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Antenna Masts & Assemblies Oct 12, 2011

Broken antenna? Restore radio reception with a new antenna. We offer several repair and replacement options for your car antenna, all OEM, so you know they'll fit right the first time. Whether you need a base-only or complete antenna assembly, we have you covered. All repair options include a new base gasket, not available separately.

MKIV Adjustable Sway Bar End Links Oct 11, 2011

Lowering your car changes its looks. It also changes suspension geometry. Now you can finish the job and custom tune your sway bars to match your new ride height. Dial in the link length that works best for cornering and ride quality and prevents driveshaft interference. ECS stainless steel adjustable sway bar end links have sleeved polyurethane bushings. This complete kit includes three different length threaded rods per side to fit a wide range of adjustments. ECS: it's sway better!

Free Shipping - MRR 5x100 Wheel Sets Oct 10, 2011

A great deal just got better. Choose from black or silver MRR mesh wheels and we'll ship them anywhere in the continental U.S., for free. As in no extra money. Gratis. MRR 18-inch GTI hub-centric wheels are TPMS compatible, and have a polished accent rim to offset the silver or black spokes. Can't say how long this will last. Might want to act on this one soon. MRR wheels are made with quality materials, machined to exacting standards. They have been inspected by the Vehicle Inspection Association (VIA), Japanese Light Weight alloy (JLW) and TUV.

MKIV Polyurethane Bushing Kits Oct 3, 2011

For better handling, and stiffer, more responsive sway bar response, replace the OEM rubber bushings with polyurethane bushings from ECS Tuning. Rubber OEM bushings are softer, and more pliable. This softens ride quality, but compromises handling. Replacement polyurethane bushings are stiffer and less pliable for a sportier suspension feel and improved cornering.

VW/Audi First Aid Kit Sep 21, 2011

Be prepared for minor accidents with this compact VW/Audi first aid kit. Kit contains all the essentials needed in a minor medical emergency: gauze, alcohol pads, wrappings, bandages, and scissors. We hope you never need it, but this affordable first aid kit is worth its weight in peace of mind.

MKIV Center Arm Rest Kits from ECS Sep 14, 2011

Odds are your center console armrest latch is broken by now. Odds are also pretty high that you're tired of trying to rest your arm on that wiggling lid. You could buy a repair button and fiddle around getting the latch working again. But you'd still have that nasty coffee stain to look at on the old lid. We have a better idea: a completely new center armrest, available in three colors, cloth or leather covered. Choose from black leather or velour, or gray or beige leather covers.

ECS Tuning Wobble Bolts - 14x1.5x27 Sep 9, 2011

Did you find the wheels of your dreams, but unfortunately they are only available in a 5x114.3 bolt pattern? This can be a real problem if your car features a 5x112 bolt pattern. Thanks to ECS Tuning and our new wobble bolts, this is no longer a problem. These bolts feature an innovative floating conical seat collar that allows movement up to 3mm of a wheel's PDC. These bolts feature a zinc coating for a long lasting finish. No longer be limited by your factory's bolt pattern, pick up these new wobble bolts from ECS Tuning and expand your wheel possibilities.

Schwaben Tools Sep 6, 2011

Schwaben Tools

On Sale

Today's modern engines were made with complex tools that only dealerships seem to have on hand. This forces one to take their vehicle to a dealer in order to get routine service. With these new tools from Schwaben, you can do this service yourself. Whether you need to do up your brake calipers, remove lug bolts and trim, ignition coils, or tighten your timing belt, Schwaben has the tool for the job. These high-quality and long lasting tools will do the job right the first time, giving you more time to enjoy your vehicle where it belongs, on the road.

Large Oil Filter Removal Tool Sep 1, 2011

Back in the old days, changing your oil was something you just did with ease. Then again, motors were easy to work on and weren't entrenched with electronics. If you want to bring back those old days and make your oil changes simple, this new Large Oil Filter Removal Tool will do the trick. This part was designed and engineered by Schwaben to fit snug into the bottom of the filter. It uses a 3/8 ratchet to make your oil service a breeze. This is the perfect solution for anybody looking for an easier way to access that hard to reach filter.

VW MKIV R8 LED Trunk Light Retrofit Kit Aug 26, 2011

The Audi R8 is the definition of style, but sadly, there are not many items that can go from it to the Volkswagen MKIV. The engine won't fit and the transmission won't either, but if you are determined to get some of the R8 style on your car, this new LED Trunk Light Retrofit Kit from ECS Tuning is for you. When you open your trunk hatch, you will be bathed in white light, allowing you to see everything like never before. They will look brilliant and last for years. No matter if you enjoy a bit of late night shopping, or if you want to show off a nice sound system, this kit is it.

VW MKIV Jetta Headlight Options Aug 22, 2011

Nothing improves the appearance of your vehicle like new headlights for your Volkswagen Jetta MKIV. Whether you want European lighting, Angel Eyes, HIDs or US Spec Lighting, ECS Tuning has all the bases covered. Lighting, unlike most of the other bits on your exterior, is fairly easy to upgrade. Wheels and body kits can cost quite a bit of money and are hard to install on your own. Plus, they might go a bit over the top at times. These headlights will upgrade the look of your vehicle, while keeping it simple and some might even improve your nighttime lighting.

