BMW better looks and a better feel without the cost associated with more aggressive systems that are overkill on the street.

OPTIMA and NorthStar Batteries for your Vehicle

Oct 31, 2017

Shouldn't you have confidence in your car's battery? With NorthStar and OPTIMA batteries, corrosion is no longer a problem and you can be sure the power will be there when you turn the key. Thanks to NorthStar's thinner plates with more surface area and lack of additives in the pure lead, these batteries are designed to have faster charging, higher power density, longer life, and virtually no internal grid growth! NorthStar batteries virtually never experience catastrophic failure!

BMW E46 M3 H&R Sport Springs

Oct 27, 2017

Your German-engineered BMW transcends the conventional limitations imposed on typical performance cars. These vehicles spend hundreds of hours on the world's most famous test tracks, challenging the most talented and devoted automotive engineers. Only a company that shares this passion for moving the limits of performance higher can successfully contribute technological innovations to this caliber of automobile. H&R has dedicated almost four decades to suspension engineering. 100% German made, H&R Performance Suspension Kits deliver race-inspired driving dynamics to your BMW.

LIQUI MOLY Molygen New Generation Engine Oil

Oct 26, 2017

Enlighten your engine with new LIQUI-MOLY Molygen engine oil!. Using revolutionary molecular friction control, Molygen will provide the quality protection your BMW deserves. Even better, with our included UV Light you can quickly spot any leaks by the distinctive green glow. Molygen is specifically engineered to preserve, cool, and lubricate your naturally aspirated or forced induction engine from performance use to daily driving. ECS now offers Molygen for BMW engines, sold individually, or in complete service kits.

Up to 15% Off Schwaben Torque Wrenches

Oct 25, 2017

No toolbox is complete without the Schwaben Torque Wrenches! Every nut and bolt on your car has a specific torque the manufacturer intended to be tight enough to do its job without being dangerously snug. Make sure you are doing the job the right way every time with these toque wrenches to prevent failure or wear that could have otherwise been avoided! Now is the perfect time to complete your tool box or replace 'borrowed' or missing tools by saving up to 15% on select Schwaben Torque Wrenches!

New from Turner! - Build Your Own Catch Can Kit

Oct 25, 2017

An unfortunate consequence of the modern closed PCV/breather system is the unintended ingestion of oil vapor and carbon into the intake tract. This lowers the octane rating and leaves harmful deposits on a vehicle's intake valves and ports that result in decreased power. Engineered and manufactured at Turner Motorsport, the Turner Baffled Oil Catch Can features a highly efficient 4-chamber oil separator; this design decreases oil ingestion and maintains engine power output. This design also catches as much blow-by gas as possible, bringing carbon buildup to an absolute minimum.

ECS & Bilstein Audi 8V A3 Sweepstakes | Build List

Oct 22, 2017

This year, ECS Tuning is partnering with Bilstein to give back to the Euro car enthusiasts in a big way. To show their appreciation for their customers and give you one more reason to better your car, ECS Tuning and Bilstein are giving away a new Audi A3 customized with all the goodies. All you have to do to enter is spend $50 at Furthermore, each multiple of $50 you spend brings an additional entry; so for example if you spend $500, you get 10 entries.

European Car Electrical Terminal Tool Kit

Oct 21, 2017

Automotive electrical work demands patience, knowledge, & above all else, the correct tools. European car owners oftentimes find themselves using ineffective, dangerous, & cumbersome methods when repairing or replacing wiring harness connectors. Schwaben's latest release, the European Car Electrical Terminal Tool Kit, gives enthusiasts the exact tools required for bullet connectors, common ABS sensor and power connectors, trailer light plugs, and more. Extend harness life, ensure proper diagnostic equipment connectivity, and preserve wiring harness life with this superb release.

American Racing Headers

Oct 17, 2017

It's no secret American Racing Headers know their way around an exhaust system. From the collective experience and expertise of ARH comes the absolute best in all around performance and sound enhancement for your E46, E90, or E92 BMW M3 in the form of American Racing Headers. With American Racing Headers the engine is expelling exhaust as efficiently as possible, meaning more performance, and all through meticulously designed tubes to produce an epic sound to match the power.

