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Turner Motorsport S65 Performance Software

Tune up to a serious performance improvement! Improves driveability, and removes the top speed limiter. Launch control, elevated rev limiter, and tuning for higher octane fuel are also available.
Turner Motorsport
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Turner Motorsport S65 Performance Software

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Yes, add launch control at 3,500rpm (manual transmission only)
3075966 E9XM3STAGE102
Available Service
93 octane
3075969 E9XM3STAGE104
Available Service
8,400rpm (M3 GTS)
3075973 E9XM3STAGE106
Available Service
8,600rpm (race)
3075974 E9XM3STAGE107
Available Service
DCT transmission
3075979 E9XM3STAGE110
Available Service
Use M Dynamic steering feel as standard
3075991 E9XM3STAGE115
Available Service
Yes, I have a performance intake.
3075976 E9XM3STAGE108
Available Service
Yes, I have a performance exhaust.
3075990 E9XM3STAGE114
Available Service

Product Details

Building on their success in tuning BMWs for the race track - Turner Motorsport has developed high output street software for the already-high-performance E90, E92, and E93 M3. 

BMW tuned the S65 V8 to run on "regular" 87 octane fuel to accommodate for the number of passive drivers that would simply put regular gasoline into their tanks. With this in mind, that provides room to increase engine performance by flashing your ECU with software designed to optimize performance for higher octane fuel. Features of this software include:

  • 91 and 93 octane and rev limits between 8,300 and 8,600rpm
  • Default M Dynamic Mode steering feel on startup
  • Available launch control
  • Part throttle and wide open fuel and timing maps are optimized 
  • Revised torque settings and knock control
  • Smoother, faster pedal response
  • Eliminated top speed limiter
  • Tuned engine performance is even more pronounced on modified vehicles

Turner Motorsport took years of winning race experience and developed their S65 tunes utilizing their in-house Dynapack chassis dyno, finalizing software with real-world road testing. This is software you'll enjoy day-to-day and that will continue to put a smile on your face.

Loading Turner's Stage 1 S65 Performance software is a simple process, done through the OBDII port in your garage or driveway. We ship you the OBD tool, USB cable, and performance software files along with simple instructions on how to load the software from your Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 laptop to the OBD tool and upload to your ECU. The whole process takes less than an hour. 

Stage 1 Performance Software Options:

Minimum Octane

Both 91 and 93 octane tunes are available. We recommend selecting 93 octane (if it's available in your area) as a tune for this slightly higher octane permits slightly adjusting knock sensors for additional power. Turner's power and torque gains are advertised with 91. Turner is also able to offer additional race fuel maps are - contact us for details.

Rev Limit

On 6-speed manual cars a higher engine rev limit a is available. 8,300 is stock; 8,400 is what was used on the M3 GTS model; 8,600 is the safest raised rev limit that Turner has used in their race cars. On DCT cars the higher rev limits are for M shift modes only (manual/paddle shift) - the higher revs do not work in full auto D modes.

Launch Control

Also on 6-speed cars, Turner's software can also enable a Launch Control feature. To use it, activate M Dynamic Mode, engage first gear, hold the throttle to the floor (it will only rev to 3,500 RPM), and dump the clutch. You don't have to modulate the clutch and throttle - the engine and DSC modules will handle the launch. 3,500rpm offers a great combination of tire hook-up and torque output. This is available on manual transmission cars only as DCT has its own built-in launch control.

M Dynamic Mode Steering

Some M owners feel standard steering is too light and over-boosted. M Dynamic Mode (MDM) steering setting provides a heavier steering feel - selecting this option will turn this on automatically. This does not affect or turn on any other MDM features that are ordinarily turned on by the M button.

240E Update

If your car hasn't been to the dealer in a very long time, there's a good chance you're running on engine software the is many generations old. Not bad, but certainly not optimal. Turner's software starts with the latest version (called 240E) of BMW's software to ensure you're getting the most refined driving experience. 

Previous Revisions
  • TMS1974
  • ts6591008610KT
  • ts6591008600KT
  • ts6593008610KT
  • ts6593008600KT
  • TMS1974KT
  • TMS1974KTKT

This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW E90 M3 S65 4.0L
BMW E92 M3 S65 4.0L
BMW E93 M3 S65 4.0L
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