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Best Brake Upgrades | B8/B8.5 S4 Quattro 3.0T Stoptech

Aug 13, 2019

If you’re looking for improved brake performance for either the street or track, you already know the name StopTech. Their top products include some of the most aggressive, competent, and capable braking components and full kits that offer the highest levels of performance for your Audi B8 S4. Give yourself that major improvement needed to help stay on the throttle longer with reduced stopping distances, better pedal feel, and track-ready qualities so you can set those blistering lap times you’ve been chasing.

Newest Tools For Your Garage

Aug 13, 2019

Schwaben offers an extensive line of European specialty tools as well as standard tools to your collection. Its doesn't stop there, we even offer items to help keep your car cleaner while getting work done and mobility for both you and your tools. See our perfectly bundled hand tool kits that make an excellent addition to any tool box.

Scratch & Dent Sale | Audi

Aug 8, 2019

We are clearing house! We have scratch and dent products that we need out of our inventory to make room for bigger and better things. We have reduced their price until they are GONE. Deals like this go quick, so act soon or risk missing out. Limited time, limited stock, huge savings. Happy Hunting! All Sales Are Final | No Returns On Scratch & Dent Items

New ECS Carbon Fiber Radiator Support Cover

Aug 6, 2019

Designed in-house by our industry leading engineering staff, the ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber Radiator Support Cover for your pre-facelift Audi B8 A4 or S4 incorporates beauty with OE function. Made from hand laid epoxy resin pre-impregnated 2x2 twill weave carbon fiber cloth and autoclave cured, and finished in a beautiful gloss clear coat for UV-protection and extra durability, this cover is sure to be turning heads!

3M 1080 Series Vinyl Wrap

Aug 1, 2019

Want to do something bold? Bodacious, even? Check out the new line of 3M 1080 Series Vinyl Wrap. Add texture and style to interior and exterior surfaces by applying these durable adhesive backed films to body panels or trim. Want variety? Channel Darth Vader with gloss black or carbon fiber, or go sci-fi-starship with brushed aluminum or titanium. Buy rolls five feet wide in lengths from one to 20 feet. Hi-tech look. Low tech installation. User friendly and easy to apply using simple tools, 3M 1080 vinyl lets anyone get professional results on the first try.

New 034Motorsport Dynamic+ Flush Wheel Spacer Kits

Jul 30, 2019

034Motorsport's Dynamic+Flush Wheel Spacer Kit is designed to fit Audi/VW vehicles with 5x112mm wheel bolt patterns. These wheel spacers are manufactured from 6061 billet aluminum with a black anodized finish and feature a few cool features you will appreciate if you have had experience with spacers before. Wheel spacers increase track width to improve handling, allow for more brake clearance, and help achieve the more flush wheel/tire fitment you desire for your car.

Schwaben Oil Service Essentials

Jul 18, 2019

When it comes to your regular car maintenance, nothing is more common than needing an oil change. Choosing the best oil for your car can often lead to a headache of opinions, so we always recommend sticking with your manufacturer's specific oil. Learning how to change your oil is an easy task for any just about any car owner, but the real trick is having the right tools for the job. Save yourself money for years to come with Schwaben! If you're not the "crawl under the car type", check out our Schwaben Fluid Extractor and Filler. This tool is amazing when it comes to oil changes.

New ECS Tuning Tunnel Brace for your Audi B8 A4/S4

Jun 24, 2019

Incremental upgrades make a difference, especially when you plan ahead. If you are strengthening the chassis of your B8, all the help you can get makes a big difference when everything is complete. The factory transmission tunnel brace is basically cosmetic and not ideal for improving the stiffness of your chassis. Our new Billet Transmission Tunnel Brace is a solid aluminum replacement that offers sturdier construction (and better looks) to help add strength to your Audi.

Father's Day Gift Guide

Jun 21, 2019

Father's Day Gift Guide

Did You Know?

Gift cards are perfect for the big guy, that way it makes it easy for him to choose a tool he's had is eye on or finds one he didn't even know about. He might have a repair he's been waiting to get to work on. He might need a new part for his project in the garage. Whatever it is, the ECS gift card will get him exactly what he wants. Happy Father's Day

ECS Tekniform Wheels for your Audi

Jun 20, 2019

Tekniform Wheels are our answer to the call for lightweight, attractive, durable wheels capable of withstanding abuse on the street or track that won't have you smashing your piggy bank to shell out for costly forged wheels. Our flow formed wheels are the fit and finish that make your car look the part, sporting engraved billet center caps and brand new wheel designs, that have the durability behind them to look good at a show or perform on the street or track.

