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Jul 24, 2020

View Your Order Status Or Submit a Return Online

New Turner Motorsport Carbon Fiber Brake Backing Plates

Jul 8, 2020

Greatly reduces the chance of brake fade, boiling the brake fluid, & wear & tear on your brake components. These Turner carbon brake backing plates are made of pure carbon and high-temperature resin. Optimized for 3" hose and allows the air to flow directly to the rotor with no impedance or obstruction. When flow tested compared to a competitor's product, the Turner brake ducts flowed twice as much! Installation is easy, as it does not require removal of the wheel bearing, by making the backing plate in two parts. The main backing plate and a block off plate that bolts together!

New Turner Motorsport N54 Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose Kit

Jul 7, 2020

Has your turbo inlet pipe finally failed and it is time for an upgrade? Turner now offers their all-new N54 Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose Kit! This kit features dual silicone hoses that are designed to handle extreme temperatures and pressures, perfect for both stock and high-performance track cars. Available in two sizes, Turner's kits can support either stock (44mm) or upgraded (50mm) turbos and include adapters to reconnect your turbo bypass pipes.

New E46 M3 Turner Motorsport Chassis Reinforcement Kits

Jul 7, 2020

With chassis bracing failures showing in all mileage ranges the BMW E46 3 Series, Turner Motorsport has come up with the most comprehensive fixes available. The Turner Reinforcement Kits. These kits are developed to reinforce for the most common weak points your BMW’s chassis. With these kits in place, you can be sure that your car spends less time on a body rack and more time on the street and race track.

New F8X M Front Adjustable Camber Plates - Racing Spec

Jul 1, 2020

Most BMWs come off the production line with less-than-ideal front camber to encourage understeer. This adversely affects handling and tire-wear by putting less of the tire's contact patch on the ground. The solution: add more negative camber. Turner provides an ideal solution to easily add up to 3 negative degrees of camber to your F8X M3, M4, or M2. Turner has spent the last two decades striving for ultimate performance on the racetrack and transferring that knowledge gained from winning races onto the street.

New Turner - S54 Silicone Throttle Body Boot Set

Jul 1, 2020

Designed with factory-fitment in mind, Turner Motorsport Silicone Throttle Body Boots install snugly and are engineered to offer high-durability under street and race conditions, including boosted applications. Not a simple silicone reducer, these boots were designed to feature the same internal features as the originals. With three-ply construction, these boots are slightly thicker than factory boots and are compatible with screw-style clamps. Use your preferred clamp, or select the kit with clamps!

Turner Adjustable Camber/Caster Plates - E46 M3

Jul 1, 2020

The perfect camber plate when you're looking for race performance with street comfort! In the past when you would have to choose the best application for your needs you were left with two choices, polyurethane with a softer ride and deflection or a solid mounted spherical bearing with no deflection and added NVH. The Turner hybrid camber plates use the polyurethane ring around the spherical bearing so you reduce the NVH and deflection leaving you with nothing but benefits instead of sacrifice.

Back In Stock! iOS Compatible OBDeleven PRO Scan Tool

Jul 1, 2020

With the functionality and variety of professional-grade diagnostic equipment, the OBDeleven Plug-and-Play diagnostic app is right at home in your personal garage. The scan application features code reading, control units, LED coding, and the ability to clear service or check engine lights from your smartphone! Just plug in your OBD port and have the same capabilities you would see in a dedicated shop all from the convenience of your device.

New ECS MK7.5 GTI Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Jun 30, 2020

Upgrade the visual appearance of your MK7.5 GTI with our brand-new in-house designed Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for a motorsport-inspired look and feel. Find a fresh way to enjoy your MK7.5 GTI with our new aggressive carbon diffuser.

New ECS MK7 Golf R Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser

Jun 29, 2020

Our brand-new in-house designed Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser for your MK7 Golf R is here to make your hot hatch look even hotter. Grace the rear bumper with a high-quality carbon fiber accent that draws attention to the underlying performance potential in your European hatchback.

New ECS B9 Chassis Billet Aluminum Engine Bay Caps

Jun 29, 2020

Upgrade the appearance of your engine bay with durable, beautiful, and high-quality Billet Aluminum Engine Bay Caps, brand new from your lovely friends at ECS Tuning. Give your B9 the significant improvement in quality and consistency with these fresh caps for an industrial and motorsport-inspired look and feel.

