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BendPak Parking Lift Tri Level Parking

Great 4 Post Lift that will hold 3 cars
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The HD-973P by BendPak is a four-post parking lift that offers a cost-effective way to triple the capacity of typical parking areas. Our patent-pending design can be used indoors or outdoors, and this lift allows the storage of three vehicles in a single parking space. The upper platform accommodates vehicles weighing up to 7,000 lbs., and the lower deck heftily handles up to 9,000 lbs. This is the perfect mechanical parking system for sedans, SUVs and full-size trucks.
While triple-stacking parking lifts are incredibly useful tools, most examples of this type of structure are too tall for many shops and garages. That’s why we invented the HD-973P. It is an incredibly unique parking lift that fits in more spaces than any other triple-stacker. The secret to its success: Its specially engineered design lacks cumbersome mechanisms that project high over the top of the lift. This eliminates several feet of lift structure while maintaining a safe, stable and revolutionary design.
Proprietary design Shortened height columns allow this car lift to fit in low ceiling spaces where others systems can’t. Although shorter in stature than most tri-level systems, the lower space still yields a full 70 inches of rise.
Independent platforms Typical multi-level car stackers include a bottom platform that is suspended from the upper platform via chains or cables— both platforms move simultaneously. This tethered operation results in limited spacing options between platforms, as the distance between platforms is fixed. The HD-973P features independently operated lifting platforms, permitting varied vehicle heights and spacing in either upper or lower parking spaces. Because the platforms do not have to move in unison with one another, you can now lower the bottom platform without disrupting the overhead vehicle being stored. This allows operators to control one platform at a time. Practically speaking, if you only want to swap out the second-level vehicle, you don’t have to lower the top-level vehicle.
Smarter construction means less cost to you High-rise parking lifts that can fit three vehicles will inevitably cost more than other lifts. There’s simply more steel involved, and larger lifts require additional engineering, all of which gets incorporated in the cost. The HD-973P offsets much of that extra cost because its smart design requires less steel. The end result is an incredibly efficient parking lift that actually saves buyers thousands of dollars while upholding the industry’s most rigid safety standards.
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Features - Perfect for parking, storage and service - Padded trip bar with limit switch prevents lower vehicle from making contact with upper platform - Durable powder coat finish - Perfect for cars, trucks, and SUVs - Platforms feature full-length aluminum decking - Rugged welded-steel construction - Powerful hydraulic cylinders - Heavy-duty 3/8” lifting cable - Heavy-duty steel construction - Wide base-plate for maximum stability - Heavy-duty steel construction - Reliable electric-hydraulic power system - Runways feature non-skid surface - Multi-position safety locks in each column - Automatic safety locks combined with redundant anti-fall devices - Adjustable lock ladders - Independent backup slack-cable safety latches

HD-973P TOP PLATFORM BOTTOM PLATFORM Lifting Capacity 7,000 lbs. (3,175 kg) 9,000 lbs. (4,082 kg) A - Overall Width 112” (2,833 mm) B - Overall Length (Includes Ramps) 242” (6,141 mm) 200” (5,080 mm) C - Height of Columns 161” (4,093 mm) D - Drive-Thru Clearance 86.5” (2,201 mm) E - Maximum Rise 139” (3,531 mm) 69.5" (1,765 mm) F - Maximum Lifting Height 145” (3,683 mm) 74.5" (1,892 mm) G - Distance Between Columns 100” (2,546 mm) H - Runway Width 19” (482 mm) I - Width Between Runways 44.5” (1,130 mm) 44.5" (1,130 mm) J - Length of Runways 188” (4,788 mm) 176" (4,470 mm) Min. Wheelbase @ Capacity* 135” (3,429 mm) 125" (3,175 mm) Min. Wheelbase @ 75% Cap.* 115” (2,921 mm) 105" (2,667 mm) Min. Wheelbase @ 50% Cap.* 95” (2,413 mm) 85" (2,159 mm) Min. Wheelbase @ 25% Cap.* 80” (2,032 mm) 70" (1,778 mm) Locking Positions 31 13 Lock Spacing Every 4” (102 mm) Lifting Time 90 seconds 50 seconds



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