New ECS B8 Adjustable Rear Toe Arms for your B8

Jun 10, 2019

Lowering your B8 is one of the more effective changes you can make for handling and weight transfer improvements, but drastic reductions in the height of the car cause alignment settings to fall outside the ideal range. With our new Adjustable Rear Toe Arms, you can bring your toe back into spec on extremely lowered vehicles for precise alignment, less deflection, and greater adjustability in the rear end of your Audi.

It’s Gain Season - Up your Power on your B8 S4/S5 3.0T

Jun 1, 2019

Whether you are new to modifying cars or a veteran with several projects under your belt, finding the right place to begin customizing your Audi can be a tough decision. ECS Performance Intakes and Carbon Fiber Products give you those first few steps with both performance and visual upgrades that are perfect for setting the tone of your build. With several supported models of nearly every generation, our upgrades give you the power you want and the styling you were looking for to make your Audi grab attention wherever you take it.

New ECS Performance Stainless Brake Lines - B8 Chassis

May 25, 2019

Brand new for your Audi, the ECS Stainless Steel Brake Lines are designed to give you a firmer brake pedal feel and resist wear significantly better than stock rubber lines. Whether you are looking for an upgrade, replacement, or both, these lines are the perfect solution.

ECS Street Shields for your Audi

May 17, 2019

The belly pans provided for modern Audi's have always appeared to be under-engineered, out of place, cost-cutting parts. Many enthusiasts have chosen to run their cars without this protective cover entirely. This decision, however, ignores the unfortunate reality that the belly pan protects several critical engine and drivetrain components. ECS has a much more sensible solution – The Street Shield Skid Plate features corrosion resistant, air-ventilated, 5052 lightweight aluminum, with all hardware, offering complete engine undercarriage protection.

Maxton Design Performance Exterior Aero - B8/B8.5 S4

May 16, 2019

Transform your Audi with aero and aesthetic parts from Maxton Design! Spoilers, diffusers, splitters, and more for your car effectively bolster the exterior appearance with easy installation and fitment.

Audi Carbon Fiber Upgrades - Audi B8/B8.5 S4

May 10, 2019

Functional or not, exterior upgrades help further set your Audi apart as one unique to you. There are tons of possible combinations of OEM and aftermarket options for beefing up the presence of your Audi. Popular conversions are carbon fiber lips, spoilers, side skirts, and more. Really, carbon fiber anything works well to add a sporty attitude to your Audi.

ECS Exhaust Cutout Variations

May 9, 2019

Free up horsepower easily without sacrificing comfort with the ECS Vacuum Actuated Exhaust Cutouts! A simple modification that allows you to flip between the factory exhaust routing through the full system or dumped out the open valve when you need extra performance. Since the vacuum-actuated valve is not electronic, it will not stick or burn out, meaning you will enjoy this effective modification for a long time without worry. No welding required, instant power, and a fraction the cost of a full exhaust system makes this the perfect upgrade for your German performance car.

ECS Swivel Tips

May 8, 2019

ECS Swivel Tips

Did You Know?

Looking for the most attractive & adjustable tip on the market? Look no further than our ECS Swivel Exhaust Tips! Featuring a unique swivel collar design that allows adjustability in any direction for that perfect fitment. Simply adjust the tip to your desired position and tighten the hex bolt to 14 ft-lbs (19 Nm) and the tip will stay in place. These are engineered to last, using chrome plated nuts, 304SS cap screw, clamp, insert ring and exhaust tip. Available in 3.5" or 4.0" outlet and chrome or black chrome finish.

New ECS B8 S4/S5 Carbon Kevlar Luft-Technik Intake Syst

May 2, 2019

Improving the performance and driving dynamics of your B8 S4 is as easy as installing a Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Induction System from ECS Tuning in the stunning new red carbon-kevlar weave. We produced these intakes to be both stylish and functional under the hood of your Audi, giving you something to enjoy when you are driving or showing your car. Added performance increases proven on the dyno show our improved intake hard at work giving you more power and torque with the benefit of powerful induction noise and excellent styling with the unique red carbon.

VW/Audi - New ECS VW/Audi Billet Fuel Cap Cover

Apr 26, 2019

One of the more common items we all encounter on a regular basis but leave completely untouched is our fuel cap. Leave no stone unturned in your car with this beautifully machined 6061-T6 aluminum fuel cap cover and you'll be popping more than just your hood at the next car show! Show off your gas cap on your VW/Audi, or replace a broken tether with our included stainless wire rope and clasp.

