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New N54 Stage 1 Turbocharger Upgrade 135/335(RHD)/535/Z4

Brand new stock internals & TD04 compressor wheels with an upgraded wastegate, thrust system, and new actuators - supports up to 525WHP at the wheels! No core charge!
Vargas Turbo Technologies
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New N54 Stage 1 Turbocharger Upgrade 135/335(RHD)/535/Z4

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Include Upgraded 6X6 billet compressor wheel option
3438114 VTT-STG-1-NEW-2C
Direct Ship, Ship ETA Jul 24, 2020
Sale SAVE 5% $2199.00
N54 Turbocharger Installation Kit - Front And Rear
All hardware required for a successful install utilizing high quality aftermarket components
2628682 13712247398KT1
Ships in 2 Days
Sale SAVE 10% $249.11
1.75" Silicone Inlets for Diverter Valves
Build more power & improve reliability!
3161718 VTT-N54-SIL-1
On Order, ETA Jul 6, 2020
Sale SAVE 5% $349.00
1.75" Silicone Inlets For Blow-off Valve
Build more power & improve reliability!
3176586 VTT-N54-SIL-4
Direct Ship, Ship ETA Jul 24, 2020
Sale SAVE 5% $349.00
Option A - CPe, Active Autowerke, Evolution Raceworks, CX Racing/Big Tom
3194758 VTT-N54-SIL-2-A
Direct Ship, Ship ETA Jul 24, 2020
Sale SAVE 5% $274.00
Option B - AD Engineering, ETS, Helix, Cobb, Evolution Raceworks Competition
3194759 VTT-N54-SIL-2-B
Direct Ship, Ship ETA Jul 24, 2020
Sale SAVE 5% $249.00
Option C - VRSF 5" or 7"
3194760 VTT-N54-SIL-2-C
Direct Ship, Ship ETA Jul 24, 2020
Sale SAVE 5% $274.00
Option D - Wagner EVO 2
3194761 VTT-N54-SIL-2-D
Direct Ship, Ship ETA Jul 24, 2020
Sale SAVE 5% $274.00
Option E - Active Autowerke Race
3194762 VTT-N54-SIL-2-E
Direct Ship, Ship ETA Jul 24, 2020
Sale SAVE 5% $299.00
Upgraded PCV Valve
Upgrade your PCV valve to avoid failures and prevent wear
3161717 VTT-N54-PCV
In Stock
Sale SAVE 5% $45.00

Product Details

Vargas Turbo has all the turbo options you could want. Expanding on their stock replacement turbo kits, they introduce their stage 1 turbos. Using the stock housings but with improved internals, this N54 turbo upgrade is good for up to 525whp. These are a hybrid of stock and upgraded internals - a new larger higher-flow cast compressor wheel matched with the stock turbine wheel. The Vargas stainless wastegate arms are also part of the rebuild. The Vargas standard rebuild is good up to 525whp so these give you a more capable turbo system to match your upgrade goals.

Vargas Turbo Technologies has been in business since 1979, offering rebuilt and re-engineered turbo solutions. With the N54, they identified a need for both cost-effective turbo replacements and proven turbo upgrades. The biggest complaint on N54 turbos is the rattle from the wastegates. The factory wastegates have actuator arms that lose their tension very easily, resulting in an annoying rattle. N54 wastegate rattle is the biggest complaint we hear from our customers. Vargas rebuilds each turbo assembly with OEM internals and replaces the actuator arm with a stainless steel arm of their own design. Because they uses stock BMW/Mitsubishi turbo housings, all of the stock turbo plumbing and intake hoses will match up. It's recommended that the rest of the system be upgraded to handle your tuning goals. A culmination of hard work, precision engineering, and years of experience, results in Vargas rebuilt turbos performing better than the factory rebuilds and at a lower cost!

Two other upgrades are also offered for stock replacement -

  • TD04 thrust bearing upgrade - stronger and 30% more surface area than the stock thrust bearing for better bearing life and less stress
  • Billet Aluminum compressor wheel - stronger and more efficient compressor wheel than stock for 20% better airflow


Silicone inlet and turbo outlet pipes are also strongly recommended as upgrades over the stock plastic and aluminum pipes. Since both are prone to cracks, the silicone will be much stronger and almost no chance of a disappointing boost leak. Turbo replacement is the best time to add the silicone hoses. There are two styles of turbo inlet pipes - with stock diverter valves (DV) or with aftermarket blow-off valve (BOV). For the turbo outlet, there is no standardized connection to the intercooler so you will need to make note of which type you have and select the appropriate adapter from the options list.

  • Option A (+$25) - 2.5" and 90* turn up from the intercooler (CPE, AA, ER Sport, CXRacing)
  • Option B - 2.5" and angled up from the intercooler (AD Engineering, ETS, Helix, Cobb, ER Compeition)
  • Option C (+$25) - 3.0" and angled up from the intercooler (VRSF)
  • Option D (+$25) - 2.75" and angled up from the intercooler (Wagner EVO)
  • Option E (+$50) - 3.0" and straight out from the intercooler (AA Race)
  • Option F (+$25) - 2.5" and straight out from the intercooler (Forge)
  • Option G (+$15) - 3.0" and straight up from the interooler (AMS)


Install Kit - an Install Kit is also offered that includes all of the additional parts and pieces that will need to be replaced during this install (gaskets, hardware, etc).

Oil Recommendation - modern engine oil is formulated for emissions and to be environmentally friendly. The additives in current oil lowers the oil's ability to withstand high temperatures and stresses, lowering its shear strength and its lubricating properties. Vargas recommends oils with high ZDDP (zinc and phosphorus) content that will better protect and cool the turbo bearings. Examples of high-zinc oils are Red Line Race, Red Line Euro, Motul 300V Racing, Joe Gibbs Racing, Valvoline VR-1 oil, and most Diesel-spec oils that you can buy off-the-shelf. Some oils, especially the Race type, will need more frequent oil changes and may be harmful to catalytic converters.

WHP rating: 525. This rating is used to compare various stages of Vargas turbo kits. There is no advertised horsepower gain with this kit as it depends on your supporting mods and tuning. The rating is provided as a reference to use in your tuning plans. Custom N54 tuning is recommended to match these turbos to your existing mods and upgrades.

Previous Revisions
  • VTT-N54-STG1-2KT
  • VTT-STG-1-NEW-2

This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW E60 535i N54 3.0L
BMW E60 535xi N54 3.0L
BMW E82 1 M Coupe N54 3.0L
BMW E82 135i N54 3.0L
BMW E88 135i N54 3.0L
BMW Z4 sDrive35i N54 3.0L
BMW Z4 sDrive35is N54 3.0L
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