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Select ECS | FK | JOM COILOVERS $350 Shipped

Feb 25, 2020

The factory springs on your VW were designed to exacting standards by some of the world's most talented engineers. Replacing this component requires careful consideration - especially if you're concerned with making a lasting improvement to your vehicle. These highly affordable suspension packages eliminate guesswork by combining full height adjustment at all four corners with matching dampers, engineered with fixed, pre-calibrated settings to improve ride quality.

ECS | FK | JOM BMW Coilovers Starting at $350 Shipped

Feb 25, 2020

Bring your BMW closer to the ground with the ECS Street Coilover Systems. Eliminating wheel gap with springs is fine, but when you want something with more height adjustability, sport-tuned dampers, and specifically rated springs for a more responsive driving experience, these coilovers are exactly right for you. With adjustable ride height, new sway bar links, and fixed dampers tuned for their specific model, you can confidently give your BMW better looks and a better feel without the cost associated with more aggressive systems that are overkill on the street.


Feb 14, 2020

LIMITED QUANTITIES - ONCE THESE ARE GONE THEY ARE GONE! If you want to improve your vehicle's handling dynamics, KW or ST Coilover kit are the best choices for various reasons. Not only will you get an improved ride and a lowered vehicle. Whether you get the V1, V2 or the V3 each KW or ST kit is the definition of quality and no matter what series you go with, your vehicle's suspension will be improved dramatically.

ECS Vacuum Formed ECU Cover - Audi B9 A4/A5

Feb 13, 2020

Engine bays today are less than attractive. Everything is jam-packed in the space and your eye has no ability to decide what is most important to be your focus. With the new ECS B9 A4/A5 Vacuum-Formed ECU Cover, you can eliminate some of that distraction and hide the ECU with a sleek and stylish heat-resistant piece that installs in minutes to help make your engine easily the main showpiece when you open the hood.

ECS MK7 Jetta Trunk Spoiler - Now Available In ABS

Feb 12, 2020

When VW developed the MK7 Jetta, they produced a capable sedan platform with tons of potential. What it offered in styling and luxury, it certainly lacks in aggressive exterior styling. That's where the brand-new ECS Trunk Spoiler helps. The motorsport-inspired ducktail spoiler conforms to the contours of your MK7 Jetta precisely and mimics the factory styling while it improves the profile and portrait dramatically with unmatched gloss black flair.

New ECS Audi 8V RS3 Carbon Fiber Front Lip

Feb 12, 2020

Brand new for your Audi 8V RS3 is our stylish Carbon Fiber Front Lip. Accentuate the aggressive design of your RS3 with a ground-hugging carbon lip that flows perfectly with the existing lines and creates a meaner look with a motorsport-inspired attitude. Upgrade your 8V RS3 front bumper with the sleek new Carbon Fiber Front Lip.

Forge Limited Edition Pink Blow-Off Valve Kit - MINI

Feb 12, 2020

Since 1996, Forge Motorsport has provided innovation, clever design, and highest quality manufacturing from their in-house CNC machine shop. Not only has Forge Motorsport made a name for themselves in supplying OE manufacturers with valves, intercoolers, and actuators, but they have excelled in the world of Motorsport with a heavy presence in F1, WRC, Rally X, and Le Mans. Brand new from Forge is the Limited Edition PINK Blow Off Valve for the N14 and N18 Engines! Be unique with this exclusive BOV from one of the most accomplished performance companies around.

New ECS Poly Diff Bushings | BMW F8X M Cars

Feb 11, 2020

Our bushings provide a more enhanced driving experience by removing unwanted movement from the driveline. By eliminating the drivetrain deflection that factory rubber bushings permit, throttle response is improved, and the tendency for a car to “Wheel Hop” is significantly reduced. Featuring a tough 95A Durometer Red Polyurethane, and Black Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Sleeve, our Performance Polyurethane Differential Bushings are more resistant to chemicals, road salt, and general wear and tear than factory rubber bushings, resulting in a longer life span.

New ECS Poly Diff Bushing - E8X/E9X Non M

Feb 10, 2020

As these vehicles age, the differential bushings tend to show signs of stress and deterioration resulting in bushing deflection and excess drivetrain movement. The differential sits directly between your gas pedal and the wheels, so these bushings play a critical role in the responsiveness of your drivetrain. Our performance bushings are constructed of firm yet responsive 95A polyurethane and feature anodized aluminum center sleeves.

ECS Clutch Kits - B8 S4 Quattro 3.0T

Feb 9, 2020

The primary concern for your drivetrain when making significant power additions to your vehicle is premature wear or failure of your clutch - your factory clutch was designed within tolerances that added power simply surpass. ECS tuning has developed an outstanding, perfectly-matched Flywheel and Clutch Kit that not only staves off premature clutch wear but reduces flywheel weight for improved acceleration and throttle response.

