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Turner Motorsport Performance Software

High performance M5/M6 street tune without compromise - featuring the Turner Flash DIY tool for easily tuning your BMW in your driveway or garage. Massive max gains of 70hp/86ft-lbs!
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Turner Motorsport
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Decades of tuning experience has delivered highly effective, reliable, consistent performance tuning that makes the most of every BMW. Turner's software offers excellent driveability with consistent performance for daily drivers, street enthusiasts, and competition drivers alike. Boost come on smooth and strong - not peaky - which makes for a fantastic driving experience. Throttle modulation, response, and turbo lag are reduced: whether you're looking to haul kids to school or just haul ass on the track, hit the go pedal and the car responds rapidly. Turner experienced huge max gains (70hp/86lbs-ft) on this tune with no other modifications. Additional power is on tap with additional intake, cooling, and exhaust modifications. All of this comes without the stigma of cat deletes - Turner's software intentionally retains all factory emissions controls.

Designed with street drivers in mind, Turner's software successfully set readiness their shop development car - meaning the car was ready for emissions testing. Results may vary, especially depending on other modifications present.

Turner's software installs easily, with no wiring or other physical modifications, and is fully reversible. You don't even need to open your hood. Tune it yourself - at home. We will mail you easy instructions and a Turner Flash DIY tuning tool that will allow you to plug your car into your Windows laptop to tune your car. You submit your stock file, and a tuned file is emailed back to you - no downtime. 

After tuning, there's the possibility your local dealer may over-write your tune if they update your engine's software. This simply requires reloading of the Turner tune after your service visit. We find many dealers to be accommodating of our software - simply letting your service adviser know your car has been tuned is often enough to avoid an unnecessary software update. 

Maintenance is key when performing performance upgrades to a forced induction engine. Turner recommends installing fresh plugs at 25,000 intervals for best performance. Ignition coil replacement should also be done every other spark plug service. Feed your BMW quality fuel - top tier gas will yield top tier performance and limit maintenance down the road.

 *Dyno HP and Torque figures are not guaranteed to test identically to posted numbers on your vehicle. Metrics we present were achieved in our own testing environment, however, a variety of factors may affect results of the tune on your vehicle*

This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW E70 X5 S63 4.4L
BMW E70 X5 M S63 4.4L
BMW E71 X6 S63 4.4L
BMW E71 X6 M S63 4.4L
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