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ECS Tuning Stage 2 Clutch Kit - Build-Your-Own Performance Kit

Select options to build your ideal clutch replacement package! Choose your throwout bearing or rear main seal, among other options.
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ECS Tuning Stage 2 Clutch Kit - Build-Your-Own Performance Kit

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Clutch Slave Cylinder/Throwout Bearing (Metal)
Replacement slave cylinder with integrated throwout bearing
3666601 0A5141671P
In Stock
Sale SAVE 15% $176.67
Clutch Slave Cylinder/Throwout Bearing (Plastic)
Replacement slave cylinder with integrated throwout bearing
3140235 0A5141671M
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Sale SAVE 13% $101.67
Clutch Slave Cylinder/Throwout Bearing (Plastic)
Replacement slave cylinder with integrated throwout bearing
2581098 0A5141671F
In Stock
Clutch Installation Kit
Everything you need for a quick and easy install
2776574 02MCLUTCHKT
Expected Ship Date: 1-3 days
Billet Aluminum Rear Main Seal Upgrade - With Installation Tool & Sealant
Permanent fix for that leaking rear main seal. Includes recommended installation tool and Dirko sealant to complete the job.
4069853 462-103-171AKT
Inventory On Order, ETA Aug 4, 2021
Rear Crankshaft Seal - With Flange
Also referred to as the rear main seal
279142 06A103171A
In Stock
Sale SAVE 31% $106.67
Rear Crankshaft Seal - With Flange
Also referred to as the rear main seal
1899281 06A103171A
In Stock
No, thank you. I already have one or will modify my factory bleeder block.
Adjustable Clutch Pedal Stop
Revolutionize your driving experience with our in-house designed Adjustable Clutch Pedal Stop!
3247980 018733ECS01
In Stock
Sale SAVE 15% $24.95

Product Details

Are you looking to make more power from your VW but afraid of melting your factory clutch with the increase in power? The unfortunate consequence of making more power used to be an expensive clutch upgrade that would break the bank and sacrifice the ease of driveability. Well, at ECS we felt the same pain and decided to carry on our legacy of designing and creating top quality, easy to drive, affordable performance clutch and flywheel kits, now available for your Volkswagen MK4 1.8T platform 6 speed 02M manual transmission vehicles. 

After nearly half a decade of in-house engineering, testing and retesting of multiple iterations of prototypes, across a wide range of modified vehicles, we are excited to give you our best clutch kit yet! Our kit is engineered to reliably hold 400 ft/lbs of crank torque and feature specifically selected components for performance and daily driving styles, while retaining easy commuting characteristics and enthusiast-minded control and feedback! Each kit includes a more reliable, lighter weight flywheel than factory for quicker revs while retaining a good balance between a daily and sporty driving experience. Lastly, all necessary hardware is included for basic installation, such as flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts and throwout bearing bolts. We even included a new LUK throwout bearing and a VW-Specific clutch alignment tool for proper crank bore engagement and clutch disc centering. 

Our Build-Your-Own Performance Clutch Kit allows you to choose between OE-quality plastic throwout bearing housings or upgrade to the metal version with select options. While you're in there why not replace your rear main seal with an iAbed billet upgrade? Or choose OE/OEA variations to suit your needs. Choose other ECS performance parts to enhance your driving experience while you're at it!




    • 240mm Full face, high performance organic friction material with integrated copper for enhanced heat dissipation and a long component life

    • OE-like marcel friction backing plate design for smooth engagement with dual stage damping springs to reduce gear noise, driveline chatter, and for smooth engagement


    • Increased clamp force over OEM, rated at 1,685lbs of pressure


    • LUK OE spec for ease of install and reliable operation


    • VW 1.8T Specific Design, made for perfect fitment into crank bore

    • Perfect clutch disc spline and size, easy removal with pull tab

    • PLEASE NOTE: Not all aftermarket clutch kits include this proper alignment tool! We ensured you receive the proper tool for trouble-free installation!


