Temperature Sensor

Monitors coolant / oil temperature
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The engine coolant temperature sensor (ECT) is a thermistor used to measure the temperature of liquid engine coolant. Changes in its electrical resistance indicate coolant temperature.

The dashboard temperature gauge responds to these changes, and the engine computer uses ECT information for several purposes, including fuel control, cooling fan operation, and vehicle self-diagnostics.

This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW E39 525i M54 2.5L
BMW E39 528i M52 2.8L
BMW E39 530i M54 3.0L
BMW E46 All All
BMW E46 M3 All
BMW E53 X5 M54 3.0L
BMW E60 525i M54 2.5L
BMW E60 525i N52 3.0L
BMW E60 525xi N52 3.0L
BMW E60 530i M54 3.0L
BMW E60 530xi N52 3.0L
BMW E60 545i N62 4.4L
BMW E60 M5 S85 5.0L
BMW E61 530xi N52 3.0L
BMW E63 645Ci N62 4.4L
BMW E63 650i N62 4.8L
BMW E64 All All
BMW E65 745i N62 4.4L
BMW E65 750i N62 4.8L
BMW E65 760i N73 6.0L
BMW E70 All All
BMW E71 All All
BMW E82 1 M Coupe N54 3.0L
BMW E82 128i N52 3.0L
BMW E82 135i N54 3.0L
BMW E88 128i N52 3.0L
BMW E88 135i N54 3.0L
BMW E90 325i N52 3.0L
BMW E90 325xi N52 3.0L
BMW E90 328i N52 3.0L
BMW E90 328xi All
BMW E90 328xi N52 3.0L
BMW E90 330i N52 3.0L
BMW E90 330xi N52 3.0L
BMW E90 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E90 335xi All
BMW E90 M3 S65 4.0L
BMW E91 325xi N52 3.0L
BMW E91 328i N52 3.0L
BMW E91 328xi All
BMW E91 328xi N52 3.0L
BMW E92 All All
BMW E93 328i N52 3.0L
BMW E93 335i N54 3.0L
BMW E93 M3 S65 4.0L
BMW F01 All N54 3.0L
BMW F01 All N63 4.4L
BMW F02 All N54 3.0L
BMW F02 All N63 4.4L
BMW F02 All N74 6.0L
BMW F07 550i All
BMW F07 550i xDrive All
BMW F12 640i All
BMW F12 650i All
BMW F12 650iX All
BMW F13 640i All
BMW F13 650i All
BMW F13 650iX All
BMW F25 xDrive2.8i All
BMW F25 xDrive3.5i All
BMW F30 320i All
BMW F30 320i xDrive All
BMW F30 328i All
BMW F30 328i xDrive All
BMW F30 335i All
BMW F30 335i xDrive All
BMW Z3 2.5i M54 2.5L
BMW Z3 2.8 M52 2.8L
BMW Z3 M Coupe S54 3.2L
BMW Z3 M Roadster S54 3.2L
BMW Z4 All All
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