2013 Porsche 911 991 Carrera 4S Cabriolet H6 3.8L Drivetrain Parts & Accessories

Put your power to the wheels where it belongs, and keep drivetrain components mounted securely for comfort and safety. Our Drivetrain Components Section has a huge assortment of parts and fluids for transmissions, differentials, driveshafts, drivetrain mounts, drivetrain bushings, and drive hubs, plus special tools to make repairs easy.

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From transmission shift cables and hard transmission linkages to performance pivot arms and short shifter kits, ECS Tuning stocks the shifter parts you need to repair and upgrade your shift linkage for improved performance and durability.

Shifter Parts & Accessories

Repair and maintain drivetrain components the right way with special drivetrain tools from ECS Tuning. The right tool makes the job easier, saves time and money, and improves repair quality.

Drivetrain Tools

Whether you're doing a manual transmission service or a major overhaul, ECS Tuning has the manual transmission parts, transmission seals, and transmission fluids you need. Get original equipment transmission parts or name-brand aftermarket manual transmission parts that fit right and work as expected.

Manual Transmission Parts

When repairs won't do, we have complete drive axles for your automatic or manual transmission. Order a new OE or aftermarket drive axle, plus any differential seals and attachment hardware needed for a complete installation.

Replacement Axle Parts

Porsche PDK transmissions are a breakthrough technology that combines manual and automatic modes. ECS has PDK parts and PDK fluids from OEM and aftermarket brands you trust to service and repair these unique PDK transmissions.

PDK Transmission Parts

For safety and smoothness, periodically inspect and replace all drivetrain mounts that show signs of looseness, cracking, or breakage. Worn, hardened, or broken engine mounts, transmission mounts, and differential mounts allow drivetrain components to move out of place, resulting in annoying noise, vibration, and harshness. Broken drivetrain mounts are also a safety hazard that can cause a loss of vehicle control and additional vehicle damage.

Drivetrain Mounts

Wheel bearings commonly fail from road impact and lack of lubrication, causing steering looseness and noise. ECS Tuning stocks OEM wheel bearings and quality aftermarket wheel bearings, bearing assemblies, and many of the special tools needed to replace them.

Wheel Bearing Parts

Whether you're doing an automatic transmission service or a major overhaul, ECS Tuning has the parts, automatic transmission fluids, and automatic transmission filters you need. Get original equipment or name-brand aftermarket automatic transmission parts that fit right and work as expected.

Automatic Transmission Parts

Stock or limited-slip, we stock bearings, repair parts, complete differential units, and approved differential fluids so you can keep sending power to the axles without noise, harshness, or vibration.

Differential Parts

Put the power to your wheels without noise or vibration; replace worn driveshafts and torn axle boots. We have individual driveshaft parts, special driveshaft tools, and complete drive axle assemblies to make your job easy.

Driveshaft Parts

Get the most from your engine with performance engine software. Whether your stock car just needs a bit more pep or you want to maximize the potential of any performance upgrades, there is a performance engine software upgrade tune that is just right for you.

Drivetrain Software

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