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VW MK5 & MK6 Performance Lower Control Arm Kits

Oct 10, 2016

An elegant solution to vague and imprecise steering, performance control arms with poly bushings let you feel the road through your fingertips. Factory rubber bushings are intended to buffer road sensations from steering input. For performance drivers a highly tactile connection to the road conveys more information about vehicle dynamics and sharpening driving awareness. We offer control arm assemblies already fitted with poly bushings that tighten suspension feel, restore vehicle safety, and last many miles longer than stock bushings.

RTA Fabrication Air Ride Controller Mounts For Your VW

Oct 7, 2016

Mount your air ride controller right with RTA Fabrication. Specifically designed to mount the Air Lift V2, 3P/3H, and AccuAir Switchspeed/e-Level controllers, complete your air ride setup with a clean and custom final touch. An exact fit solution for MK5 and MK6 models, install is as simple as removing your existing ashtray, swapping out the buttons and re-installing with RTA. Have a different model or mounting location in mind? No problem. The RTA Universal Controller Mount allows you to trim and or mold it to fit into a specific location such as an ashtray or cubby hole.

Exact-Fit Stainless Steel Brake Lines for your MK5/MK6

Oct 1, 2016

ECS Exact-Fit stainless reinforced brake lines provide more confident and dependable stopping by maintaining consistent brake pressure, long lasting corrosion resistance, and increased protection from failure. Even when new, factory style fabric mesh lined rubber hoses are prone to expand under the pressure of hard braking; whether it be highway panic stops or threshold braking at the track. ECS lines are braided with stainless steel mesh, which resist expansion. The result is a firmer and more direct pedal feel for your VW MK5.

Schwaben Partstoberfest Sale

Sep 28, 2016

If you have ever been halfway into a DIY and realized you are missing a specific tool, then you know how frustrating not having the correct tool for the job can be. Even worse is having one that doesn't do the job correctly! Our Schwaben Hand Tools are there to help you finish the job the right way the first time. Don't get caught without the right equipment: save on your Schwaben Hand Tools now with our Partstoberfest Sale!

Up to 15% Off ECS Magnetic Oil Drain Plugs | VW

Sep 27, 2016

Normal wear and tear on your engine generates metal particles that will float around in your oil. While this is generally not a symptom of any issues, it can become an issue. Metal flakes in your oil can cause premature wear on internal components and can be an absolute nuisance. Trap those pesky flakes in your drain channel with a Magnetic Drain Plug from ECS and help preserve your engine!

Up to 15% Off ECS Billet Oil Filter Housings | VW

Sep 27, 2016

the ECS Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing for your Audi or VW will add a touch of class to an ordinary part generally overlooked with durable and attractive convenience. The factory plastic housing can be brittle and is the most appealing part of your engine bay. Give your Audi or VW engine another piece to set it apart from the masses with this aluminum oil filter housing.

ECS Billet Adjustable Side-to-Side Short Shifter

Sep 26, 2016

Now available to complete your perfect shift feel; The ECS Billet Adjustable Side-to-Side Shift Lever features 3 adjustable, threaded shifter positions* to give maximum benefits of dialing in your perfect shift feel. Constructed of billet aluminum to replace the flimsy plastic OEM shift relay lever, and coated in a durable black anodized finish for excellent corrosion resistance. SIDE-TO-SIDE SHIFTER: Features 3 adjustable shifter positions (Stock, 20% or 40% throw reduction) F2B SHIFTER: Features 4 adjustable shifter positions (Stock, 7%, 28% or 49% throw reduction)

Up to 25% Off Schwaben Hand Tools - Sale Ends 9.24.17

Sep 21, 2016

Don't let a tough project stop you in your tracks! Get the right tool for the job with Schwaben Hand Tools from ECS. Tools you can depend on, designed to put the DIY power in your hands, and ready to tackle general and specific jobs, Schwaben Tools are ready to make themselves at home in your garage.

New Big Brake Kit From NEUSPEED & ECS For Your VW

Sep 21, 2016

Now you can let your open-face alloys showcase massive NEUSPEED six-piston calipers and ECS Performance Rotors, for a look that turns heads. The NEUSPEED six-piston forged calipers replace the stock factory floating, single piston calipers. This upgrade improves brake pedal modulation with a greater applied force. The result; shorter, repeatable stopping performance! The NEUSPEED calipers are properly sized to the factory VW/Audi master cylinder. Allowing for precise and responsive braking points without the hassle of retrofitting additional parts.

