2013 Porsche 911 991 Carrera 4S Cabriolet H6 3.8L Tools

Having the right tool for the job saves time and money. Schwaben tools are designed to provide years of dependable service. Check our inventory of Euro-car and task-specific tools, as well as general purpose tools and equipment, perfect for home and professional shop.

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General-purpose hand tools do the grunt work of loosening and tightening fasteners, bending, prying, and moving things in place. Check out our large and growing list of hand tools, great for the home mechanic and professional technician.

Hand Tools

Replacement sockets and full kits to supplement your tool collection or help you finish that next project.


Test and service your automotive electrical system with tools from ECS Tuning. Remove car radios and wiring harness terminals using our dedicated Schwaben kits, and identify circuit problems with affordable meters and test lights.

Electric Tools

These high-quality jacks are designed for use with lowered vehicles so you don't have to play games to raise your car for maintenance services.

Floor Jacks

Need that special wrench for your Haldex drain plug? How about a funnel set or filter wrench? We have these and other useful maintenance tools to help you keep your car in peak condition.

Maintenance Tools

High-quality ratchets to add to your tool collection or replace any that might have fallen over the years.


Make lifting your car and changing wheels and tires a safe, hassle-free experience with lug wrenches, jacks, and lift pad adapters. Work safely with the right tools and accessories for the job.

Wheel & Tire Tools

Add to your collection of tools or replace any you may have lost with our selection of Schwaben wrenches.


Modern braking systems require special tools and repair procedures. Our Schwaben tool line includes brake piston compressors, pressure bleeders, and fluid capture bottles. Let Schwaben make your next brake job faster and easier.

Brake Tools

Using the wrong tool takes more time, and contributes to sub-par repairs. Schwaben Tool has a good selection of general-purpose and specialty engine tools to help you do the job faster, safer, and better.


Make fast work of tough jobs with air-powered tools like our Schwaben CV boot installer. Use pneumatic force to spread flexible boots over joints, in seconds.

Air Tools

Fixing up a few dents or starting a big restoration project can be daunting, but if you have the right tools, you can tackle anything. Our body repair tools will help you tackle any job and bring your bodywork back up to par.

Body Repair Tools

Calipers, gauges, and other calibration equipment so you can measure twice and cut once.


Save time and unneeded repair expenses with an affordable V-Checker scan tool. Open the hidden data cache in your car computer. Read and erase diagnostic trouble codes and view live data stream values. A scan data reader is a must-have item for any owner of a modern vehicle.

Scan Tools

Successful suspension work boils down to this: use the right tools for the job. Many suspension repairs are impossible without the correct spring compressors, bearing presses, and sockets. Check our Schwaben Tools section for a complete list of suspension tools.

Suspension Tools

Roadside emergency kits, wheel chocks, and other emergency gear make your driving experience safer. Be prepared for the unexpected with safety equipment from ECS.

Clean Up

Don't let stripped threads prevent you from completing a repair. Our thread repair kits have drill bits, taps, and thread inserts so you can do quick, permanent repairs of stripped threads. Kits fix the most common sized holes used in European makes.

Thread Repair Tools

Our Schwaben tool catalog includes tools and timesavers to make drivetrain repairs fast and successful. From bearing replacement to clutch alignment, we have tool solutions for many drivetrain repairs and maintenance procedures.

Clean Up

Don't struggle with makeshift removal tools that eat up repair time and commonly cause more damage than they are worth. Use the right puller and safely remove components that are pressed in place--or just plain stuck.


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