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Schwaben 46 Piece 1/4" Drive Set

Jun 28, 2015

Schwaben Specialty Tools announces new innovative solutions to the most common dilemmas faced by European car owners. For those hard to reach hose clamps with 7mm hex nuts, the Schwaben Hose Clamp Flex Driver features an overall length of 10-1/2" and a flex shaft length of 6" for exceptional convenience. The ergonomic handle features a non-slip grip for when your hands are oily or wet. The 46 Piece 1/4" Drive Set contains all the most popular tools needed to address the most common installation and repair projects for European cars.

Schwaben Telescoping Mirrors & Magnet

Jun 27, 2015

Features of convenience and ease of use define this latest Schwaben Specialty Tools release. The Schwaben Telescoping Round/Rectangular Mirror offers an 9-1/2" to 29" extendable handle with a stainless steel shaft, plus a 2-1/4" mirror head mounted on a dual swivel for a full 360 degree rotation. The Schwaben Telescoping Magnet is rated to pick up 3.5 lbs. Its stainless steel shaft is 7" collapsed and 26" extended, while its powerful magnet is encased in a aluminum sleeve to help prevent side of magnet from sticking.

The NEW Schwaben Low Profile 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack

Jun 20, 2015

Ideal for the Euro enthusiast enjoying an aggressive lowered ride height, the all-new Schwaben Low Profile 2 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack allows you to sneak under the ground-hugging rockers on your car. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, this exceptionally durable floor jack features a long and low profile curve for extended reach under the car. The specialty tool experts at Schwaben have designed this jack with a max lift height of 20" and a low height of just 3.25". Dual pump pistons raise the saddle to its maximum height in only 5 pump strokes with minimum effort.

Don't Forget - Father's Day Gift Guide

Jun 14, 2015

We have a pretty good idea of what dads really want in life: a full garage... tools on top of tools on top of accessories. Make this Father's Day little extra special and reward all his hard work by treating him with the gift of ECS Tuning and Schwaben. And don't forget ECS Tuning gift cards! We now have virtual giftcards sent to you via email for that last minute gift giver.

Schwaben Thread Repair Kits

Jun 7, 2015

A stripped thread can turn an enjoyable weekend project into an unbearably frustrating experience, occasionally bringing the entire job to a complete halt. The Schwaben Thread Repair Kits were designed specifically for European cars with the most commonly used metric sized threads in mind, keeping your project in motion whenever metric threads are stripped or otherwise damaged. The kit contains everything to keep your project going - simply drill out the old thread, tap out the hole with the correct sized tap, and screw in a new insert with the installation tool.

Schwaben Trim & Moulding Removal Tool Kits

Jun 6, 2015

Ever tried removing a radio trim bezel with a screwdriver or metal putty knife? Ugly. Ineffective. Metal prying tools gouge, scratch, and crack expensive interior parts adding needless cost and aggravation to any repair or accessory installation requiring trim panel removal. Stop the madness. Invest in one of our affordable trim removal kits. Large kit or small, our trim removal tools are made of tough, non-marring molded plastic, brightly colored so you won't leave them behind when the job is done. Do it right. Do it faster. Schwaben.

ECS Father's Day Gift Guide

May 31, 2015

We have a pretty good idea of what dads really want in life: a full garage - but not full of just anything. Ideally, dad needs the perfect tools to pour over every dimension of his baby on summer weekends and evenings. Make this Father's Day little extra special and reward all his hard work by treating him with the gift of Schwaben. Organization, mobility, vision, safety, and charging specialty tools give dad the motivation he needs to get out there and enjoy his hobby like a pro.

Escort Radar Detectors

May 30, 2015

Escort Radar Detectors

Did You Know?

For over 35 years, Escort has been a leader in high-performance radar and laser detectors. Offering advanced features of convenience such as GPS, Bluetooth, and cell phone integration, as well as clever performance features like all-band ultimate radar/laser protection, 'instant on', and laser shifters, Escort radar detectors are the pinnacle of protection for the automotive enthusiast. ECS Tuning is proud to be your authorized dealer of Escort products, the most intelligent solution for discerning drivers.

Schwaben Hand Tools

May 17, 2015

Schwaben Hand Tools

Did You Know?