Schwaben Professional Hammers

Sep 18, 2016

When the going gets tough sometimes the only tool you want is a good hammer. The Schwaben hammers are built for a lifetime of use from top quality materials. The Ball Peen hammers feature a drop forged steel heads and ergonomic handles giving you accurate striking punches and chisels. The 36-oz Dead Blow hammer is designed with steel shot inside head, delivering a stronger force and at the same time prevents any rebound. For when maximum force is needed with minimal rebound.

Build your own DSG Transmission Service Kit

Aug 28, 2016

Every 40,000 miles, your DSG transmission needs to be serviced. Picking the perfect kit can often be overwhelming, so the experts at ECS Tuning have put together this configurable Build Your Own DSG Service Kit which allows you to pick your favorite brand of each component and choose whether or not you need certain options.

Schwaben and ECS Garage Gear

Aug 28, 2016

Schwaben & ECS offer an extensive line of standard & European specialty tools for your collection, as well as high quality items to help keep your car cleaner while getting work done and improve mobility for both you and your tools. Now you can save up to 30% on these must-have tools & accessories from Schwaben & ECS!

New Cobb Knob For Your VW

Aug 19, 2016

The COBB Knob is designed to keep those extended shifting sessions exhilarating. The billet aluminum base is available in anodized red or black to help set the mood. Internally threaded to provide a tight fit onto the shifter shaft, this won't come loose even in the most frenzied of gear changes. The delrin knob available in satin black or white feels incredible with the perfectly round contour to fit right in the palm of your hand. Weighing in at a lightweight 117 grams, encouraging fast, smooth thrusts into every gear.

77% Off Upright Bike Carrier for your VW/Audi

Aug 10, 2016

While supplies last during the Genuine VW/Audi Summer Sale. Take your bike wherever you go, without the need to remove the front wheel with the Genuine Upright Bike Carrier.

Precision Torque Wrenches

Aug 7, 2016

Auto repair professionals understand the importance of properly torqued fasteners. Too tight, and the fastener may be weakened and break. Too loose and everything just falls apart. You can tighten nuts and bolts like a pro with these torque wrenches from Schwaben, Central Tools, and GearWrench.

Heat Soak Awareness | VW EOS 2.0T

Aug 3, 2016

Upgraded intakes and intercoolers are excellent mods to beat the heat, as they bring in cooler air, instead of air that has been heat soaked by the engine. The principle behind this cooler air has a higher density, thus containing more oxygen per volume unit than warmer air. Time to breath easy! We also have heat wrap, shields, and turbo blankets for any custom set up to further help cool down those high temps! Keep temps down and your performance up!

Up to 15% Off Schwaben Torque Wrenches

Aug 1, 2016

No toolbox is complete without the Schwaben Torque Wrenches! Every nut and bolt on your car has a specific torque the manufacturer intended to be tight enough to do its job without being dangerously snug. Make sure you are doing the job the right way every time with these toque wrenches to prevent failure or wear that could have otherwise been avoided! Now is the perfect time to complete your tool box or replace 'borrowed' or missing tools by saving up to 15% on select Schwaben Torque Wrenches!

Schwaben LED Lighting Options

Jul 31, 2016

Even though the days are getting shorter, your to do list keeps getting longer. Don’t get caught working in the dark. Equip yourself with some brilliant LED lighting from Schwaben and give your projects a brighter future with powerful clean LED light. Schwaben's Underhood shop light grabs onto your hood, beaming direct light into the engine bay. The Schwaben droplight is perfect for always being there when you need it, and keeping out of the way when you don't. Stop the low visibility frustrations — Lighten up with Schwaben!

3SDM Wheels For Your 5x112 VW

Jul 29, 2016

ECS now offers an assortment of 3SDM wheel options for your VW, selected for their ability to perfectly complement your Volkswagen. Choose from 18" or 19" sizes in a variety of exciting designs, from the monobock twisted 18-spoke Style 0.04 to the inspired five-spoke concave Style 0.05. An excellent option for the enthusiast looking to move beyond the predictable wheel choices, 3SDM wheel options bring that next-level look to your VW.

