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Volkswagen GTI Parts

When the Volkswagen GTI was introduced, it became an instant hit as a daily driver that was more than just a commuter car: it was a fun, affordable, practical performance car that practically invented the Hot-Hatchback segment. No matter the generation of this long-running legend you have, you can be sure to keep it running like new or built to your heart’s content with our expansive catalog of maintenance parts and performance upgrades available for your VW GTI.

Find Parts For Our Most Popular VW GTI Models

Our Most Popular VW GTI Wheels

Your GTI deserves to look its best. One of the easiest ways to make the perfect addition to the appearance of your GTI is with a set of unique and gorgeous aftermarket wheels. At ECS, we have a full catalog of incredible wheel choices with the perfect fitment and styles you need to look the way you want.

GTI Performance Exhaust & Downpipes

When you upgrade your GTI, one of the first improvements you can make is to its exhaust. Putting your foot down and hearing the glorious sound of Volkswagen's most loved enthusiast car is one of the biggest appeals to the GTI. When you're ready to hear that lovely engine sing, ECS Tuning is here with all the best exhaust upgrades your Volkswagen deserves.

GTI Turbo Upgrade Kits

The GTI has always been a plucky little gem of a car and most often enjoyed with a turbocharger providing all the fun. Of course, there were naturally-aspirated GTI editions along the way, but we all know the GTI as the pops-and-bangs hot-hatch that was hopped up thanks to a decent bit of boost. If you, like us, enjoy your VW GTI with even more fun from a noisy snail, you can check out all the turbocharger upgrades right here at ECS.

GTI Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

Thanks to the wonderful properties of a turbocharged engine, incredible performance is just a few bolt-on upgrades away. Your GTI is one of the most popular enthusiast cars to throw a few aftermarket parts into and go from a stout car off the lot to an absolute weapon on the street or track. Whether you just want to keep it Stage 1, go up to Stage 2, or run all the way to Stage 3 for the most fun you can have in your VW GTI, we have it all here for you at ECS.

GTI Coilovers

You can't have a performance car without addressing the factory suspension. It might be fantastic in its stock form when everything is left alone, but if you want the best looking version of what your GTI could be, and want the performance benefits associated with suspension tuning, then your GTI needs coilovers. Bring the ride height and handling down to where you want them with our catalog of coilover upgrades for your GTI here at ECS.

Find VW GTI Parts from our Top Brands

With the largest catalog of Volkswagen GTI parts and modifications on the planet, you can be sure to find all your next upgrades and services here at ECS Tuning to make your GTI everything you've always wanted.

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We love providing more than just your modification and maintenance needs for your GTI. With an expansive backlog of Volkswagen GTI articles covering DIYs, upgrades, history, and even reviews, you can look to our blog for all your GTI entertainment fixes after you finish grabbing what you need for your next DIY. Be sure to check out these related articles and explore all we have to offer over on our ECS Blog.

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