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BMW M54 Parts

The BMW M54 powered a large number of non-M models in the early 2000s. With such a wide number of BMWs driven by the engine, it’s no surprise that the M54 is still quite popular. As it’s aged, the M54 has become prevalent in motorsports, especially in SPECE46 racing. While it is a reliable platform, there are still some necessary services your M54 will need to be able to compete or take you wherever you need to go reliably. Find all your M54 parts and upgrades here in our selection of brands you know and love.

Find Parts For Your BMW M54

BMW M54 Intake Manifolds

Not all M54 intake manifolds are created equal. Upgrade or replace your M54 intake manifold with our OEM kits or a quality aftermarket version.

BMW M54 Valve Covers & Gaskets

It’s joked that ‘if your BMW is leaking, you know it has oil in it.’ Don’t be that guy. Replace your M54 valve cover and valve cover gasket so you can keep your oil where it belongs.

BMW M54 Cylinder Heads & Gaskets

Nothing is worse than finding coolant and oil mixing, especially in an aging BMW. Tackle that service yourself with M54 cylinder head gaskets, head bolts, and even fresh cylinder heads with our kits.

BMW M54 Pistons & Rings

Blowby is a serious issue. Bring your BMW back up to full power and reduce oil consumption by replacing your M54 piston rings and pistons.

Find BMW M54 Parts from our Top Brands

We have the largest catalog of M54 parts on the internet. When it comes to maintaining your BMW, ensuring the parts you select come from the best brands with the highest reputation is key. Find your next maintenance service parts and upgrades from our choice examples of the best options for peace of mind and reliability.

Read More BMW M54 Content On Our Blog

Our constantly growing library of content on our blog caters to enthusiasts who want to eat, sleep, breathe, and read about their favorite BMW. With DIYs, product spotlights, build breakdowns, and more waiting for you, there’s no need to pace around while you’re waiting on M54 parts. Settle in for a great read or find information on your next project here. ECS Blog

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