ECS Tuning License Plate Frames & Window Stickers Aug 16, 2011

ECS Tuning has been striving to give you quality factory and aftermarket components for your vehicle, in order to help you add power, style and some extra presence on the road. If you have been enjoying our products and want to show off your support for our company, these new license plate frames and stickers are for you. They come in a wide variety of colors, including green, white, orange, blue, red and even pink. Each item is easily attached to your vehicle and once in place, it will go perfectly with the other modifications that you have done.

Volkswagen Jetta MKIV Fog Light Kits Aug 15, 2011

When the weather turns for the worst and the fog and rain roll in, what better thing to turn to than your fog lights. Yet, if your Jetta MKIV doesn't have them, you might be left to suffer through poor visibility. The experts at ECS Tuning don't want this to happen to you, so we created these new Fog Light kits for the Jetta MKIV. With this kit, you will get fog lights, the fog light wiring harness, H3 bulbs, grilles and all the necessary accessories for installation. Each kit comes with installation instructions to make the job that much easier.

VW MKIV Steel Skid Plate Kits Aug 12, 2011

Modern roads are not very modern in terms of their quality, as they are littered with holes, asphalt debris and other elements that can fling up and damage the underside of your vehicle. If you want to give your Volkswagen it's own bulletproof vest, pick up these Steel Skid Plates for the MKIV. The stock plastic belly pan did little to protect the underside of your car. It served its function but, let's face it, an underside plate should do more than that. These plates will offer more protection, quality ventilation and no affect on your performance.

Volkswagen Driver's Gear Favorites Aug 1, 2011

If you are looking to give your Volkswagen, as well as your keys, some added style, these two items from Driver's Gear are perfect for you. Driver's Gear has been creating items for Volkswagen enthusiasts for some time now and these two items have become their most popular. The first is a Loop Keychain that will look positively brilliant on your keys. The second is a Dashboard Valet. This item is perfect for those that are tired of all their items sliding around. This valet can hold your digital devices, sunglasses, and coins securely on your dash.

3M DiNoc Vinyl Jul 22, 2011

3M DiNoc Vinyl

New Product

Looking to add some carbon fiber to your vehicle, but don't want to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars? 3M has created a material called DiNoc, that adheres to your vehicle to give you that carbon look. 3M Di-Noc is not just a cheap imitation vinyl, it is a high quality three-dimensional textured vinyl that reflects light the same way real carbon fiber parts do. It is simple to install, as it just sticks to pretty much any surface, but also can be removed and re-applied numerous times without losing its adhesion.

VW MKIV ECS Wheel Hop Eliminator Kit Jul 18, 2011

When you get ready to launch your vehicle off the line, wheel hob can ruin the experience and make anybody inside very comfortable. That's why you need to get this new ECS Wheel Hob Eliminator Kit that will reduce wheel hop, while eliminating the play in your stock rubber bushings. It will give you crisper handling and quicker turn in response with less control arm flex. This is a great upgrade for higher horsepower cars. This kit was put together by ECS Tuning, so you can be sure of its quality and value. This kit also includes all the required stretch bolts.

VW/Audi Floor Mat Accessories and Repairs Kit Jul 15, 2011

Floor mats are wonderful pieces of kit that protect your carpets from Mother Nature and the nasty items that your shoes pick up from the ground. Yet, when they slide around and bunch up, it can get very annoying very quickly, so be sure to secure them with all the wonderful accessories found at ECS Tuning. Whether you need securing retainers or screws, we have what you need. In fact, we offer the best selection of floor mat accessories in the country for Volkswagen vehicles. No matter what color, no matter what type of retainer, ECS has the part for you.

VW MKV ZiZa Projector Fog Light Kit Jul 7, 2011

If you want to improve the appearance of your vehicle and stay safe on the road, pick up these new Projector Fog Lights from Ziza. Projector fog lights are almost the same as ordinary fog lights, but projector lights utilize a different type of lens. This lens results in an extra-long throw with a distance similar to a vehicle's low beam lights. All in all, they look brilliant and help your on the road viability, especially during thick fog and heavy rain or snow. Talk about a win win. This part includes assemblies for both left and right sides of your car.

Sprint Booster Power Converter Jul 1, 2011

Despite the bevy of modern technologies aimed at performance that are littered throughout our vehicles, we are still stuck with average throttle response. By using state of the art electronics, this booster will give you instantaneous acceleration, eliminating all delays. The booster comes with a selectable switch that is mounted on the dashboard to allow you to select between three different modes. Covered by a money-back guarantee that allows you to feel the difference without any risk.