The growing Schwaben Tool catalog has just expanded again with the release of the superbly engineered, exceptionally reliable Schwaben hand tools - now available from ECS tuning. The new Schwaben 1/2" breaker bar has a full 180°swing for those hard to reach bolts and nuts. A complete set of Schwaben twelve-point metric combination wrenches from 8 to 19 mm is also available. Mechanic-quality 290mm and 200mm long ratchets featuring a durable fine satin finish round off this latest premium tool release.

Schwaben Wheel & Tire Storage Solutions

May 16, 2015

Your wheels and tires require a little extra care and attention, especially during storage. ECS offers several smart & simple storage solutions, specifically designed for your Vehicle. The Schwaben Wheel Tree is a non-marring Wheel Rack, allowing you to safely store your wheels & tires upright in close corners. The Schwaben Wheel & Tire Rack saves your floor space, securely mounting your wheels & tires on the wall.

ECS Tuning Extended Sales Team Hours!

May 13, 2015

We are here to help. Our team of sales enthusiasts are here to assist you with all of your German auto parts needs until 11pm EST weekdays. We are also here on Saturdays from 10am -7pm. For assistance outside of these hours please email and we will get you an answer.

Schwaben Coolant Evacuation Tool Kit

May 10, 2015

Fresh coolant is paramount to safe & reliable engine operation. Unfortunately, the process of bleeding air out of your cooling system during a coolant refresh is tedious and therefore often neglected. ECS offers a highly convenient solution to the tedium & frustration associated with a coolant servicing – the Schwaben Coolant Evacuation Kit. The unique kit resolves several common cooling system issues: - No heat or overheating, or erratic temperature gauge readings after a cooling system service - Problems with coolant uptake or circulation - Cooling system leaks

RockyMounts 20% Off May Sale

May 9, 2015

Rack and roll. In sun or snow, RockyMounts has a roof mount solution for your active lifestyle. Add some customization to your roof rack base bars with a colored Euro pitchfork from RockyMounts. A great, high quality, all-aluminum bike rack that costs substantially less than an OE piece but functions at a higher level. The lowest profile upright bike mount on the market BrassKnuckles are easy to use and fold flat for a quiet, fuel efficient drive. Recieve 20% off your purchase until May 31st !

Schwaben Bleeding Products

May 3, 2015

The easy to use Schwaben Bleeding Products allow you to bleed and flush your fluid systems with the convenience and accuracy of a professional. The line of fully-loaded pressure bleeders are undoubtedly the best-performing products of their kind available on the market today. Also available with this release is the convenient 11mm Brake Bleeder Wrench, allowing you to bleed your front and rear brakes with one easy to use tool. Schwaben also offers a catch bottle that holds a full 1 Liter of fluid and features easy to read oil level marks for accurate draining.

Schwaben Engine Support Bars

Apr 26, 2015

From Schwaben Specialty Tools comes a tool every home mechanic should have in his arsenal. The 61" long adjustable Engine Support Bar adapts to any vehicle width, and supports a full 1000 lb weight rating. The support bar includes four rubber padded feet to prevent slipping and damage to your car's finish, while powder coating guarantees durability. A deluxe version of the support bar includes two-direction stability for added support. The Schwaben Engine Support Bar is the perfect tool for projects like engine mount replacement, subframe work, FWD transmission repair & more.

Chemical Guys Exterior Car Care Products

Apr 25, 2015

Chemical Guys put the power of raw science to work in a complete professional detailing car care line that combines surface-safe cleaners with lasting protectants and sealers. Stop squirting dish detergent into a bucket. Remove the toughest dirt, even from alloy wheels, and restore your car's exterior and interior finishes to a rich, lasting luster. From the exceptional MR. PINK Super Suds Surface Cleanser to the Sticky Gel Citrus-Based Wheel & Rim Cleaner, each CG release represents the most advanced, effective, and downright cool cleaning product of its kind.

