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NEW - ECS Tuning Titanium Wheel Bolts Jul 8, 2018

If you are a performance-minded enthusiast looking to save weight wherever possible or just want a set of very high-quality wheel bolts that won't rust, ECS Titanium Wheel Bolts are exactly what you need. ECS Titanium Wheel Bolts are 50% lighter than steel bolts of the same size, thus reducing rotational mass on the vehicle. They are CNC'd from annealed titanium alloy and when tested to class 10.9 fastener proof load requirements, they showed no signs of fatigue or failure.

New Alzor MB10  Now Available Jul 2, 2018

This set of Alzor Style MB10 wheels will not only change the look of your vehicle, but also capture the attention of others. The twisted 5-spoke design will give your car a sleek appearance that will keep people looking as you pass. Of course, if you want to achieve an extreme look, don't forget to check out our large assortment of ECS Tuning wheel spacers and lug bolts.

New Alzor 330 Now Available Jul 2, 2018

This set of Alzor Style 330 wheels will not only change the look of your vehicle, but also capture the attention of others. The split 7-spoke / mesh design will give your car a sleek appearance that will keep people looking as you pass. Designed to bolt right up to your car, these wheels fit without any modifications or hassle. Of course, if you want to achieve an extreme look, don't forget to check out our large assortment of ECS Tuning wheel spacers and lug bolts.

ECS Adjustable Short Shift Kit For Your VW 5-Speed Jun 14, 2018

Adjust shiftier feel and throw on your VW MK4 or New Beetle 5-speed manual with the ECS Adjustable Short Shift Kit. Reduce fore and aft movement needed to engage gears by 40 or 20 percent--or leave it stock. Then dial in your best suited shift feel with five balancing weights that can be bolted right to the shift pivot arm. Make adjustments under the hood quickly and experiment until you find the best combination of throw and shift feel for your driving habits. Stop missing shifts and feel the difference for yourself!

ECS Tuning Wheel Stud Conversion Kits | VW Jun 4, 2018

Why use wheel studs instead of wheel bolts? When removing and installing wheels that utilize the factory wheel bolts the process can be frustrating, holding the wheel up with your legs, lining up the holes, and threading the bolts all at the same time. Wheel studs also allow the use of varying length wheel spacers - a highly convenient feature for those that anticipate using different spacer size setups in the future. Both conical and ball seat lug nuts are available for a maximum of 10mm, 20mm, or 30mm wheel spacer use.

Bremmen All-Weather Rubber Floor Mat Sets | VW/Audi May 16, 2018

If your interior is looking a little too well loved, chances are that your floor mats have suffered some wear and tear. With full sets of all-weather replacements from Bremmen you can bring back some of that new-car smell and look and even protect your carpet from being soaked or dirtied by everyday use.

Genuine European Cupra R Lip Spoiler for your Audi/VW May 16, 2018

Factory direct modifications can be quite costly to purchase, so any deal is welcomed when it comes along. This Seat Cupra R Lip Spoiler is just the deal that you have been waiting for. Although it might not be a direct bolt on, it is a close fit and should be an easy modification for your average do-it-yourselfer. Once installed, this Cupra R lip spoiler will give your stock Volkswagen or Audi a brilliant appearance that will be noticeable enough to turn heads, while at the same time maintain your vehicle’s factory look.

ECS Street Shields for your VW  May 16, 2018

The belly pans provided for modern Volkswagens have always appeared to be under-engineered, out of place, cost-cutting parts. Many enthusiasts have chosen to run their cars without this protective cover entirely. This decision, however, ignores the unfortunate reality that the belly pan protects several critical engine and drivetrain components. ECS has a much more sensible solution – The Street Shield Skid Plate features corrosion resistant, air-ventilated, 5052 lightweight aluminum, with all hardware, offering complete engine undercarriage protection.

Creations Motorsport For Your VW/Audi May 4, 2018

Creations Motorsport was founded in 2007 by a group of VAG enthusiasts in Germany. CMS is known around the world for their brake adapters and other unique solutions for VW/Audi models. Add a dual rear caliper setup to your VW with CMS brake adapters.This allows for a larger caliper and rotor in the rear while retaining handbrake functionality. Every CMS brake adapter is track tested and proven before it is put into production. All components are machined in-house at their Birmingham, United Kingdom facility.

ECS Tuning Big Brake Kits for your MK4 May 1, 2018

When adding more horsepower to your vehicle, it is imperative that you have a way to slow that power down and bring your vehicle to a stop. One way to do that is to upgrade to larger brake rotors. Aftermarket big brake kits can put a damper on your budget and offer questionable quality. Upgrade your stopping with a big brake kit from ECS Tuning. The ECS Big Brake Kit provides big improvements in braking power with a specially packaged kit containing quality brake components from the best names in the business.