It's Show Season! View Our TOP MK4 Jetta ECS Products

Feb 9, 2020

ECS loves helping you make your car all it can be, that’s why we’ve put all our top performance parts for your VW together in one place. This list, compiled by our MK4 Jetta gurus and designed by our fantastic R&D team, is everything you need to outfit your car with all those goodies you’ve wanted for your build. Let’s make your summer even more fun with all the best ECS Performance parts for your VW.

B8/8.5 S4/S5 ECS Tuning Valved Exhaust System

Feb 9, 2020

True automotive passion can come in many varieties. For us, we've found driving euphoria with our ECS Valved Exhaust System. Embrace your automotive driving passion with the most engaging, race-inspired, performance-valved exhaust system. Intoxicating exhaust notes fuel your desire to push your engine to its limits with every ounce of power and every engine revolution. Experience true driving passion with our ECS Valved Exhaust System and control your driving experience with our valved muffler design.

ECS Turbo Muffler Delete Pipe For Audi/VW

Feb 9, 2020

All too often OEM components sacrifice performance in an effort to appeal to a wide variety of customers. In the case of the factory turbocharger, a turbo muffler is positioned at the compressor outlet and is designed to reduce engine bay acoustics. With our Turbo Muffler Delete Pipe Kit, the factory turbo muffler is removed and replaced with our straight-through delete pipe. This increases flow and turbocharger acoustics by creating a smooth transition between the turbo outlet and intercooler pipe inlet. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for smooth flow and lasting durability.

New Rennline Decklid Hinges | Porsche 911 '65-'95

Feb 8, 2020

Tired of inserting shims to line up your rear decklid? Us too. Now easily adjust your decklid to the correct position in minutes with these Rennline 2 Piece Billet Rear Decklid Hinges. Built for quick and painless setup, these hinges allow for micro-adjustments to ensure smooth operation of the rear decklid. Machined from billet aircraft grade aluminum and clear anodized, they come with all necessary hardware including cnc machined brass bushings.

Turner E46 Coupe Carbon Fiber Rear Lip Spoiler

Feb 8, 2020

Turner Motorsport's carbon high kick rear spoiler is a great way to add some aggressive style to the rear end of your E46 coupe. The fit and finish on this piece is truly beautiful, featuring hand laid gloss carbon fiber and a design that perfectly matches the body lines of the E46 coupe. We are especially fond of Turner's new E46 coupe spoiler, as it gives you an option for a high kick rear spoiler that is not an add-on CSL spoiler. Installation is very easy, with no drilling involved. Simply clean the surface area of the trunk, remove the backing and apply.

ECS Center X-Pipe for your Audi B8 S4 & S5

Feb 8, 2020

The engineers at ECS Tuning have designed a direct fit dual exhaust x-pipe cross section to balance exhaust pulses and increase expulsion of exhaust gases from the engine. Installation of the Center X-Pipe increases the factory exhaust system note exponentially. Installation is a breeze and can be easily performed with the vehicle lifted on proper jack stands in your own driveway. Our installation PDF, walks you through the install to ensure a perfect fit to your OEM exhaust. We've even included a complete set of clamps to make sure everything is properly installed without leaks.

ECS MK7 GTI Carbon Fiber Exterior Aesthetics

Feb 7, 2020

Functional or not, exterior upgrades help further set your VW apart as one unique to you. There are tons of possible combinations of OEM and aftermarket options for beefing up the presence of your VW. Popular conversions are carbon fiber lips, spoilers, side skirts, and more. Really, carbon fiber anything works well to add a sporty attitude to your VW.

ECS Carbon Fiber Under Hood Covers for your VW

Feb 7, 2020

ECS Carbon Fiber Under Hood Covers add a smooth and consistent style when you open the hood of your VW. The attention to detail and uniform look shows off your dedication to making a clean thing of beauty out of the chaos that is the engine bay. The hand laid carbon fiber weave of our covers provide a tasteful improvement to pieces under the hood you otherwise just try to ignore. Covering your battery, fuse box, engine, and more with our ECS Carbon Fiber Covers is the best way to clean up your engine with a race-inspired theme.

Audi B8 A4 ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Feb 7, 2020

The already stylish exterior of your B8.5 A4 can always be improved with the addition of Carbon Fiber accessories. To add an appealing, race-inspired, and more aggressive touch, the new Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser is the perfect choice! Easy installation and included hardware make for a nearly immediate change in appearance, and paired with other ECS Carbon Fiber Accessories, you can give your Audi a truly unique and impressive appearance.

