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New Turner Titanium Magnetic Differential Drain Plug

Nov 22, 2020

This is a must-have for ALL BMWs, and simply replaces your existing differential drain plug. With every differential fluid change you perform on your BMW, you'll be able to inspect for metal shavings and debris. Many times, if something is going wrong on your BMW's differential, magnetic drain plugs can provide fair warning before larger issues can cause failures and incur costly repairs. Plus with the upgraded strength of titanium, sheared drain plugs are a thing of the past!

Audi B8 S4 Sweepstakes Full Build List

Nov 17, 2020

2020 has been, well, you know. To bring some positivity to the European car enthusiast community, we are excited to announce that once again, we're giving away a car! Yes, we’re hosting another sweepstakes like the 8V A3, MK7.5 GTI, and E46 M3 before it. This time, you have the unique opportunity to win a late-model Audi B8 S4 Facelift.

NEW Carbon Fiber ECS Swivel Exhaust Tip

Nov 17, 2020

Looking for the most attractive and adjustable tip on the market? Look no further than our ECS Swivel Exhaust Tips! Featuring a unique swivel collar design that allows the tip to be adjusted in any direction to achieve that perfect fitment. Simply adjust the tip to your desired position and tighten the hex bolt to 14 ft-lbs (19 Nm) and the tip will stay where positioned.

DOORBUSTER 40% Off - Schwaben Digital Torque Wrenches

Nov 15, 2020

Auto repair professionals understand the importance of properly torqued fasteners. Too tight, and the fastener may be weakened and break. Too loose and things come apart. Work efficiently and productively with Schwaben digital torque wrenches. Enabling you to accurately apply specific torque. Trust the tool the pros know, Schwaben.

DOORBUSTER - 40% Off Schwaben Stubby Socket Set

Nov 15, 2020

Modern automotive components are tucked into the tightest of places, sometimes making it impossible to access fasteners with a standard socket or ratchet. A lot of times, this forces you to take your vehicle to a dealer in order to get routine service. The Schwaben Stubby Socket Driver is a specialty low-profile tool, designed specifically to give you access to previously untouchable fasteners. Put the power in your own hands with this kit from Schwaben. Free yourself from the dealer and do it all yourself!

DOORBUSTER - Up To 40% Off - Coolant System Tools

Nov 15, 2020

The cooling system in any car is often a neglected when it comes to maintenance, by the time most owners do something about this failure has already arrived. The recommended service interval is every 2 years. Just like engine oil the additives used in coolant to keep corrosion down and maintain proper lubrication breakdown in the same way over time and milage. Reduce the cost later by keeping your cooling system healthy now, Schwaben tools make it easy to maintain.

DOORBUSTER - Up To 40% Off Specialty Pliers & Crimpers

Nov 15, 2020

We've all found ourselves using highly "creative" methods for separating or removing parts in the midst of an intense project. Some methods do work... but usually at the expense of personal injury and a few broken or damaged parts. So why not start with the right tool? The Schwaben Open Barrel Crimping/Stripping Pliers feature hard-to-find open barrel crimp option used on many German cars.

Schwaben Wheel Storage Options

Oct 21, 2020

Schwaben products are characterized by simple, clever designs. Their wheel storage solutions may be the best examples of these qualities. The Schwaben Wheel Tree holds up to 275lbs and allows you to safely stack your wheels without the risk of scuffing and scratching. Convenient locking casters allow you to easily move the whole set anywhere in your garage or shop at one time. And when saving floor space is the highest priority, the Schwaben Wall-Mounted Wheel Rack allows you to securely store up to four 11½" wide wheels and tires against the wall, away from your work space.

Turner Front Adjustable Camber/Caster Plates

Sep 17, 2020

When it comes to suspension tuning, especially in motorsport applications, adjustability, strength, and quality are all equally critical. Turner Motorsport, from years of experience at the highest levels of competition, has developed the single best solution for Non-M E8X and E9X RWD chassis with their new fully adjustable camber plates. Designed to work with OEM-style springs and struts, you can have complete control of your alignment settings, even with a factory setup. All of the adjustability with none of the sacrifice is what you can expect from the biggest name in BMW racing.