Schwaben Professional Scan Tools Apr 30, 2018

It's time to take the guesswork out of car repairs, our powerful scan tools help create a map to the issue at hand. Schwaben by Foxwell has an assortment of brand specific tools that all have the ability to read both brand specific trouble codes and general OBD for all other OBDII vehicles. The next step up is our tablet, this isn't only for shops at this price, it's perfect for the multi-brand owner or side mechanic. Our scan tools give you the power to know what's going on before going to the shop or DIY.

New Products from APR for your Audi/VW Apr 11, 2018

APR strives to engineer and produce the highest quality parts and software when it comes to tuning your performance car. They aim to give customers the best driving experience and provide quality support for all their products. Whether you are wrapping up a build with the perfect bow on the package, or just starting to modify your VW, APR parts will help maximize your ideal driving experience.

VW/Audi ECS Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing Mar 14, 2018

While the Audi and VW factory Oil Filter Housings serve their function, they don’t exactly scream durability or style. For most, the oil filter housing is completely invisible through the lens of modification. The ECS Billet Aluminum Oil Filter Housing, is ready to take that forgotten part of your engine bay and bring it a unique look as well as added durability for an attractive and long-lived improvement!

Alzor Wheels! - 5x112 Mar 8, 2018

Alzor Wheels! - 5x112

Back In Stock

Alzor Wheels are made specifically for your VW to bolt right up, look incredible, and set your car apart from the rest. With unique, individual, striking designs as well as some timeless classics make up the catalogue of choices you have to truly differentiate the European performance car in your life. A wide range of sizes, fitments, and color options mean you can have everything exactly right to take your VW fitment to the standards you always wanted.

Popular Alzor Styles Back in Stock - 5x100 Mar 7, 2018

The easiest, most transformative modification for your VW is a set of new, perfectly selected wheels. Alzor wheels offer an array of 5x100 bolt pattern wheels for your VW available in various colors, finishes, and spoke designs. The entire line of Alzor alloy wheels are inspected and go through rigorous quality control and durability testing.

The New Schwaben Crankshaft Pulley Removal Tool Set Mar 2, 2018

For the serious VW or Audi enthusiast, it is a bonding experience and badge of honor to perform our own services at home. The discerning DIY-er always has the right tools for the job, big or small. The Schwaben TSI Crankshaft Pulley Removal Tool is exactly what you need to properly service timing chains or perform any serious internal work. Don't do it the backyard way, make the job professional with Schwaben tools from ECS!

Suspension Refresh Kits - VW MK4 & New Beetle Feb 27, 2018

Suspension components are one of the most overlooked areas of maintenance on a vehicle. With all the work that your suspension does, it is critical to keep each component functioning well for a compliant and safe ride. Eventually, all of the stock components will deteriorate, and leave you with a less than desirable driving experience. No matter how old your car is, it's easy to restore steering feel, suspension feel, and a great ride. Three levels of Suspension Refresh Kits have been assembled by ECS to address the specific needs of your VW.

Valentine's day is better with an Escort - Escort Radar Feb 14, 2018

For over 35 years, Escort has been a leader in high-performance radar and laser detectors. Offering advanced features of convenience such as GPS, Bluetooth, and cell phone integration, as well as clever performance features like all-band ultimate radar/laser protection, 'instant on', and laser shifters, Escort radar detectors are the pinnacle of protection for the automotive enthusiast. ECS Tuning is proud to be your authorized dealer of Escort products, the most intelligent solution for discerning drivers.

ECS Apparel Feb 12, 2018

ECS Apparel

Did You Know?

When it comes to our hobby, we rarely isolate our interest in cars to just cars themselves. At home, out and about, or anywhere you go, the inner car enthusiast never leaves. Show it off with ECS Tuning apparel designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts to fly their colors in style.

Burger Motorsports Now Available for your VW/Audi Feb 8, 2018

A well-known software tuning company for forced induction VW & Audi engines, Burger Motorsport boasts some of the highest performance gains for any software. Their incredibly popular JB series of tunes for turbo VW & Audi engines provide software mapping to pull every scrape of power available out of your engine. Join the ranks of VW & Audi owners who take advantage of this insane software tune to pull mind-shredding improvements from your engine.

Fertan Rust Converter Feb 3, 2018

Fertan Rust Converter

Did You Know?