Big Bore Cast Aluminum Turbo Inlet Pipe Audi B9 S4/S5

Jun 29, 2020

Ditch that restrictive plastic turbo inlet pipe on your B9 S4/S5 3.0T and upgrade to our brand-new Big Bore Cast Aluminum Turbo Inlet Pipe for a 16.8% increase in airflow and improved performance. Our R&D team proudly developed this inlet as yet another incremental piece to the performance puzzle, making slight improvements over Audi’s already incredible design. Add an artfully crafted and meticulously designed upgrade fresh from our talented in-house team for an increase in your enjoyment behind the wheel.

2020 New Products for your BMW

Jun 28, 2020

ECS had a productive start to the first couple months of 2020 with several new performance aftermarket components for your favorite European cars. Our new parts for your Audi, BMW, MINI, and VW include everything from simple cosmetic upgrades to awesome performance pieces. Check out our full line of new products for your vehicle!

NEW ECS VW/Audi Billet Aluminum Engine Bay Caps

Jun 27, 2020

The little details are what combine to tell the full story of your unique car. When those little bits serve an actual function beyond style points, they are exponentially cooler. In the case of your Audi or VW engine bay, our new ECS Billet Engine Bay Caps replace your old reservoir caps with classy and durable Billet Aluminum versions that give your engine a fit and finish that speaks to your attention to detail while offering the longevity you want from those often forgotten parts.

New ECS Audi C7 A6/A7 3.0T Luft Technik Intake System

Jun 24, 2020

Finally, a performance intake for your C7 A6/A7 3.0T that is designed to fit perfectly and perform exceptionally. From our expert in-house design team, we are proud to offer you the foremost induction system for your 3.0T-powered C7 for a dramatic improvement in airflow, a decrease in restriction, and an increase in horsepower.

Carbon Fiber Expansion Tank Cover Kits - VW/Audi MQB

Jun 23, 2020

The brand new MQB Audi/Volkswagen Carbon Fiber Coolant Expansion Tank Cover from ECS is our latest addition to the dress-up game that helps take your build from cool to ice cold. Don’t let the ugly plastic expansion tank ruin the theme under your hood. Give it a new look that ties in perfectly with the rest of your carbon fiber upgrades without sacrificing functionality. With its ornate design and practical window for keeping an eye on your coolant level, you can have the look you want and retain the function your coolant expansion tank needs.

Air Design Now Available At ECS for your Atlas

Jun 22, 2020

With some simple additions to the exterior of your MK7 Jetta or Atlas, you can completely change the attitude of your VW from tame European commuter to a visually striking enthusiast’s build. Air Design exterior upgrades are now available here at ECS Tuning to help you do just that. Designed to accentuate the underlying beefiness of the Atlas and the sleek performance roots of the Jetta, Air Designs' newest additions are the perfect way to make your VW like none other on the road.

Air Design Now Available At ECS for your MK7 Jetta

Jun 19, 2020

With some simple additions to the exterior of your MK7 Jetta or Atlas, you can completely change the attitude of your VW from tame European commuter to a visually striking enthusiast’s build. Air Design exterior upgrades are now available here at ECS Tuning to help you do just that. Designed to accentuate the underlying beefiness of the Atlas and the sleek performance roots of the Jetta, Air Designs' newest additions are the perfect way to make your VW like none other on the road.

New Turner - E39 540i Muffler Delete

Jun 18, 2020

Muffler deleted V8-powered BMWs are known to spark the interest of enthusiasts everywhere; the E39 540i is no different. Turner Motorsport's line of muffler deletes offers quality fit and finish that will outlast the aluminized piping from your local exhaust shop. Turner CAD designed the E39 540i muffler delete in-house, ensuring that each unit has integrated hangers and is mandrel bent to precisely fit in the factory exhaust location. Not a fan of the turndown? There's a cut line to add optional aftermarket tips.

New Turner F90 M5 Carbon Fiber Front Lip

Jun 18, 2020

The Turner Motorsport F90 M5 Front Lip was CAD designed in-house as an aggressive accent to the F90 M5's flawless factory body lines. This piece is the 2x2 twill carbon fiber, show-stopping styling masterpiece that you've been waiting for. Simple installation uses factory bumper mounting holes; no drilling required and any necessary hardware is included.