BMW E36 M3 Exterior Performance Options

Feb 7, 2020

With so many options out there and many of them taking your BMW to distasteful level, finding the right exterior modifications can prove to be difficult. We decided to add a slight personal touch with our tri-color grilles to show off your M pride while keeping the bumper upgrades within factory guidelines by offering CSL and various other carbon fiber upgrades.

Top - Assembled By ECS Service Kits - BMW E46 M3

Feb 6, 2020

Whether it's preventative maintenance, routine service, or buttoning up your seasonal project, don't wait until the eleventh hour to finish up your wintertime vehicle work. Below we have assembled our top Assembled By ECS Kits for your BMW. At ECS Tuning, we have the goods to keep your vehicle on the road. Assembled By ECS kits are offered in a large variety to mend nearly any ailing BMW. Get your project underway and rest assured knowing your vehicle is properly serviced.

New ECS MK7 Jetta Rear Diffusers and Borla Cat-Back

Feb 5, 2020

Your MK7 Jetta is a perfect example of a do-it-all car. With a blend of sport and comfort capabilities, a full-sized sedan frame, and those good good turbo noises, the MK7 Jetta checks all the boxes. But if you want it to be a little bit more sporty than sedate, you need the new ECS Rear Diffuser and Borla Cat-Back quad-tip exhaust system to give your Jetta a beefy sound and aggressive looks.

N54 Vacuum Hose Relocation Kit

Feb 5, 2020

Intakes add performance, whooshy noises, and cleaner looks under the hood. However, when you install aftermarket performance intakes on your N54, you are left with unsightly vacuum lines. ECS can help with our new Vacuum Hose Relocation Kit to help clean everything up and make your N54 look less cluttered under the hood.

Turner Quick Steer & Angle Kits E36 M3

Feb 4, 2020

Fast steering response, precise handling, and correct suspension geometry in your lowered BMW are all aspects of a true performance car that are distinctly missing from the factory suspension parts in your E36 or E46. The experts at Turner Motorsport have a real solution for those of you who want all that and more out of your BMW. We are now proud to introduce the Turner Motorsport Quick Steer and Angle Kits for your BMW to help you kill it on the street and track with confidence.

Top - Assembled By ECS Service Kits - BMW E9X 335 N54

Feb 4, 2020

Whether it's preventative maintenance, routine service, or buttoning up your seasonal project, don't wait until the eleventh hour to finish up your wintertime vehicle work. Below we have assembled our top Assembled By ECS Kits for your BMW. At ECS Tuning, we have the goods to keep your vehicle on the road. Assembled By ECS kits are offered in a large variety to mend nearly any ailing BMW. Get your project underway and rest assured knowing your vehicle is properly serviced.

New ECS Audi B8/B8.5 A4 2.0T Exhaust System Upgrades

Feb 3, 2020

Our expert Audi brand team and engineering wizards have developed something that will make all of you B8 or B8.5 2.0T A4 owners ecstatic. We are proud to introduce our in-house designed performance exhaust that features beautiful TIG welds, full stainless steel construction, and a vacuum-actuated exhaust valve so you can roll stealthy or loud whenever you want.

The Ultimate Braking Upgrades for your E46 M3

Jan 29, 2020

Braking upgrades are some of the most effective for improving lap times and staying on the throttle as long as possible. With the abilities to reign in high horsepower and drastically reduce stopping distances, improved braking components allow you to drive closer to your limit and spend less time on the stopping pedal and more time on the throttle. ECS has everything your E46 M3 needs to completely upgrade your brakes, from improved pads and rotors to big brake kits and high-performance setups, we have the parts you need to get the most from your ultimate driving machine.

New 034Motorsport Engine/Trans Audi 8V.5 RS3, 8S TTRS

Jan 28, 2020

Deflection is the enemy of power transfer. When you lose power to soft rubber mounts, that power is gone forever. 034Motorsport has developed some nearly indestructible alternatives for your engine and transmission mounts that reduce or eliminate that deflection and are designed to support high horsepower builds without losing power to unnecessary deflection.

MQB 034Motorsport Adjustable End Links

Jan 23, 2020

Maximizing the performance in your Audi or VW doesn't just mean throwing power at the engine. It means making complimentary upgrades to every corner of the car in order to keep everything performing at its peak. With suspension tuning, that means adding adjustment capabilities and reducing deflection. With the new 034Motorsport Billet Adjustable Motorsport Line Rear Toe Links, you have the ability to ensure your suspension is working as effectively as possible, even at an extremely lowered ride height.

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