Liqui-Moly Engine Flush and Cera Tec Oil Additive

Apr 23, 2019

Your engine requires proper lubrication to function, but a simple oil change is only the bare minimum. As it ages, carbon deposits build up in your engine and rob performance by hurting efficiency. LIQUI MOLY engine flushes and additives are designed to supplement your oil change with proven technology to effectively clean and further protect your engine to both restore power and maintain a long operational life. The importance of additives is still a relatively new concept, but it is certainly critical to preserving your engine the way it deserves.

New ECS B8 Billet Aluminum Control Ring Kits

Apr 23, 2019

Looking to upgrade your boring interior while adding billet touches right at your fingertips? We've got you covered at ECS Tuning with our in house designed Billet Aluminum Control Rings! Available in two select styles and multiple color configurations. Choose from either smooth or notched type to best suit your styling needs. Then choose your color; available in either anodized red, clear, or black.

Top Genuine Parts for Your Audi B8 S4 Quattro 3.0T

Apr 22, 2019

At ECS Tuning, our goal is to be the preferred source of Genuine Parts for all Audi owners. We are Audi enthusiasts to the core, which means we know the important role your Audi plays in your life. Genuine Audi Products ensure that your lifestyle is thoroughly Audi and will continue with a theme of quality for you and your car.

Gloss Black Grille Accent Set - B8.5 S4/A4 S-Line

Apr 13, 2019

Raise the level of style on your facelift B8.5 S4 or A4 S-Line with the ECS Tuning Gloss Black Grille Accent Set. This quality addition was engineered and designed in-house to fit directly to your factory front bumper cover, with no modifications required. The accents were designed to provide the vehicle with a more aggressive look by accentuating the area around the fog light grilles, providing a drastic improvement to the front end aesthetic. An exclusive design only available through ECS Tuning, this grille accent set will be sure to catch attention and turn heads.

New Audi B7-B9 Modular No Holes License Plate/Tow Hook/

Apr 9, 2019

Avoid drilling holes in your bumper by using the ECS modular tow hook mount system. The ECS Tow Hook Mounting System doesn’t require drilling. This system mounts to your tow hook receptacle allowing you to attach a license plate, action camera, or even a tow hook.

Black Forest Industries Products | Audi B8 S4

Apr 5, 2019

BFI raises the bar when it comes to one of the most frequently touched parts of your car's interior. These heavyweight shift knobs feel like butter in the palm of your hand, thanks due to the top grain perforated air leather or black alcantara that it's wrapped in. Weighing in at 215 to 250 grams the added inertial mass makes shifting effort substantially less while speeding up the process at the same time. The machining is top notch, and the detailed crest coin gives that classy yet sporting look which elevates any interior's level by at least 50 cool points!

Aftermarket Replacement Parts - B8/B8.5 S4 Quattro 3.0T

Apr 2, 2019

Your Audi deserves to perform at its best, as it was always intended to. By keeping it in perfect shape with routine maintenance, you're taking care of part of that need. With top aftermarket brands who share the same dedication to quality and love for Audi you have, the other part of that equation is covered. Find all the best aftermarket replacement parts from top brands here in our expansive catalog that caters directly to those who love and care for their Audi.

ECS Audi 3.0T Performance Supercharger Pulley Upgrades

Apr 1, 2019

Give your 3.0T-powered Audi an astounding bump in power and performance with minimal effort. The ECS Tuning Supercharger Pulley Upgade overdrives your supercharger without overdriving any other accessories, which allows your engine to produce more power and improves the effectiveness of the supercharger. Paired with a Stage 2 software tune, your 3.0T can make an impressive 98 WHP and 95 WTQ jump, putting your Audi in an entirely different class.

Gloss Black Grille Accents - Audi B8 S4/A4 S-Line

Mar 26, 2019

Visual upgrades tie your car together. With more aggressive styling, your Audi can transform from a sedate performance sedan to something that reflects your enthusiasm for motorsport performance. Make your Audi B8 A4 S-Line or S4 look as awesome as it performs with our new Gloss Black Grille Accent set for a distinct visual upgrade designed for the discerning enthusiast.

ECS Race Tow Straps - B9 Chassis

Mar 20, 2019

Whether you spend time on the track with your Audi or just want an extra measure of contingency on the street, you need a tow strap. Our new ECS Race Tow Strap for your Audi is designed for efficient light-duty recovery, with a weight rating up to 4,000 pounds, so you can ensure your car isn’t in the way on the track if the unthinkable happens and can easily be pulled by a recovery vehicle wherever your misfortune occurs.

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