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TOP ECS Products Audi B8/B8.5 S4

Nov 25, 2020

ECS loves helping you make your car all it can be, that’s why we’ve put all our top performance parts for your Audi together in one place. This list, compiled by our Audi B8/B8.5 S4 gurus and designed by our fantastic R&D team, is everything you need to outfit your car with all those goodies you’ve wanted for your build. Let’s make your summer even more fun with all the best ECS Performance parts for your Audi.

Schwaben Specialty Pliers & Crimpers

Nov 25, 2020

We've all found ourselves using highly "creative" methods for separating or removing parts in the midst of an intense project. Some methods do work... but usually at the expense of personal injury and a few broken or damaged parts. So why not start with the right tool? The Schwaben Open Barrel Crimping/Stripping Pliers feature hard-to-find open barrel crimp option used on many German cars.

ECS Gloss Black Audi B8 Chassis S4/A4 S-Line Front Lip

Nov 24, 2020

With the B8 A4 S-Line and S4, the understated styling is a selling point to casual commuters but leaves something to be desired with enthusiasts who want more aggressive looks. Our new Gloss Black Front Lip Spoiler changes that. Designed in-house by our Audi enthusiast team, this front lip is the wallet-friendly visual upgrade your B8 A4/S4 needs to improve its presence anywhere you take it.

Facelift B8.5 S4/A4 S-Line Gloss Black Rear Diffuser

Nov 23, 2020

With our new Gloss Black Rear Diffuser for your B8.5 S4/A4 S-Line, you can upgrade the visual appearance of your Audi with a striking and aggressive change that hints at the motorsport roots of your luxury sports sedan.

Top - Assembled By ECS Service Kits - B8 S4

Nov 23, 2020

One of the biggest concerns we have when working on our cars at home is ordering every part we need for the job and worrying if we picked the correct parts. Making an easy mistake like that slows us down and keeps our cars out of commission for longer than we want. That’s why at ECS Tuning, we have put together full Assembled By ECS kits for your car that comes with everything you need from the quality manufacturers you trust to tackle that service project stress-free.

Audi B8 S4 Sweepstakes Full Build List

Nov 17, 2020

2020 has been, well, you know. To bring some positivity to the European car enthusiast community, we are excited to announce that once again, we're giving away a car! Yes, we’re hosting another sweepstakes like the 8V A3, MK7.5 GTI, and E46 M3 before it. This time, you have the unique opportunity to win a late-model Audi B8 S4 Facelift.

NEW Carbon Fiber ECS Swivel Exhaust Tip

Nov 17, 2020

Looking for the most attractive and adjustable tip on the market? Look no further than our ECS Swivel Exhaust Tips! Featuring a unique swivel collar design that allows the tip to be adjusted in any direction to achieve that perfect fitment. Simply adjust the tip to your desired position and tighten the hex bolt to 14 ft-lbs (19 Nm) and the tip will stay where positioned.

Holiday Sale - 40% Off Schwaben Stubby Socket Set

Nov 15, 2020

Modern automotive components are tucked into the tightest of places, sometimes making it impossible to access fasteners with a standard socket or ratchet. A lot of times, this forces you to take your vehicle to a dealer in order to get routine service. The Schwaben Stubby Socket Driver is a specialty low-profile tool, designed specifically to give you access to previously untouchable fasteners. Put the power in your own hands with this kit from Schwaben. Free yourself from the dealer and do it all yourself!

Schwaben Coolant System Tools

Nov 15, 2020

The cooling system in any car is often a neglected when it comes to maintenance, by the time most owners do something about this failure has already arrived. The recommended service interval is every 2 years. Just like engine oil the additives used in coolant to keep corrosion down and maintain proper lubrication breakdown in the same way over time and milage. Reduce the cost later by keeping your cooling system healthy now, Schwaben tools make it easy to maintain.

Verstarkt Performance HD Supercharger Belt Tensioner

Nov 9, 2020

Belt slip is a common problem when turning up the boost on your supercharged 3.0T. With the supercharger spinning at a higher RPM, the factory belt tensioner just can’t keep enough pressure to prevent slipping, which translates to less boost than your upgraded pulleys should help you push. If the point is to make more boost, you need a tensioner that can hold up under those conditions. Fortunately, the VPS Heavy Duty Supercharger Belt Tensioner is designed to fix that problem so you can make more boost safely without losing power.