Schwaben Audi/VW 2.0T Timing Service Tool Set

Jul 27, 2016

Today's modern engines were made with complex tools that only dealerships seem to have on hand. This forces one to take their vehicle to a dealer in order to get routine service. With these new tools from Schwaben, you can do this service yourself. Whether you need to do up your brake calipers, remove lug bolts and trim, ignition coils, or tighten your timing belt, Schwaben has the tool for the job. These high-quality and long lasting tools will do the job right the first time, giving you more time to enjoy your vehicle where it belongs, on the road.

New BFI Magma Red Shift Knobs For Your VW

Jul 27, 2016

BFI just raised the bar when it comes to one of the most frequently touched parts of your car's interior. These heavyweight shift knobs feel like butter in palm of your hand, thanks due to the top grain perforated air leather or black alcantara that it's wrapped in. Weighing in at 215 to 250 grams the added inertial mass makes shifting effort substantially less while speeding up the process at the same time. The machining is top notch, and the detailed crest coin gives that classy yet sporting look which elevates any interior's level by at least 50 cool points!

New Tools from Schwaben

Jul 24, 2016

New Tools from Schwaben

Did You Know?

Today's modern engines were made with complex tools that only dealerships seem to have on hand. This forces one to take their vehicle to a dealer in order to get routine service. With these new tools from Schwaben, you can do this service yourself. Whether you need to do up your brake calipers, remove lug bolts and trim, ignition coils, or tighten your timing belt, Schwaben has the tool for the job.

Schwaben By Foxwell Free Lifetime Updates

Jul 21, 2016

Developed by the most distinguished experts of this industry, the Schwaben Professional Scan Tool is one of the most powerful aftermarket tools available for your European car. From simple trouble code reads/clears, service light resets, parking brake deactivation, recording live sensor data, to providing live data graphing; The Schwaben Professional Scan Tool does it all! Owning a Schwaben Scan Tool separates you from the average car enthusiast, empowering you with manufacturer-level diagnostic and analytic capabilities. Diagnose. Code. Adapt.

VW/Audi Clearance Sale! While Supplies Last!

Jul 20, 2016

VW/Audi Clearance Sale! While Supplies Last!

ECS Luft Technik Intakes

Jul 18, 2016

Improving the performance and driving dynamics of your vehicle is as easy as installing a Luft-Technik Induction System from ECS Tuning! We produced these intakes to be both stylish and functional under the hood of your vehicle, giving you something to enjoy when you are driving or showing your car. Added performance increases proven on the dyno show our improved Luft-Technik hard at work giving you more power and torque with the benefit of a powerful induction noise. Pick your colors, check out our installation documents, and start enjoying your vehicle to the fullest!

Schwaben Pinch Weld Protector

Jul 10, 2016

Take the danger and aggravation out of lifting your car with the Schwaben Pinch Weld Protector. Designed to fit the head of a standard floor jack cradle and straddle the factory pinch weld to prevent the crushing or bending of the weld. Positive engagement at jack head and chassis resists jack slippage and shifting, while the raised adapter head prevents damage to rocker panel trim and underbody panels.

Radi8 Summer Sale | Buy 3 Get 1 Free | 5X112 VW/Audi

Jul 7, 2016

From now til July 16th, 2017 radi8 r8cm9 and r8t12 wheel styles are buy 3 get 1 free! Built around the ethics of setting trends rather than follow them, Radi8 offers wheel designs catered toward the current "Stance" and "Concave" car cultures. Their cutting edge and unique designs are set to take over the wheel scene! Radi8 also offers a lifetime structural warranty on all of their wheels, once again providing confidence to their customers that they stand behind their own products! Sale offer only valid for North America only.

ECS Exclusive VMR V710 Wheels

Jul 6, 2016

Exclusive to ECS, The VMR Wheels V710 is a 7 split-spoke mesh wheel with a deep concave face designed to augment the styling of everything from sport compacts to full size luxury sedans. Offered in new Titanium Black Pearl and Diamond Anthracite.

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