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E36 Drift Steering Angle Kit

Increase your steering angle and response, while correcting your suspension geometry! Only for cars lowered with Coilover suspension. Requires E46 Control arms.
Turner Motorsport
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E36 Drift Steering Angle Kit

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URO E46 Front Control Arms Kit
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Product Details

When you lower a car, it drastically changes the geometry of the suspension. While lowering a car makes it handle better by lowering the center of gravity, the roll center is negatively impacted, increasing the roll moment, which causes cornering forces to have more of an effect on the body roll of the vehicle. This is normally ignored because the stiffer lowering springs make the issue less noticeable, but ultimately grip is lost, and body roll is increased. Once the roll center has been corrected it is immediately apparent how much the performance of the vehicle had been suffering prior.

The Turner Motorsport E36 Drift Angle Kit provides many features to make your drift car even better! By installing the ball joint adapter, the lower control arm geometry is corrected, and the instantaneous center of rotation is raised, bringing the roll center much closer to the center of gravity, and significantly decreasing roll movement. This minimizes body roll, provides more grip, and ultimately leads to an improved and predictable driving feel. The kit also provides a drastic increase in steering angle, opening up new possibilities for your drift car! Not only does it provide an increased steering angle, but steering response is also noticeably improved for much faster steering. Our kit allows for 31% of Adjustable Ackerman range, from 60% stock Ackerman to 29% minimum. Also with the Turner Motorsport Quick Steer Kit, bump steer is adjustable! Bump steer can be adjusted to virtually 0.

Ackerman is an often-overlooked aspect of suspension geometry on drift cars. With normal factory spec Ackerman, the inside wheel turns sharper than the outside wheel and follows a smaller radius, so that the tires don’t scrub making low speed turns. By reducing your Ackerman, it prevents front wheel scrub during drift, so you aren’t slowing the front of your car down and scrubbing tires as hard. If you’ve ever noticed how the front tire tread on drift cars become very feathered, Ackerman is why. While drifting, you want the front wheels to be closer to parallel, but its ultimately a driver feeling preference. Our kit allows for 31% of Adjustable Ackerman range, from 60% stock Ackerman to 29% minimum.

Roll Center can be a rather complex concept. Let’s break it down:

On a McPherson front suspension vehicle, both the top of the strut and lower control arm sit at an angle. If you were to draw 2 lines, one from the upper strut mount perpendicular to the steering axis (line through lower ball joint and upper strut mount pivot) and another from the control arm outer and inner ball joint/pivot, Where they intersect is called the instantaneous center of rotation. This is the point about which the suspension is rotating at that instant. Now, noting the vertical center of the car, draw another line from the bottom of the center of the tire contact patch, to the instantaneous center of rotation. Where this line intersects with the vertical center of the car is where your “roll center” is. The distance between the roll center and the center of gravity is called the “roll moment”. The larger the distance, the larger the body roll. By decreasing the distance between your center of gravity and your roll center, you can decrease the amount of body roll, and decrease suspension geometry change, and ultimately gain better handling.


  • 6061-T6 billet aluminum steering plate
  • All specially designed, melonite coated, class 10.9 hardware
  • Provides roll center correction for lowered cars (coilovers recommended, lowering springs and replacement shocks generally provide too much droop)
  • Provides bump steer correction and adjustment 
  • Includes ball joint replacements (E36M 027427TMS01~A, E36/46 NM 022961TMS01~A)
  • Kitted with high quality FK rod ends


This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW E36 318i M42 1.8L
BMW E36 318i M44 1.9L
BMW E36 318ic M42 1.8L
BMW E36 318ic M44 1.9L
BMW E36 318is M42 1.8L
BMW E36 318is M44 1.9L
BMW E36 318ti M42 1.8L
BMW E36 318ti M44 1.9L
BMW E36 320i M50 2.0L
BMW E36 323i M52 2.5L
BMW E36 323ic M52 2.5L
BMW E36 323is M52 2.5L
BMW E36 325i M50 2.5L
BMW E36 325ic M50 2.5L
BMW E36 325is M50 2.5L
BMW E36 328i M52 2.8L
BMW E36 328ic M52 2.8L
BMW E36 328is M52 2.8L
BMW E36 M3 S50 3.0L
BMW E36 M3 S52 3.2L
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