Volkswagen European Door Pocket Umbrella Jun 29, 2011

Did you know that Volkswagen gives you an umbrella when you buy one of their vehicles? If you didn't, we're sure you're not alone, but just in case you didn't get one of these goodies in your Volkswagen, this Volkswagen Door Pocket Umbrella will make it seem like you did. This Umbrella will fit in the factory location perfectly and be ready for you during the next rain storm. Just pop it out of the gorgeous holder and stay dry in style. Don't get left out of the Volkswagen goodie bag just because you bought used, get this new umbrella today from ECS Tuning.

VW_MKIV JOM Front Sway Bar - 22mm Jun 28, 2011

From JOM Germany comes this new 22 millimeter Front Sway Bar that was designed for one purpose, to keep you level. If your car is rocking like an ocean going vessel each and every time you go around a corner, it might be time for a new sway bar. A sway bar is a torsion spring that resists body roll motions. Sway bars provide two main functions. The first function is the reduction of body lean. The other function of anti-roll bars is to tune the handling balance of a car. Understeer or oversteer behavior can be tuned out by changing the proportion of the total roll stiffness.

VW MKIV Schwaben Floor Mats Set Jun 27, 2011

If you have purchased a vehicle that didn't include mats, add a set of Schwaben floor mats to give your interior a great new look. The quality was also easy to see with heavy, dense carpet, nibbed rubber backing, and quality stitching on the piping. Compared to factory floor mats, fitment was identical. Amazingly, they retain the same mounting as a factory direct mat, it's easy to stay safe and protect your carpet. With these mats, bunching up will never be an issue. With all of the available color options with carpet color and piping, you have plenty of options.

VW MKIV Shift Knob and Boot Jun 24, 2011

Let's face facts, the Volkswagen MKIV is no longer a young machine and parts on it will fade and wear out as the years go by, but that's nothing to be worried about. Especially not when ECS Tuning has the parts that you'll need to restore that beauty back to showroom condition. This Shift Knob and Boot is a perfect example of our helpfulness in your restoration efforts. It's a black boot with silver chrome base rings and the simulated leather gives it a classy appearance. This is a great way to get your interior back into shape quickly and simply.

VW MKIV ECS Complete Coilover Install Kit Jun 23, 2011

Don't make coilover installation harder than it has to be, pick up this new ECS Complete MKIV Coilover Install Kit. This new kit includes two upper strut bearings, two upper front strut mounts, two upper rear shock mounts and all the mounting hardware needed for installation. Getting this means no need to use a spring compressor to retrieve your old hardware to install your new suspension. On top of that, it also leaves your old suspension fully assembled so that it may be quickly swapped back onto the vehicle if needed.

VW MKIV Jetta Textured Rub Strips Jun 22, 2011

Do you love the European way of life? Do you drink Espresso and have a European car? Well, we know the first ones true and now; we can make that European vehicle look ever better. This new ECS Tuning Complete Textured Rub Strip Kit for your Volkswagen MKIV will give your car a more European look, as it is a complete set of black textured moldings. This ECS molding kit is a direct replacement for the United States spec smooth moldings. Once installed, your bumper side markers will vanish and your car will have a clean and smooth look.

VW MKIV Wheel Bearing Kits Jun 20, 2011

Wheel bearings are one of the most crucial components of a car's suspension. They are usually located in the hub or even the brake drum or rotor itself. Wheel bearings allow the wheel to rotate freely as the car travels down the road. Most cars have an inner and an outer bearing on each wheel. Problems with wheel bearings arise from wear, which can be caused by a variety of factors. Symptoms of a bad bearing are noisy rubbing as the car is driven and that usually gets louder as speeds increase. If you are having these issues, be sure to replace them today.

VW MKIV European Headlight Switch Jun 17, 2011

Modifying the interior of your vehicle can be an interesting venture. Let's face it, there aren't many modifications one can make for a low price. Seats, radios and LED lights can be costly, so if your on a budget but you want some added style in your interior, pick up this European Headlight Switch from ECS Tuning. Most European products consist of complicated modification processes, but not this one. There are no modifications needed in order to get this part in your vehicle, making it one smart purchase. On top of that, you get a lifetime warranty when you purchase this product.

VW MKIV Window Switch Assembly Jun 16, 2011

Power windows and locks are a wonderful invention that replaced manual bits, but like most electronic devices, they tend to break. When they break, we are left wondering why companies don't use crank windows anymore, as our power windows and locks are unusable. With the same wiring connections and window setup as the original unit, replacement is simple and won't require much thought, as simple hand tools can get the job done. With this new kit installed, you will be able to restore the functionality of your electric windows and lock and enjoy the lap of luxury, once again.

16 Inch VW "Montreal" Alloy Wheel Set Jun 13, 2011

Adding aftermarket wheels to your vehicle can be an interesting endeavor. It seems you can never find a wheel that doesn't shine like a mirror when the sun hits it, allowing it to attract the wrong kind of attention. These new 16-inch Montreal Alloy Wheels are actually a stock option on older Volkswagen models, so you can be sure they will fit perfectly without hassle. In fact, you won't even need wheel spacers. While they maintain a stock appearance, they have a stunning design that will easily allow you to get the look you crave on your vehicle.

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