Winter months keep us from enjoying our cars, especially in areas with heavy salt use on the roads. Each time we get behind the wheel, we almost hear rust beginning in all the nooks and crannies under and around your car. With FERTAN Rust Converter, you can stop those rust problems as they start! The converter neutralizes rust by converting it to an inert state, halting its progression, and allows you to clean off the rusted surface easily to be prepped for further repair. Don't let rust get you down, solve it with FERTAN Rust Converter!

ECS Coated Brake Rotors | VW MK4 Jetta/Golf Jan 10, 2018

ECS Coated Rotors offer the perfect blend of function and form. Our rotors start with quality materials and precision ECS machining. To prevent rust pitting and corrosion damage, ECS Coated rotors are sprayed with a solution, then heated to cure the coating and remove all oil residue. These added steps create a durable, lasting rotor surface that resists road salt and other corrosives. We offer cross drilled and slotted rotors; not only will you feel the benefits, but you’ll also see them. For more benefits please read our individual product descriptions.

Forge Limited Edition Gold Diverter Valve - VW/Audi Dec 28, 2017

Since 1996, Forge Motorsport has provided innovation, clever design, and highest quality manufacturing from their in-house CNC machine shop. Not only has Forge Motorsport made a name for themselves in supplying OE manufacturers with valves, intercoolers, & actuators, but they have excelled in the world of Motorsport with a heavy presence in F1, WRC, Rally X, and Le Mans. Brand new from Forge is the Limited Edition Gold DIverter Valve for the 2.0T TSI and FSI, as well as the Gen3 1.8T and 2.0T! Be unique with this exclusive DV from one of the most accomplished performance companies.

Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit Dec 15, 2017

Do you trust your car's battery? It's your car's sole source of power, and it may leave you helpless if you have no jumper cables or anyone to help. Now you can handle these dangerous situations with the Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit. Just about the size of a phone, it holds the power to jump your car's battery and get you going again -- and again, three or four more times on a single charge! This is your all-in-one go-to lifeline. Jump start your car, charge your cell phone, and use its flashlight to stay safe and prevent emergency situations. Never leave home without it!

Get Low - Huge Discounts On Select Coilover Sets Dec 12, 2017

No one likes fender gap. Coilovers both improve the look of your car and it's handling characteristics while giving you the ability to adjust your suspension with precision. While the winter may not be the best time to go low, it's definitely the best time to buy low. Several of our choice coilover sets are discounted to help you go low for less this winter and get your car proper for the spring season.

Last Chance to Save On Schwaben Doorbuster Deals Nov 27, 2017

Now is the perfect time to complete your tool box or replace 'borrowed' or missing tools by saving big with these doorbuster deals on Schwaben.

Schwaben Lifting Products Nov 25, 2017

When it comes to getting under your car to perform any type of service it's very wise to do it right. The Schwaben 2 Ton aluminum floor has the ability for getting under low cars without lifting height sacrifice. If you prefer to drive right into you service we also carry a line of ramps with accessories to accommodate even the lowest of vehicles. From jack stands to wheels stands, these are a key point in safety when supporting the vehicle while working underneath. This is a small investment for safe working conditions.

Micro Jump Start Kit Nov 16, 2017

Micro Jump Start Kit

Did You Know?

We've all been in that helpless position when your car dies and there's no one around to help. What if you had a tool to remedy being stranded with a dead battery? Something so small it fits in your glovebox. The Schwaben Micro Jump Start Kit is the remedy, the days of looking for cable and another car to jump from are over. As a bonus it even works as a phone charger for those days where both your car and phone are both drained. New Features: On/Off Switch Micro USB Chargeable Updated Accessory Cable Longer Battery Life

VW MK4 Jetta Faded Headlight Fix Nov 16, 2017

An excellent way to restore the appearance and light output of your MK4 Jetta, Helix and Bremmen Headlight Lenses prevent you from having to replace your entire headlight assemblies. The Helix lenses are made from glass, better resisting fading from UV Rays and offering superior external protection compared to plastic. Made to exact OEM dimensions for precise fitment and easy installation, both driver and passenger side lenses are included in the set.

Lugs, Studs & Caps From VMS Racing & Arospeed Nov 3, 2017

If you want to stand out in today's enthusiast scene, perfection is the name of the game and wheels are often what the eye gravitates towards. VMS Racing and Arospeed know this and have developed a line of wheel accessories that allow you to achieve that exact look your looking for. All VMS and Arospeed products go through extensive testing to ensure the highest quality product is delivered. Quality is their number one priority. Small details, big impact.

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