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NEW Turner Motorsport MINI Poly Tow Straps

Apr 9, 2018

With the prohibition of the steel tow ring in multiple racing series, a new more close-quarter racing friendly solution was needed. Introducing the Turner Motorsport Poly Tow Straps! These polyester tow straps are the best tow strap available for the modern MINI chassis. Using a heavy-duty, chemical-resistant polyester strap webbed around a stainless steel stud. This design allows for tow hooks to grab onto it without hitting your bumper. If you are racing your MINI, a Turner Motorsport Poly Tow Strap is a must have track accessory.

New Swift Performance Springs for your MINI

Mar 7, 2018

Lowering springs should do more than get your car closer to the ground. If you're considering your lowering options, be sure to include the premium quality spring sets from Swift. Improve handling but keep ride quality suitable for a daily driver with these sport springs. Regardless of your choice, buy with confidence, knowing you're getting track proven springs with an unrivaled reputation for quality and performance.

Valentine's day is better with an Escort - Escort Radar

Feb 14, 2018

For over 35 years, Escort has been a leader in high-performance radar and laser detectors. Offering advanced features of convenience such as GPS, Bluetooth, and cell phone integration, as well as clever performance features like all-band ultimate radar/laser protection, 'instant on', and laser shifters, Escort radar detectors are the pinnacle of protection for the automotive enthusiast. ECS Tuning is proud to be your authorized dealer of Escort products, the most intelligent solution for discerning drivers.

ECS Apparel

Feb 12, 2018

ECS Apparel

Did You Know?

When it comes to our hobby, we rarely isolate our interest in cars to just cars themselves. At home, out and about, or anywhere you go, the inner car enthusiast never leaves. Show it off with ECS Tuning apparel designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts to fly their colors in style.

Fertan Rust Converter

Feb 3, 2018

Fertan Rust Converter

Did You Know?

Winter months keep us from enjoying our cars, especially in areas with heavy salt use on the roads. Each time we get behind the wheel, we almost hear rust beginning in all the nooks and crannies under and around your car. With FERTAN Rust Converter, you can stop those rust problems as they start! The converter neutralizes rust by converting it to an inert state, halting its progression, and allows you to clean off the rusted surface easily to be prepped for further repair. Don't let rust get you down, solve it with FERTAN Rust Converter!

Euro Impulse Weighted Shift Knobs for your MINI

Jan 31, 2018

Shift some excitement into your MINI with a Euro Impulse weighted aluminum shift knob, available at ECS Tuning! With a weight of just under 300 grams, this solid aluminum custom weighted shift knob allows for easier shifts, and improves the overall interior look of your MINI.

ECS Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines - MINI

Jan 23, 2018

ECS Exact-Fit stainless reinforced brake lines provide more confident and dependable stopping by maintaining consistent brake pressure, long lasting corrosion resistance, and increased protection from failure. Even when new, factory style fabric mesh lined rubber hoses are prone to expand under the pressure of hard braking; whether it be highway panic stops or threshold braking at the track. ECS lines are braided with stainless steel mesh, which resists expansion. The result is a firmer and more direct pedal feel for your MINI Cooper.

Forge Limited Edition Gold Diverter Valves - MINI

Dec 24, 2017

Since 1996, Forge Motorsport has provided innovation, clever design, and highest quality manufacturing from their in-house CNC machine shop. Not only has Forge Motorsport made a name for themselves in supplying OE manufacturers with valves, intercoolers, and actuators, but they have excelled in the world of Motorsport with a heavy presence in F1, WRC, Rally X, and Le Mans. Brand new from Forge is the Limited Edition Gold Diverter Valve for the N14 and N18 Engines! Be unique with this exclusive BOV from one of the most accomplished performance companies around.

Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit

Dec 15, 2017

Do you trust your car's battery? It's your car's sole source of power, and it may leave you helpless if you have no jumper cables or anyone to help. Now you can handle these dangerous situations with the Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit. Just about the size of a phone, it holds the power to jump your car's battery and get you going again -- and again, three or four more times on a single charge! This is your all-in-one go-to lifeline. Jump start your car, charge your cell phone, and use its flashlight to stay safe and prevent emergency situations. Never leave home without it!

Last Chance to Save On Schwaben Doorbuster Deals

Nov 27, 2017

Now is the perfect time to complete your tool box or replace 'borrowed' or missing tools by saving big with these doorbuster deals on Schwaben.