New ECS Oil Catch Can System for Your E46 M3

Oct 11, 2017

Engineered in-house and manufactured here in the USA, the ECS S54 Baffled Oil Catch Can is your Direct-Fit catch can option. This package uses a highly efficient 4-chamber oil separator and direct-fit silicone hoses. Combined with our specially designed mounting bracket we made this catch can an easy, clean install. -direct fit hose and bracketry! -Increases air intake efficiency -Promotes engine longevity -Made in USA

Schwaben Radiator Pressure Tester Pump Kit

Oct 8, 2017

Today's modern engines were made with complex tools that only dealerships seem to have on hand. This forces one to take their vehicle to a dealer in order to get routine service. With these new tools from Schwaben, you can do this service yourself. Whether you need to do up your brake calipers, remove lug bolts and trim, ignition coils, or tighten your timing belt, Schwaben has the tool for the job.

BMW M3 ECS Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Oct 5, 2017

ECS Exact-Fit stainless reinforced brake lines provide more confident and dependable stopping by maintaining consistent brake pressure, long lasting corrosion resistance, and increased protection from failure. Even when new, factory style fabric mesh lined rubber hoses are prone to expansion under the pressure of hard braking, whether it be highway panic stops or threshold braking at the track. ECS lines are braided with stainless steel mesh, affording expansion resistance. This resistance to expansion creates a firmer pedal, and more direct pedal feel for your BMW.

Shark Performance Software for your E46 M3

Oct 1, 2017

Isn't it time to make a simple modification to add both drivability and performance to your BMW without needing to smash your piggy bank? Thankfully, the Shark Injector Software for your BMW is there to help! This software will easily produce Dyno-proven horsepower and torque gains, all while improving the efficiency of your engine's operation. For readily attainable performance benefits and more enjoyable driving experience, this is the perfect software for your BMW!

Tune2air Plug-And-Play Bluetooth Adapter

Sep 28, 2017

With the Tune2air Bluetooth Adapter for your vehicle, you no longer have to struggle with outdated wires tethering your phone or media device to your head unit. With hands-free integration to your native steering wheel controls and an easy installation, you can update that non-bluetooth equipped head unit with Tune2air and ditch the aux cord for good!

NEW Turner E46 M3 Series Poly Front Control Arm Bushing

Sep 27, 2017

If you have an E46 M3, then you know all too well how incredible the driving experience is. Take your driving feel a step further in your E46 with Turner Polyurethane Control Arm Bushings. Thanks to the more solid bushings, you can easily improve the handling feel of the car while reducing driveline deflection present in the factory rubber bushings. Easy to install and much stiffer than factory, these mounts will increase the feedback at the wheel and provide more precise handling. These are a perfect alternative to the Turner Monoball FCAB's.

Control Arms and Suspension Reinforcement Kits E46 M3

Sep 26, 2017

If you are experiencing excessive vibration during braking, or have noticed squeaking, whining, or grinding when turning at slow speeds, the probable cause is worn front control arms. ECS offers genuine OEM, URO, and Lemforder replacement Front Lower Control Arms for your worn or failing units. Each option includes new ball joints, which will restore steering feel and eliminate front end noise. The ECS-assembled Front Suspension Refresh further adds Powerflex Polyurethane Bushings for tighter steering response and a longer service duration.

BMW Emergency and Mobility Kit | While Supplies Last

Sep 22, 2017

There's no better feeling as a driving enthusiast than having the perfect supplies ready at hand in the event of an emergency or unexpected circumstance. For a limited time - save big on Genuine BMW M Mobility Kits, offering emergency tire repairs at a great price.

Schrick Camshafts for your S54 Powered BMW

Sep 19, 2017

One of the best modifications to make your BMW even more aggressive is to swap your factory camshafts for 'hotter' cams with longer duration. Now back in stock are the Schrick Performance Camshafts to help boost the top end power in your S54. Schrick has been an industry leader since 1969 in producing performance and street camshafts with proven gains. They provide both camshafts capable of living with daily, and camshafts intended for race use exclusively. For noticeable, reliable, consistent power there is no better choice than including more aggressive cams in your build.

BFI Heavyweight Shift Knob for your BMW

Sep 15, 2017

BFI just raised the bar when it comes to one of the most frequently touched parts of your car's interior. These heavyweight shift knobs feel like butter in palm of your hand, thanks to the top grain perforated air leather or black alcantara that it's wrapped in. Weighing between 215 to 250 grams the added inertial mass makes shifting effort substantially less while speeding up the process at the same time.

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