1996 Mercedes Benz E300 Base Sedan 210.020 L6 3.0L General Purpose Parts & Accessories

The success of repairs, upgrades, and accessory installations all depends on having the right general-purpose items handy. Plan to stock up now on adhesives and tapes, hardware and fasteners, bulbs, and fuses, and all the other miscellanea demanded by a day in the shop.

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Whether you're doing a stock repair or adding an aftermarket accessory, using the right fasteners will keep things tight and rattle-free.


Time to change the color of your car or wheels? One of the easiest solutions is PlastiDip. Completely reversible, easy to apply, and quick results you'll love.

Plasti Dip

Customize your car and improve driving safety with lighting options from ECS Tuning. We stock interior cabin lights, engine bay lights, trunk lights, fog lamps, and lighting installation kits, plus peel-and-stick coatings from Lamin-x to protect and tint lenses.

Automotive Lights

See and be seen with replacement bulbs from ECS Tuning. Our complete line of vehicle lighting products includes both stock replacement headlight bulbs, Xenon and HID, and LED upgrades. Our Ziza line offers individual or prepackaged lighting kits with LEDs for all interior light fixtures.

Automotive Light Bulbs

Changes in hose technology have produced a new generation of vacuum and fluid hoses designed for improved performance and extended service life. ECS Tuning stocks a large inventory of general-purpose and specialty hoses for all automotive systems.

Automotive Hoses

You work on your car: your hands don't have to look like it. Choose from heavy-duty mechanics gloves for heavy jobs, or latex disposables for lighter dirty work.


Let your imagination run free. Add the custom look of carbon fiber, matte black, or textured finish to any panel with 3M adhesive-backed wraps. Available in metallic finishes and several colors, DiNoc wraps are pliable when heated to conform to irregular surfaces, and UV coated to resist sun damage.

Safety Items

Additives are specially formulated products that improve the performance of many automotive fluids. When circumstance and vehicle conditions demand it, these fluid additives improve performance, wash away harmful deposits, and protect parts and systems from abrasion and chemical damage.

Fuel & Oil Additives

ECS Tuning stocks quality spring and screw-drive hose clamps to fit everything from air intake ducts to radiator hoses and fuel lines. Don't risk leaks; install new clamps as part of your next repair.

Automotive Clamps

A horn signals a warning to other drivers and is a necessary safety item for any vehicle. We carry a variety of aftermarket horns that can be used on any application.


Tape, like adhesives, is a must-have item for any toolbox. Keep a tape assortment handy, and be prepared to mask, attach, and protect your next project.


Knowing what's happening in your vehicle systems is important. Find the right gauge to monitor internal systems in our extensive catalog.

Safety Items

Don't get stuck with a dead circuit and no replacement fuses. Stock up now on assorted fuses for your car, and be prepared when the lights go out. We stock fuses in all common sizes and amperage ratings.


No one likes working in the winter, but you can at least stay warm in your garage with our selection of space heaters for your shop.

Safety Items

Lamin-x peel-and-stick plastic coatings are a great way to change the look of your car and protect it inside and out. Clear and tinted, Lamin-x comes in different size sheets and can be heated to make it conform to irregular shapes.

Lamin-X Universal Films

Line fittings to finish up that plumbing project.


Building a one-off turbo or exhaust set up? We have a full range of pre-bent tubes in different diameters and shapes to help you plumb your next project. These tubes can be used for intakes, exhaust systems, or custom intercooler setups.

Safety Items

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