Schwaben Lifting Products

Nov 25, 2017

When it comes to getting under your car to perform any type of service it's very wise to do it right. The Schwaben 2 Ton aluminum floor has the ability for getting under low cars without lifting height sacrifice. If you prefer to drive right into you service we also carry a line of ramps with accessories to accommodate even the lowest of vehicles. From jack stands to wheels stands, these are a key point in safety when supporting the vehicle while working underneath. This is a small investment for safe working conditions.

Micro Jump Start Kit

Nov 16, 2017

Micro Jump Start Kit

Did You Know?

We've all been in that helpless position when your car dies and there's no one around to help. What if you had a tool to remedy being stranded with a dead battery? Something so small it fits in your glovebox. The Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit is the remedy, the days of looking for cable and another car to jump from are over. As a bonus it even works as a phone charger for those days where both your car and phone are both drained. New Features: On/Off Switch Micro USB Chargeable Updated Accessory Cable Longer Battery Life

OPTIMA and NorthStar Batteries for your Vehicle

Oct 31, 2017

Shouldn't you have confidence in your car's battery? With NorthStar and OPTIMA batteries, corrosion is no longer a problem and you can be sure the power will be there when you turn the key. Thanks to NorthStar's thinner plates with more surface area and lack of additives in the pure lead, these batteries are designed to have faster charging, higher power density, longer life, and virtually no internal grid growth! NorthStar batteries virtually never experience catastrophic failure!

ECS & Bilstein Audi 8V A3 Sweepstakes | Build List

Oct 22, 2017

This year, ECS Tuning is partnering with Bilstein to give back to the Euro car enthusiasts in a big way. To show their appreciation for their customers and give you one more reason to better your car, ECS Tuning and Bilstein are giving away a new Audi A3 customized with all the goodies. All you have to do to enter is spend $50 at Furthermore, each multiple of $50 you spend brings an additional entry; so for example if you spend $500, you get 10 entries.

Tune2air Plug-And-Play Bluetooth Adapter

Sep 28, 2017

With the Tune2air Bluetooth Adapter for your vehicle, you no longer have to struggle with outdated wires tethering your phone or media device to your head unit. With hands-free integration to your native steering wheel controls and an easy installation, you can update that non-bluetooth equipped head unit with Tune2air and ditch the aux cord for good!

Zippeeshade Sunroof Shade for your MINI

Sep 7, 2017

ZippeeShades are developed exclusively for the MINI Cooper equipped with a Dual Factory Sunroofs. Newly redesigned with UV resistant black fabric on one side and reflective silver on the other side. Their latest version has thicker and wider fabric, larger suction cups and metal grommets. Simply unfold each shade and attach the suction cups directly to the sunroof. Once installed, you can simply leave the shade in place and open your sunroof without fear of it blowing away.

ECS Performance Essentials for your F54-F57 MINI

Sep 6, 2017

Why settle for stock? Each ECS product is designed to fine tune or enhance the performance and appearance of your MINI; most ship free for a limited time. Pick one as a weekend project. Call a pal and bolt one on.

Assembled By ECS Redline Oil Kit Promotion - MINI

Aug 29, 2017

Using our premium oil service kits ensure that your MINI gets the best service possible, and allows you to extend the change intervals of your engine oil. If you are serious about maintaining your car, then our ECS Tuning Premium Oil Service Kits are for you. For a limited time only, receive a FREE bottle of Redline Water Wetter with any Assembled by ECS Redline Oil Service Kit.

Schwaben Select Tools

Aug 24, 2017

Today's modern engines were made with complex tools that only dealerships seem to have on hand. This forces one to take their vehicle to a dealer in order to get routine service. With these new tools from Schwaben, you can do this service yourself. Whether you need to do up your brake calipers, remove lug bolts and trim, ignition coils, or tighten your timing belt, Schwaben has the tool for the job. These high-quality and long lasting tools will do the job right the first time, giving you more time to enjoy your vehicle where it belongs, on the road.

25% Off BMW/MINI Fastener Assortment Kit

Aug 4, 2017

Avoid finding yourself without a key trim fastener - stock up for good with the Vaico BMW/MINI Fastener Assortment Kit. Designed with the DIY enthusiast or body shop in mind, this assortment comes stocked with clips for fender liners, interior trim, and body moldings, all in a convenient storage case. An extremely convenient kit for the discriminating MINI owner, you can now achieve a factory-perfect look instead of leaving crucial interior elements out of sorts.

Micro Jump Start kit by Schwaben

Jul 18, 2017

We've all been in that helpless position when your car dies and there's no one around to help. What if you had a tool to remedy being stranded with a dead battery? Something so small it fits in your glovebox. The Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit is the remedy, the days of looking for cable and another car to jump from are over. As a bonus, it even works as a phone charger for those days where both your car and phone are both drained.