Turner E9X 335 TrackSport Rotors

Sep 11, 2020

Extended periods of aggressive driving causes the amount of heat in the rotors to build up, & as the temperature of the rotors increase, the metal begins to expand. With solid rotors, this can lead to numerous issues such as warping of the rotors, unexpected cracking along the inner "ring" or friction surfaces, & increased brake fade. Turner's TrackSport rotors feature a full floating two-piece design & slotted grooves to allow smooth, consistent braking force & easy expulsion of gases & dust created by the brake pads & rotors under heavy braking.

Turner Front Fixed Camber Plates

Sep 8, 2020

Most BMWs come off the production line with less-than-ideal front camber to encourage understeer. This adversely affects handling and tire-wear by putting less of the tire's contact patch on the ground. The solution: add more negative camber. Turner Motorsport provides an ideal solution to easily add 2.5 negative degrees of camber to your E90, E92, or E93.

Newest Schwaben Tools

Aug 28, 2020

Newest Schwaben Tools

Did You Know?

Are you spending some quality time with your car this season? Equip yourself for all projects with Schwaben Tools! We offer an extensive line of standard & European specialty tools for your collection, as well as high quality items to help keep your car cleaner while getting work done and improve the DIY experience for both you and your tools.

View Your Order Status Or Submit A Return Online

Jul 24, 2020

View Your Order Status Or Submit a Return Online

DKM Clutch Kit - BMW E9X 335i N55

Jul 1, 2020

If you're having problems keeping power to the wheels, DKM has the solution. Their design, using high-grade materials, gives you increased strength and heat tolerance preventing wear and fade, ensuring increased torque capacity, quicker shifts, and longer clutch life. For drivers with moderately modified vehicles or performance-oriented driving, the MA Clutch Kit is an OE style clutch kit that upgrades you to a single Single Mass Flywheel. Allowing for quicker revs, this Kit will give your car a little pep while retaining factory-like pedal feel.

2020 New Products for your BMW

Jun 28, 2020

ECS had a productive start to the first couple months of 2020 with several new performance aftermarket components for your favorite European cars. Our new parts for your Audi, BMW, MINI, and VW include everything from simple cosmetic upgrades to awesome performance pieces. Check out our full line of new products for your vehicle!

Schwaben Fender Lip Rollers

Jun 3, 2020

Need to fit some aggressive wheels and tires, but your fenders require rolling? The Schwaben Fender Lip Roller is your at-home solution for forming your fender lips without paying excessively at a shop. Get the look you want with professional-like quality from the Schwaben Fender Lip Roller!

Top Lifting Products

May 25, 2020

Top Lifting Products

Did You Know?

The most important part of working on your car is doing it safely. Lifting, supporting, and lowering your car with the right equipment is paramount. Schwaben has a low profile, heavy duty, easy to use lifting products designed to safely and quickly raise and lower even the most slammed cars around.

Getting Your Car Out Of Storage Checklist

May 6, 2020

If your car has been unused for a few weeks, a few months, or has been in storage since last fall, there is a checklist of maintenance services you need to run through before your car may be ready to drive. Pulling your car from storage can be an easy and rewarding experience, and might save you some headaches down the road. Here is everything you need to make sure your car is ready to go back to work when you are.

NEW APEX Forged Wheels - EC-7R

May 5, 2020

APEX's new ARC-8R is a significant step forward. Now lighter and stronger than the original flow formed version thanks to "I" beam spokes and forged manufacturing. It’s enhanced with the features and benefits you’ve been waiting for.

NEW APEX Forged Wheels - ARC-8R

May 5, 2020

APEX's new ARC-8R is a significant step forward. Now lighter and stronger than the original flow formed version thanks to "I" beam spokes and forged manufacturing. It’s enhanced with the features and benefits you’ve been waiting for.

Aftermarket Replacement Parts -  E9X N55

May 1, 2020

Your BMW deserves to perform at its best, as it was always intended to be the pinnacle of driving pleasure. By keeping it in perfect shape with routine maintenance, you're taking care of part of that need. With top aftermarket brands who share the same dedication to quality and love for BMW you have, the other part of that equation is covered. Find all the best aftermarket replacement parts from top brands here in our expansive catalog that caters directly to those who love and care for their BMW.

