3.0" Valved Cat-Back Exhaust System - Chrome, Swivel Tips - (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

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Note:This product is no longer available.

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         True automotive passion can come in many varieties. For us, we've found driving euphoria with our ECS Valved Exhaust System. 

Embrace your automotive driving passion with the most engaging, race-inspired, performance-valved exhaust system. Intoxicating exhaust notes fuel your desire to push your engine to its limits with every ounce of power and every engine revolution. Experience true driving passion with our ECS Valved Exhaust System and control your driving experience with our valved muffler design.

Included with our Valved Cat-Back System is an OE-downpipe adapter that mates to the T304 stainless steel, 3.0" mandrel bent system. Exhaust gases are channeled from the OEM downpipe and then into the dual inlet muffler where you, the driver, are in control of where the exhaust gases go from here.

In normal, comfortable driving conditions, the valve remains closed and exhaust gases are directed through the normally open channel of the muffler, where sound reduction takes place. Controlling exhaust reflection within the normally open channel of the muffler is accomplished via three perforated tubes with directionally louvered openings for improved exhaust flow and sound control. 

To quench your passion for shear driving pleasure, simply pressing the "valve open" button on the remote key fob unleashes a straight-through, raw, unedited exhaust symphony. When the pneumatically actuated exhaust valve opens, exhaust gases are channeled directly through the valved section of the muffler for an unrestricted, 3.0" passageway.

Each system is available with your choice of either chrome or black chrome, clamp-on, "PIVOTING" exhaust tips that accentuate to the pinnacle to this expertly assembled exhaust system. One of the many features of our system is the ability to infinitely adjust its fitment to your utmost visual pleasure. With Accu-seal clamps securing each tube in position and allowing multiple degrees of rotation in combination with our ECS Swivel Exhaust Tips, you have the ability to fine tune the location of each component. 

When paired with our standards of quality and design requirements here at ECS Tuning, we can humbly provide to you a perfect blend of performance matched with interactive driving pleasure. Through multiple design iterations and stringent product testing, we have engineered our exhaust system to not only free up horsepower, but to provide trouble-free installation with a true and honest, perfect fitment guarantee.

Designed and manufactured in Northeast Ohio, our Valved Exhaust System utilizes only premium materials and world-class manufacturing techniques to deliver unmatched quality and reliability. 


  • 3.0" T304 Stainless Steel Mandrel Bent Tubing
    • .049" Wall Thickness - Reduces overall system weight
  • 1/2" Stainless Steel Exhaust Hangers
    • Welded in OE locations for precise fitment
  • Interactive Valved Muffler
    • Pneumatically controlled exhaust valve
      • Pre-welded to Valve-Open inlet inlet
    • 3.0" Straight-through perforated core in Valve-Open position
    • Three perforated tubes with directionally louvered openings in the Valve-Closed position
    • Polished stainless steel muffler casing featuring stamped ECS logo
  • Dual Cut Tailpipe Section
    • Retains dual tip fitment
    • Staggered cut allows tips to perfectly flow with rear body lines 
  • Maximum Adjustability 
    • 3.0" Accu-seal clamps allow several degrees of component rotation
    • ECS Swivel Exhaust Tips allow for precise fit and finish
  • Fully TIG Welded
  • Factory like fitment -- no modifications required!
  • 5 Year Guarantee!



  • OE Downpipe to ECS Catback Adapter
    • OE downpipe reducer
    • OE-style exhaust clamp
  • 3.0" Stainless Steel Accu-seal Clamps
    • 3.0" Stainless Steel Accu-seal combination hanger / clamp 
  • Interactive Valved Muffler with dual 3.0" inlet and single 3.0" outlet
  • Valved Muffler Remote Control Kit
    • 2 Remote Key Fobs 
      • Laser etched with ECS Tuning logo
    • Pneumatic Control Solenoid
    • Valved Solenoid Control Module
    • Wiring harness to connect control module to pneumatic solenoid
    • Silicone Vacuum Tubing w/ cable ties and T-tap
  • Clamp-on Swivel Exhaust Tips - Chrome
    • Adjustable and pivoting design allows unique, precise fitment!

**Please note, a manifold vacuum source is required to activate the interactive exhaust valve --- This is NOT included but available under ES#2718328**

Engineered and manufactured in the USA, you can expect nothing short of the best performance and longevity with our superior Valved Exhaust System from ECS Tuning!

This part does not have vehicle applications yet. For fitment verification, contact our sales team via 1.800.924.5172, Live Chat , or sales@ecstuning.com.

Kit Contents

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OE DP to ECS CB Adapter Assembly ECS - Corporate Logo 1
ECS UNIVERSAL Swivel Exhaust Tip - 3.5" Chrome - Priced Each ECS - Corporate Logo 2
Mk5 3" Valved Cat-Back Exhaust System - (NO LONGER AVAILABLE) ECS - Corporate Logo 1


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