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  • Corey N. - NM, US
  • Beatrice R. - IN, US
  • Claudia E. - OH, US
  • Clifton W. - CA, US
  • Bruce L. - AR, US

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Congratulations to all our winners!

  • Corey N. - NM, US
  • Beatrice R. - IN, US
  • Claudia E. - OH, US
  • Clifton W. - CA, US
  • Bruce L. - AR, US
  • August J. - IA, US
  • Sukhpal M. - MD, US
  • Daniel T. - FL, US
  • Zach W. - OR, US
  • Baptiste R. - MD, US
  • Dawn S. - TX, US
  • Jeremy L. - FL, US
  • Jean S. - ON, CA
  • Mike G. - OR, US
  • Matthew G. - OK, US
  • Oli F. - WA, US
  • Tracy R. - AL, US
  • Erna B. - TX, US
  • Calvin P. - SC, US
  • Robert S. - OH, US
  • Ryan K. - CO, US
  • Logan R. - OH, US
  • Colby L. - MA, US
  • Robert Z. - NY, US
  • Tobias p. P. - NY, US
  • Kevin S. - GA, US
  • Bernard P. - NC, US
  • Eduardo G. - WI, US
  • Luca C. - MT, US
  • Corey T. - OH, US
  • Barbara R. - FL, US
  • Damon K. - PA, US
  • Michael C. - FL, US
  • Drexton C. - NY, US
  • Sophie W. - NY, US
  • Leopold B. - FL, US
  • Sebastian K. - SC, US
  • Louka M. - NY, US
  • Sara H. - WI, US
  • Dayton F. - SC, US
  • Inaya B. - IA, US
  • Sean W. - KY, US
  • Carter P. - FL, US
  • Clifton N. - CA, US
  • Enola P. - FL, US
  • Tessa W. - MD, US
  • Vicki G. - TN, US
  • Sangyoun L. - AZ, US
  • Jesse A. - NC, US
  • Chad G. - FL, US
  • Dennis G. - FL, US
  • Michael C. - NH, US
  • Richard R. - TX, US
  • Michael H. - GA, US
  • Donny K. - PA, US
  • Chris G. - WA, US
  • Jeff M. - CT, US
  • Tarquin C. - ON, CA
  • Gary R. - AZ, US
  • Chris R. - IN, US
  • Cole D. - AB, CA
  • Adam K. - MA, US
  • Jesse B. - SK, CA
  • Steve S. - ON, CA

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ECS Tuning is proud to announce that we will be hosting our 12th Annual Holiday Sale featuring The ECS Tuning Dream Build Giveaway.

Each holiday season for the past eleven years, we've thanked the best customers in the world by hosting our annual giveaway of ECS Tuning Rewards and various prizes. This year we're going all out, hosting our largest giveaway to date which will last a total of 6 weeks; from November 23rd, 2016 through January 3rd, 2017.

During this promotion, each participant will be given 3 chances daily to win $25, $50 or $100 in ECS Tuning Rewards. Each day there will be up to 6 winners daily with a total daily payout of $275! Having 41 days to "Spin to Win" we will be giving away a total of $11,275 in ECS Tuning Rewards! Each participant is limited to one daily win to make sure we spread the joy far and wide.

But wait, we're not done yet!

This year, ECS Tuning will be giving out $4,000 in ECS Tuning Rewards, split amongst three lucky individuals who participate in our "Spin to Win" Giveaway. Our Grand Prize 1st place winner will receive $2,500 in ECS Tuning Rewards! Our 2nd place winner will receive $1,000 in ECS Tuning Rewards, and our 3rd place winner will receive $500 in ECS Tuning Rewards.

That's right! We are giving out more than $15,000 in ECS Tuning Rewards during this giveaway!

All prizes this year are ECS Tuning Reward dollars which can be redeemed at Fun money to spend any way you like. It's all free, there's no catch, and you don't have to buy anything to participate.

Bookmark the giveaway page and come back each and every day of the week — including Saturdays and Sundays — until January 3rd, 2017. That's 41 days of "Spin-to-Win", with three fresh chances every day. Limit one prize per entry.

To spread the holiday cheer, new customers or friends can register and play too. Same deal: Register. Play. Win. All registered participants are automatically entered in our Grand Prize Drawing.

Thanks for another great year from the staff at ECS Tuning!

Check out the Official Rules

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Open to legal residents of the 50 United States, District of Columbia, and Canada (excluding Quebec). Age 18 years or older as of 11/23/16. Sweepstakes Ends: 1/3/17.

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