Make Your Wish List Come True | B8 S4 3.0T

Nov 9, 2020

Give your Audi upgrades it deserves that your wallet (or significant other) won’t fight. This is our list of the top performance parts to improve your Audi on a budget so you don’t have to compromise between building the car you picture in your head and saving money for your future. Check out our selection of suspension, software, exhaust, intake, visual upgrades, and more, all designed to fit your Audi and your budget.

ECS Audi B8 S4 / A4 S-Line Gloss Black Rear Diffuser

Nov 4, 2020

Your B8 A4 S-Line/S4 is seriously lacking in terms of aggressive design cues. It works fine as a commuter, but in the hands of an enthusiast, it is less than impressive when it comes to making a statement about its underlying performance nature. Our new Gloss Black Rear Diffuser helps continue the theme of motorsports-inspiration and adds a drastic improvement in appearance to your B8 with a striking upgrade to the rear valance.

Audi - New ECS Audi B8 Billet Performance Rear Sway Bar

Nov 3, 2020

Simple and effective upgrades for better driving engagement tend to make the biggest differences. Our new Billet Performance Rear Sway Bar End Links for your Audi B8/8.5 A4/S4 are perfect for improving handling and responsiveness as a direct swap for the floppy, plastic, factory end links. These billet aluminum end links with spherical bearings replace the factory end links and offer a stiffer feeling and reduced flexing from the sway bar for less deflection and more fun in the corners.

Schwaben Wheel Storage Options

Oct 21, 2020

Schwaben products are characterized by simple, clever designs. Their wheel storage solutions may be the best examples of these qualities. The Schwaben Wheel Tree holds up to 275lbs and allows you to safely stack your wheels without the risk of scuffing and scratching. Convenient locking casters allow you to easily move the whole set anywhere in your garage or shop at one time. And when saving floor space is the highest priority, the Schwaben Wall-Mounted Wheel Rack allows you to securely store up to four 11½" wide wheels and tires against the wall, away from your work space.

New ECS Billet Power Port Plugs

Oct 6, 2020

Let's be real, when was the last time you used your 12v cigarette lighter for anything? Your head unit has Bluetooth, you probably have a million USB ports for charging things, and no one has a separate GPS these days. Why not spice things up with our Billet Aluminum Power Port Plug? We have fun little phrases lasered into them so you can have a bit of a laugh every time you look at that useless 12v outlet in your car. Check out all our quirky designs and grab one just for fun.

Scratch & Dent Sale | Suspension Products

Oct 1, 2020

ECS Scratch and Dent Sale! Limited Quantities Available All Sales Are Final | No Returns On Scratch & Dent Items

New ECS Audi B8/B8.5 Rear Adjustable Sway Bar

Sep 30, 2020

Prevent body roll and understeer in your B8/B8.5 with our brand new rear adjustable sway bar. Designed to improve your handling by tying your rear suspension together with a stiffer anti-roll bar, this adjustable sway bar engineered right here in-house is one of the best ways to have a more engaging driving experience in your Audi.

New ECS Audi B8/B8.5 Chassis Adjustable Sway Bar Kit

Aug 3, 2020

Give your B8 or B8.5 a noticeable handling upgrade with our new in-house designed Adjustable Sway Bar Kit to reduce body roll and increase your traction without ruining your balance in the corners.

NEW Ziza Premium LED Conversion Kits

Jul 31, 2020

Night driving is scary enough as it is. With poor lighting, you can’t see hazards in the road and won’t have a field of vision far enough ahead to react if something happens in front of you. Our new ZiZa Plug And Play LED Conversion Kits are designed to give you high-output light better than anything else you’ll find for a quick replacement and excellent night time visibility.

New ECS Audi B8.5 A4 S-line / S4 Gloss Black Front Lip

Jul 28, 2020

The B8.5 S4/A4 S-Line Facelift has a sedate appearance not quite reflective of the performance under the skin of this executive sedan package. We’re here to help you change that with our new Gloss Black Front Lip designed in-house by our enthusiast team for a perfect visual upgrade to completely change the attitude of your Audi from meek and mild to aggressive and motorsport-inspired.