Turner Carbon Fiber High Kick Trunk Spoiler - F22, F87

Jun 9, 2020

The F87 M2 is certainly an aggressive take on the compact sports coupe BMW introduced to replace the outgoing 1-series, but it could always do with a visual improvement that further hints to the impressive performance that lies beneath the bulging hips and aggressive face. The new in-house designed Turner Motorsport Carbon Fiber High-Kick Spoiler is just what you need to differentiate your M2 from the casual M-enthusiasts that aren't bold enough to make a style change.

Gloss Black Rear Window Spoiler - Audi B8/B8.5 A4/S4

Jun 9, 2020

The B8 S4 hides its incredible performance under an unassuming exterior that helps it blend in as a luxury commuter, but that isn’t always a good thing. If you want to show off a bit and stand out from the rest of the traffic, you need to address that underwhelming appearance. Our new Gloss Black Rear Window Spoiler is designed to flow with the existing lines of the car while tweaking its attitude for a more aggressive demeanor for a look we know you’ll love.

New ECS B9 S4/S5 3.0T Diverter Valve Spacer

Jun 9, 2020

Nothing makes enthusiasts happier than hearing the sounds of an engine that signifies performance. When you can actually experience sensory stimulation beyond feeling the car, you become more engaged behind the wheel. That’s why we’re happy to provide you with all the turbo noises you’ve wanted in your B9 S4/S5 3.0T with our new Diverter Valve Spacer so you don’t miss any of the blow-off sounds.

Performance Polyurethane Differential Bushing Set E9XM3

Jun 9, 2020

Our bushings provide a more enhanced driving experience by removing unwanted movement from the driveline. By eliminating the drivetrain deflection that factory rubber bushings permit, throttle response is improved, and the tendency for a car to “Wheel Hop” is significantly reduced. Featuring a tough 95A Durometer Red Polyurethane, and Black Anodized 6061-T6 aluminum Sleeve, our Performance Polyurethane Differential Bushings are more resistant to chemicals, road salt, and general wear and tear than factory rubber bushings, resulting in a longer life span.

New ECS B9 Front and Rear Adjustable Sway Bars

Jun 9, 2020

With Quattro-equipped Audi models, like the B9 platform, they tend to plow and have a tough time rotating effectively since all four wheels are powered. By equipping our new ECS Adjustable Front and Rear Sway Bars, you can reduce body roll and bias your traction where you need to create a more effective cornering setup for better handling and more predictability that meets your needs precisely.

N54 Vacuum Hose Relocation Kit

Jun 9, 2020

Intakes add performance, whooshy noises, and cleaner looks under the hood. However, when you install aftermarket performance intakes on your N54, you are left with unsightly vacuum lines. ECS can help with our new Vacuum Hose Relocation Kit to help clean everything up and make your N54 look less cluttered under the hood.

New Turner F8X M High Flow Catted Downpipes

Jun 9, 2020

The best way to improve power, throttle response, and the exhaust note on your BMW F8X M! Restrictive factory downpipes are known to rob your S55 of its true power. Turner Downpipes are less restrictive than OE downpipes, and feature a lower boost threshold, with improved turbo response. Constructed entirely of 304 Stainless Steel, these downpipes are designed to last. Engineered in house at Turner, using state of the art technology, to ensure OE like fitment and lasting quality. Upgrade your OE downpipes to the Turner High Flow Catted Downpipes, for a noticeable bump in performance.

Turner Performance Valved Exhaust | E9X N54 & N55

Jun 9, 2020

The Turner Motorsport E9X 335i full exhaust system is ready to improve your driving experience with hearty exhaust notes and a noticeable bump in performance. Designed to mount with the factory exhaust hangers, this exhaust is a bolt-on replacement for the OE version. The Turner Motorsport full exhaust system includes a High flow, valved, stainless-steel muffler and is available as Cat-back system as well as a full downpipe back system.

Schwaben Fender Lip Rollers

Jun 3, 2020

Need to fit some aggressive wheels and tires, but your fenders require rolling? The Schwaben Fender Lip Roller is your at-home solution for forming your fender lips without paying excessively at a shop. Get the look you want with professional-like quality from the Schwaben Fender Lip Roller!

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