ECS Cooling System Refresh Kit - Level 2

Stop your cooling problems before they start - featuring a GEBA water pump with a metal impeller
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Prevent cooling issues before they begin with an ECS Tuning Level 2 Cooling System Maintenance Kit. The experts at ECS have identified all of the common parts that fail on a BMW and included them all in this convenient kit.

BMW has been designing notoriously failure-prone cooling systems since the late 1980s. The coolant capacity in most BMW engines is not sufficient to accommodate any driving or overheating near red zone temperatures. After the gauge reaches this critical area, it is common for thousands of dollars in damage to occur.

Stop the problems before they arise. If you vehicle has 80,000 miles or more, replace all of these components to ensure that your vehicle stays healthy. To keep everything in top order, continue to replace these components at 80,000 mile intervals. Water pump failure, cracked plastic housings, and expansion tank leaks will not be a concern once all these problem parts are replaced.

This kit was put together by ECS for a complete cooling system service.

  • Geba water pump with metal impeller
  • Water pump pulley
  • Fan switch
  • Thermostat & housing
  • Sealing gaskets
  • Expansion tank with level sensor, clamp and cap
  • 1 Gallon Coolant
  • Upper & lower radiator hoses
  • Accessory drive belts
  • Radiator drain plug
  • Coolant level sensor
  • Level sensor clip

Kit Contents

Description Brand Qty
Accessory Belt - Air Conditioning Compressor Continental - Corporate Logo 1
Accessory Belt - Alternator/Water Pump/Power Steering Belt Continental - Corporate Logo 1
New Water Pump - With O-Ring Geba - Corporate Logo 1
Radiator Hose - Upper Genuine BMW - Corporate Logo 1
Radiator Hose - Lower Genuine BMW - Corporate Logo 1
Expansion Tank Mounting Clamp Genuine BMW - Corporate Logo 1
Radiator Drain Plug Genuine BMW - Corporate Logo 1
BMW Coolant / Antifreeze - 1 Gallon Genuine BMW - Corporate Logo 1
Thermostat With Housing Mahle-Behr - Corporate Logo 1
Coolant Expansion Tank Vaico - Corporate Logo 1
ECS Aluminum Water Pump Pulley - Black ECS - Corporate Logo 1
Fluid Level Sensor Febi - Corporate Logo 1
Auxiliary Fan Switch Vemo - Corporate Logo 1
Expansion Tank Cap Mahle-Behr - Corporate Logo 1
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