Turner Motorsport Polyurethane Engine Mounts - 90A

Performance engine mounts to increase drivetrain rigidity
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Turner Motorsport
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Turner Motorsport is well known for presence in the race community and nearly all of their products reflect that by combining track knowledge with street performance. These Turner engineered polyurethane engine mounts are a great example of that, offering more engaging driving experience, crisper throttle response, more precise shifter feel, and reduced driveline slop. These mounts get you as close as possible to solid mount race performance without all of the excessive NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness), allowing you to perform all the time yet still maintain daily driving comfort.


Key Benefits:

  • Stronger over-engineered and fully encapsulated isolator design eliminates the potential for catastrophic mount failure as seen in OEM mounts on hi-performance applications
  • Reduced drivetrain deflection improves throttle response, reduces wheel hop tendency, and improves shifter consistency.
  • Fully rebuildable and tune-able - swap isolators to suit your needs and tastes.
  • Engineered to withstand extreme driveline forces 
  • Engineered to isolate specific engine vibration frequencies to reduce unwanted NVH, while greatly reducing undesirable drive train movement for enhanced performance and driving experience.



Material and Coatings:

  • Type II Anodized 6061-T6 CNC machined billet aluminum housings 
  • Two different durometer Polyurethane isolator options:
  • 70A (blue)  - Tailored for a performance oriented daily driver with only slight increase in NVH at idle and stock-like driving experience at cruising RPM (ES3509486)
  • 90A (black) - Track oriented option that further reduces unwanted drivetrain movement, while still allowing for an aggressive yet streetable driving experience
  • Stainless steel assembly hardware. 
  • Class 10.9 black oxide mounting studs. 
Cross Reference
  • 11812224413N, 11812283798, 11812224413, 11811140985, 22116779970, Motor Mount, BFI, Group N, IRP, EBFI262E3490S1~B, EBFI262E3490S2~B
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