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Win this M240i!
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E53 X5 3.0 Performance Package

Tackle preventative maintenance and improve engine performance (and driving experience) at the same time
For vehicles with Valeo alternator and production date from 10/2002
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For vehicles with Valeo alternator and production date from 10/2002

Maybe you just bought it. Maybe you've owned it since new. 60,000 miles? 160,000 miles? Regardless, it's probably in need of attention at this point. 

"But Guy-Writing-Product-Descriptions, I change the oil regularly!"

Great! I mean - great start! Unfortunately, neglect often runs deep, and in unexpected places. What about spark plugs, ignition coils, air filter, drive belt? Those aren't "lifetime service" components - they need regular attention.

If you've read this far, hopefully I have you on the hook. If not, let me walk you through what else a thousand dollars gets you (and it does get you a lot):

  • Turner Motorsport Power Pulleys - The thing about power steering pumps, water pumps, and alternators is - they have an enormous margin of error built in from the factory. By this, I mean they spin much faster than they need to. Turner's power pulleys slow their roll by some observable percentile, decreasing component wear, and allowing your engine to rev a little more freely. Let's say I am right about your drive belt: it's likely worn and cracking. This is a great kit to comprehensively maintain and improve.
  • Bavarian Autosport Performance Ignition Coils - For an X5 3.0i, you should be changing your plugs every 60,000 (or earlier) with ignition coil replacement every other spark plug service (say every 120,000 miles). Bav coils provide additional spark energy for a cleaner, more efficient burn. We also include new Bosch plugs because replacing just ignition coils without replacing plugs is silly.
  • aFe Pro Dry S Air Filter - If you felt like I was peering into your soul with my suspicion that you've been neglecting regularly recommended maintenance intervals, you need an air filter that lasts longer than the pair of socks you're wearing (and will filter better, too). aFe offers two varieties of drop-in-replacement (meaning they fit perfectly, just like an original) engine air filters - a dry variety and an oiled variety. Both are great, but this one (the dry one) is more popular. It's a "wash, dry, and re-install" job that just needs done every other oil change (which should be, so I am clear, more than once every presidential term).


Now that I have hopefully guilt-tripped you into a little more love for your X5, let me tell you the reality of this kit: it's full of go-fast parts. Sure, the X5 isn't a track monster, but you don't need a supercar to appreciate what a few extra horsepower can mean after a long day of work, with a kid screaming in the back seat, or when you're trying to haul ten-too-many bags of mulch in an attempt to limit trips to Home Depot over Memorial Day weekend. Individually, these particular products each let you capitalize on more available horsepower: TMS Power Pulleys reduce parasitic losses (shown to free up as much as 11hp), aFe's filter flows better than stock, helping your engine breath easier and make the most of each revolution (not to mention you'll be cleaning it regularly, so no lost power from a clogged filter), and Bav's high energy ignition coils are a fan favorite for snappy throttle response and exacting more power out of every gram of gasoline.

Now that I've come clean about the true purpose of this kit, let's talk about the cherry on top of this parts sundae:

  • Shark Injector Performance Software. Not a piece of throttle-pedal-wiring-wizardry or a placebo, Shark Injector is a super simple to use tuner that recalibrates your X5's DME (computer) with new software code designed to make more power, offer more responsive throttle response, and a smoother running engine. You'll also find your rev limiter increased to 7,000rpm and (somewhat irrelevantly) removes the top speed limiter. 


Your mileage may vary, but this kit is sure to make you smile.

This Part Fits the Following Vehicles

Make Model Submodel Engine
BMW E53 X5 M54 3.0L
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