    • 18.85 lb. single mass lightweight flywheel (24% reduction from stock) 

    • Specifically selected weight for ideal combination between daily and sporty driving style; faster revving for quicker gear changes and less rev-hang

    • Precision CNC machined from Forged 4140-HT Chromoly Steel

      • Homogeneous material properties promotes even wear and has superior resistance to warpage and chatter

      • Heat Treated to 28-32 HRC for improved wear resistance

    • High precision balanced for exceptionally smooth operation at high rpm

    • Designed and tested by a 3rd party lab to meet SFI 1.1 specification for added quality assurance. 

      • SFI 1.1 specifies the minimum requirements for material strength and quality, as well as a 3rd party lab spin test to 150% of redline for 1 hour to ensure integrity of material and design.

    • Black Oxide coated for corrosion resistance



  • OEM Triple Square Flywheel Bolts - QTY 6

  • OEM-Grade Hex Head Pressure Plate Bolts - QTY 6

  • OEM Throwout Bearing Bolts - QTY 3

  • VW-Specific Plastic Clutch Alignment Tool



  • With our lighter weight flywheel and performance clutch kit you can expect quicker revs, faster acceleration, improved rev matching, less rev-hang and faster shifts. 

  • Lighter weight flywheel than the OEM dual mass flywheel (6.05lbs savings):

    • OEM Dual Mass Flywheel - 24.90lbs

    • ECS Single Mass Flywheel - 18.85lbs



  • From inception to completion, over half a decade in development and multiple designs tested and re-tested, we are proud to finally offer the very best clutch kit in this market, at the very best price! We partnered with a global clutch manufacturer for a performance and daily-minded clutch disc and pressure plate that met our standards and reliably holds 400 ft/lbs of torque. We designed and engineered our single mass lightweight flywheel and sent it out to a third-party balancing company for SFI 1.1 design testing. Although each flywheel is not numerically certified for SFI, the design meets all requirements for SFI 1.1 Certification. 

  • Our Clutch and Flywheel Kits were tested and quality inspected by our Research and Development team in our Wadsworth, Ohio facility. We strive for the highest level of precision and quality through leading edge product development technology including FARO laser scanning for reverse engineering and quality inspection, SolidWorks 3D CAD modeling, rapid prototyping utilizing our in-house 3D printer, and rigorous long term product testing.



  • Looking for installation tips? Look no further, we put together a full installation tutorial from start to finish including how to remove your OEM parts in detail! See our Installation PDF under the INSTALLATION Tab for more information.

  • Break-In Recommendations:

    • Recommended break-in: 500-1,000 miles of light throttle city driving staying under 4,500 RPM. Make an effort to shift through the gears as much as possible to evenly break in the clutch and flywheel.

    • Try to avoid over slipping the clutch, such as prolonged bumper-to-bumper traffic, during the 500 mile break-in period.

    • Avoid hard launches or quick shifting until after the 500 mile break-in period has passed.



  • Fitment is for 1.8T engine and 02M transmission combination only 
  • Audible chatter from the transmission after installation is considered normal. As with most single mass flywheels there is less dampening in the flywheel to reduce "gear noise." This chatter noise may be more present when the transmission fluid temperatures are hotter and may be intensified by other modifications. Most 1.8T engines with the 02M gearbox will experience some chatter noise at hotter temperatures. Please be advised that this noise will go away once the clutch pedal is depressed. This symptom may be lessened by adjusting transmission fluid weight, turning off electrical/driveline consumers (A/C, High Beams, ETC.) and by raising the RPM slightly. 
  • If your vehicle is still equipped with the OEM Clutch Bleeder Block / Delay Valve we STRONGLY encourage removing the restrictor or purchasing our ECS Tuning Billet Clutch Bleeder Block - ES2586656. If driven aggressively, with the OEM Delay Valve, the clutch disc is highly likely to slip, resulting in permanent wear to the clutch disc, flywheel and/or pressure plate surfaces, resulting in requiring replacement of these components. 
Cross Reference
  • single mass flywheel , SMF

This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

Make Model Submodel Engine
Audi TT MKI Quattro 225HP
Volkswagen 337/20AE All 1.8T
Volkswagen Jetta IV GLI All 1.8T
Volkswagen New Beetle All 1.8T
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