M14x1.25 ECS Titanium Wheel Bolts for your MINI

Jul 4, 2017

If you are a performance-minded enthusiast looking to save weight wherever possible or just want a set of very high-quality wheel bolts that won't rust, ECS Titanium Wheel Bolts are exactly what you need. ECS Titanium Wheel Bolts are 50% lighter than steel bolts of the same size, thus reducing rotational mass on the vehicle. They are CNC'd from annealed titanium alloy and when tested to class 10.9 fastener proof load requirements, they showed no signs of fatigue or failure.

Schwaben Clearance Sale

Jun 15, 2017

Schwaben Clearance Sale

Did You Know?

Don't let a tough project stop you in your tracks! Get the right tool for the job with Schwaben Tools from ECS. Tools you can depend on, designed to put the DIY power in your hands, and ready to tackle general and specific jobs, Schwaben Tools are ready to make themselves at home in your garage.

Schwaben Micro Jump and Charging Tools

Jun 6, 2017

We've all been in that helpless position when your car dies and there's no one around to help. What if you had a tool to remedy being stranded with a dead battery? Something so small it fits in your glovebox. The Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit is the remedy, the days of looking for cable and another car to jump from are over. As a bonus, it even works as a phone charger for those days where both your car and phone are both drained. Also, check out other various battery charging products so you don't get stranded this winter!

Schwaben vs Eastwood Fender Rollers & Accessories

Jun 4, 2017

It's hard not to appreciate the powerful, aggressive appearance of a wide-stanced performance car; it's the look that forces enthusiasts to take your ride seriously. The effect is typically accomplished with flared fenders and over-sized wheels, requiring increased fender clearance. The Schwaben fender roller tool is easy to use, priced right and increases fender clearance while maintaining a factory-fresh look. Kits are available that include a heat gun to keep your finish from stress cracking, & a finishing tool to form the inner fender lip for a professional-quality

3M 1080 Series Vinyl Wrap Options

Jun 3, 2017

Want to do something bold? Bodacious, even? Check out the line of 3M 1080 Series Vinyl Wrap. Add texture and style to interior and exterior surfaces by applying these durable adhesive backed films to body panels or trim. Want variety? Channel Darth Vader with gloss black or carbon fiber, or go sci-fi-starship with brushed aluminum. Buy rolls five feet wide in lengths from one to 20 feet. Hi-tech look. Low tech installation. User-friendly and easy to apply using simple tools, 3M 1080 vinyl lets anyone get professional results on the first try.

MINI F54-F57 Performance Module Tuners

May 30, 2017

These boost controllers were designed from the beginning to be easily installed and even easier to use. It plugs into a sensor and uses the factory DME to re-map boost, timing, and fuel maps. Changes can be made via Bluetooth the Dinan, allowing you to use your smartphone to turn boost up for max performance or down for conservative driving. Changes on the NM module can be done with a switch on the module itself. Up to 30Hp 40lb/ft gain on the Dinan or 44Hp 34lb/ft (on 100 octane) on the NM Engineering module. Two great leaders in MINI performance parts, continuing in the Gen 3 MIN

Digital Torque Wrench and Angle Gauge

May 23, 2017

Auto repair professionals understand the importance of properly torqued fasteners. Too tight, and the fastener may be weakened and break. Too loose and things come apart. Work efficiently and productively with digital torque wrenches and angle gauges, which enable you accurately to apply specific torque and angle adjustment. You can tighten nuts and bolts like a pro.

ECS Tuning Wheel Stud Conversion Kits - MINI

May 7, 2017

Why use wheel studs instead of wheel bolts? When removing and installing wheels that utilize the factory wheel bolts the process can be frustrating, holding the wheel up with your legs, lining up the holes, and threading the bolts all at the same time. Wheel studs also allow the use of varying length wheel spacers - a highly convenient feature for those that anticipate using different spacer size setups in the future. Conical (factory fitment) seat lug nuts are available for a maximum of 10mm, 20mm, or 30mm wheel spacer use.

Schwaben Professional Magnetic Camber/Caster Gauge

Apr 28, 2017

The three most critical and widely cited dimensions of your vehicle's suspension geometry - camber, caster, & toe-in - are what triangulate your wheels and position them to perform in a specified way on the road. Camber/Caster is of special concern to the enthusiast because of its susceptibility to change under the influence of different wheel arrangements and ride heights. Schwaben Specialty Tools has developed a superb method of measuring this critical dimension - The Magnetic Camber/Caster Gauge.

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