Schwaben Professional Scan Tools

May 1, 2020

Developed by the most distinguished experts of this industry, the Schwaben Professional Scan Tool is one of the most powerful aftermarket tools available for your European car. From simple trouble code reads/clears, service light resets, parking brake deactivation, recording live sensor data, to providing live data graphing; The Schwaben Professional Scan Tool does it all! Owning a Schwaben Scan Tool separates you from the average car enthusiast, empowering you with manufacturer-level diagnostic and analytic capabilities. Diagnose. Code. Adapt.

New Turner Titanium Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Mar 31, 2020

Featuring a permanently mounted magnet that traps ferrous metal bits suspended in your oil. These Titanium Magnetic drain plugs trap tiny particles that are unable to be caught by your oil filter. This leaves you with a cleaner engine, and ultimately less unneeded wear on your engine bearings and oil pump. Manufactured of 6AL-4V Titanium, the Turner M12 magnetic drain plugs are much stronger than any 7075 or 6061 Aluminum drain plug out there. Turner M12 magnetic drain plugs also capture many metal particles from wearing or recently rebuilt engines.

ECS COVID-19 Update!

Mar 25, 2020

ECS COVID-19 Update!

Did You Know?

Online ordering and Phone orders are still available as normal. Our sales and customer support staff are here in the building (though we are working remotely to do our part to help with social distancing). We do not expect any delays with shipping and we are ready to provide assistance with your orders. Feel free to call in, speak with one of our enthusiast experts, and find what you need for your next project. We are now offering Curbside Pickup at our facility in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Schwaben Oil Fill Funnel

Mar 20, 2020

Changing your Audi, BMW, or Volkswagen's oil on schedule ensures your engine will live a healthy and long operational life. While changing your oil might be straightforward, those who regularly do it themselves likely find the little annoyances that make it more trouble than it could be. With our new Schwaben Thread-In Oil Funnels, you can quickly thread this funnel into your oil filler cap for a hands-free and mess-free result when you pour in that new liquid gold. Make services easy for yourself and you'll begin to enjoy them even more!

Top - Assembled By ECS Service Kits - BMW E9X 335 N55

Mar 1, 2020

Whether it's preventative maintenance, routine service, or buttoning up your seasonal project, don't wait until the eleventh hour to finish up your wintertime vehicle work. Below we have assembled our top Assembled By ECS Kits for your BMW. At ECS Tuning, we have the goods to keep your vehicle on the road. Assembled By ECS kits are offered in a large variety to mend nearly any ailing BMW. Get your project underway and rest assured knowing your vehicle is properly serviced.

New ECS Poly Diff Bushing - E8X/E9X Non M

Feb 10, 2020

As these vehicles age, the differential bushings tend to show signs of stress and deterioration resulting in bushing deflection and excess drivetrain movement. The differential sits directly between your gas pedal and the wheels, so these bushings play a critical role in the responsiveness of your drivetrain. Our performance bushings are constructed of firm yet responsive 95A polyurethane and feature anodized aluminum center sleeves.

Turner Rear Adjustable Toe Arms - E9X 3 SERIES

Feb 3, 2020

On your E90, E91, E92, or E93, your rear toe arms are fixed. This is fine for your BMW if your suspension is stock, but as soon as you lower it, you are going to be out of spec. With the new Turner Motorsport Rear Adjustable Toe Arms, you can bring you suspension settings back into spec even with an extremely lowered vehicle. These arms are critical if you want to maximize the effectiveness of your BMW’s handling and prevent premature wear.

New Turner Performance Adjustable Suspension | E9X RWD

Jan 11, 2020

Rubber bushings, fixed trailing arms, and tons of deflection in your BMW suspension makes it comfortable to drive daily if you are just an owner, but enthusiasts, especially those who want to spend time on the track, need more competitive suspension. With Turner Motorsport’s track tested suspension upgrades, you can use the same technology proven by one of the most successful BMW racing teams in America to improve your BMW’s cornering and handling.

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