Magnetic Drain Plug for Torque Vectoring Rear Diffs

Jul 14, 2020

Over time, even with regular fluid service, differential gears will wear. It’s just a fact, especially in high-mileage examples. As they wear, those metal shavings stay suspended in your differential gear oil and cause further wear and tear to those gear teeth. Left alone, that particulate matter can drastically shorten the life of your differential gears. With our new Stainless Steel Magnetic Drain Plug for your Audi differential, you can trap all those harmful shavings on the magnet and further protect your diff from premature wear.

Holiday Deal - iOS Compatible OBDeleven PRO Scan Tool

Jul 1, 2020

With the functionality and variety of professional-grade diagnostic equipment, the OBDeleven Plug-and-Play diagnostic app is right at home in your personal garage. The scan application features code reading, control units, LED coding, and the ability to clear service or check engine lights from your smartphone! Just plug in your OBD port and have the same capabilities you would see in a dedicated shop all from the convenience of your device.

NEW ECS VW/Audi Billet Aluminum Engine Bay Caps

Jun 27, 2020

The little details are what combine to tell the full story of your unique car. When those little bits serve an actual function beyond style points, they are exponentially cooler. In the case of your Audi or VW engine bay, our new ECS Billet Engine Bay Caps replace your old reservoir caps with classy and durable Billet Aluminum versions that give your engine a fit and finish that speaks to your attention to detail while offering the longevity you want from those often forgotten parts.

Gloss Black Rear Window Spoiler - Audi B8/B8.5 A4/S4

Jun 9, 2020

The B8 S4 hides its incredible performance under an unassuming exterior that helps it blend in as a luxury commuter, but that isn’t always a good thing. If you want to show off a bit and stand out from the rest of the traffic, you need to address that underwhelming appearance. Our new Gloss Black Rear Window Spoiler is designed to flow with the existing lines of the car while tweaking its attitude for a more aggressive demeanor for a look we know you’ll love.

Schwaben Fender Lip Rollers

Jun 3, 2020

Need to fit some aggressive wheels and tires, but your fenders require rolling? The Schwaben Fender Lip Roller is your at-home solution for forming your fender lips without paying excessively at a shop. Get the look you want with professional-like quality from the Schwaben Fender Lip Roller!

Top Lifting Products

May 25, 2020

Top Lifting Products

Did You Know?

The most important part of working on your car is doing it safely. Lifting, supporting, and lowering your car with the right equipment is paramount. Schwaben has a low profile, heavy duty, easy to use lifting products designed to safely and quickly raise and lower even the most slammed cars around.

New ECS Audi B8/8V Chassis Billet Interior Hood Release

May 20, 2020

Audi designed their interiors in the B8 and 8V to be incredibly comfortable, sporty, and enjoyable for the driver and passengers but skimped out in a small area that most of their buyers would never notice. The plastic and unimpressive interior hood release lever was something they must have thought only mechanics would touch and therefore it didn’t need to match the rest of the interior’s fit and finish. We disagree. Give it some love with our attractive and sturdy Billet Interior Hood Release Lever and know that every piece of your interior matches Audi’s superior quality.

Getting Your Car Out Of Storage Checklist

May 6, 2020

If your car has been unused for a few weeks, a few months, or has been in storage since last fall, there is a checklist of maintenance services you need to run through before your car may be ready to drive. Pulling your car from storage can be an easy and rewarding experience, and might save you some headaches down the road. Here is everything you need to make sure your car is ready to go back to work when you are.

ECS Paddle Shifter Extension Sets for your Audi

May 5, 2020

Paddle shifters make for incredibly fast gear changes and an engaging driving experience, but require you keep your hands in place to use. With our Paddle Shifter Extensions, you can reach your paddle shifters from a wider range of positions on the wheel, which can improve your driving experience. These shifters are available in matte or gloss black for the perfect functional and stylish interior upgrade in your Audi.

Schwaben Professional Scan Tools

May 1, 2020

Developed by the most distinguished experts of this industry, the Schwaben Professional Scan Tool is one of the most powerful aftermarket tools available for your European car. From simple trouble code reads/clears, service light resets, parking brake deactivation, recording live sensor data, to providing live data graphing; The Schwaben Professional Scan Tool does it all! Owning a Schwaben Scan Tool separates you from the average car enthusiast, empowering you with manufacturer-level diagnostic and analytic capabilities. Diagnose. Code. Adapt.

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