Mercedes-Benz W210 E-Class Transmission Service Kits

Apr 24, 2015

Your Mercedes-Benz transmission is a collection of parts that must each be functionally sound for the gearbox to do its job. It follows then, logically, that when attending to a particular transmission issue, the strength of the weakest part determines the end quality of the system. For this reason, ECS offers several complete Transmission Service Kits for your Mercedes. Choose from premium ECS-assembled and genuine OEM packages - each including Automatic Transmission Fluid, Filter, Oil Pan Drain Plug and Sealing Washer, Dipstick Tube Cap Lock Pin, and Pan Gasket.

Schwaben Professional Magnetic Camber/Caster Gauge

Apr 23, 2015

The three most critical and widely cited dimensions of your vehicle's suspension geometry - camber, caster, & toe-in - are what triangulate your wheels and position them to perform in a specified way on the road. 
 Schwaben Specialty Tools has developed a superb method of measuring this critical dimension - The Magnetic Camber/Caster Gauge. Simply place the device on the wheel hub or brake disc & note a positive or negative reading.

Schwaben Magnetic Camber Gauge

Apr 18, 2015

The three most critical and widely cited dimensions of your vehicle's suspension geometry - camber, caster, & toe-in - are what triangulate your wheels and position them to perform in a specified way on the road. Camber is of special concern to the enthusiast because of its susceptibility to change under the influence of different wheel arrangements and ride heights. Schwaben Specialty Tools has developed a superb method of measuring this critical dimension - The Magnetic Camber Gauge. Simply place the device on the wheel hub or brake disc & note a positive or negative reading.

Mercedes-Benz W210 Trans Valve Body Electrical Plate

Apr 16, 2015

The conductor plate in the W210 722.6xx transmission valve body generates a signal that controls the pressure relief valves and shifting control valves. A poorly functioning plate can present fault codes as well as inconsistent shift behavior. If left dysfunctional for a longer period, your vehicle may go into 'limp mode', a powertrain protection mode that debilitates your vehicle. Genuine Mercedes-Benz and quality aftermarket replacement options are available, helping you easily avoid these catastrophic consequences.

Schwaben ECS Performance Sale Event

Apr 14, 2015

Spring is here and so are some of our craziest deals EVER! We have selected handfuls of products to feature and reduced their price for this one time event. From wheel deals to popular upgrades, buy now and save huge. Deals like this go quick, so act soon or risk missing out. Limited time, limited stock, huge savings. Sale Ends April 18, 2016

Schwaben 6 Liter Fluid Extractor/Filler System

Apr 12, 2015

Another convenient tool from Schwaben, the 6-Liter Extractor/Filler System makes oil, ATF or any type of fluid change simpler, cleaner, and faster. The Extractor/Filler tank features an extendable foot step for stable use when pumping. Nine adapters are included, with storage for each on the tank for easy access and convenience. The 5-foot long main tube makes reaching transmission and oil filling/draining locations easier. The main tube also features a quick disconnect and shut off valve. Free yourself from finding a power source with the Schwaben 6 Liter Extractor/Filler.

Schwaben 100pc. Specialty Bit Kit

Apr 11, 2015

The Schwaben 100-piece specialty bit set includes bits to fit a wide assortment of automotive fasteners, including triple square, tamper-proof Torx, tri-wing, and hex. Breeze through repairs knowing you can remove odd specialty fasteners with ease. The premium bits are made of hardened chrome vanadium steel - handsome and tough enough for daily use. Packaged in a handy blow molded case with silhouetted slots for easy organization and inventory. With the increased use of specialty fasteners, no tool box is complete without this versatile bit assortment.

Chemical Guys Interior Detailing

Apr 5, 2015

Chemical Guys has consistently released outstanding exterior and interior detailing products - the name has come to represent the most innovative, exciting automotive cleaning and finishing products available. Their latest series of releases, Chemical Guys Interior Cleaning and Detailing Products offer a seriously wide range of solutions for whatever interior maladies your Euro may suffer. Leather conditioner, carpet cleaner, air vent tools, glass and interior trim cleaner - browse through their catalog and pick the kit or product you need to bring your interior back to factory.

Schwaben Mechanics Work Gloves

Apr 4, 2015

ECS Tuning is now supplying the excellent Schwaben Work Gloves for our dedicated following of DIY enthusiasts. The black Schwaben gloves provide hand protection at locations especially prone to cuts and scrapes during automotive work. The best design for tight engine work or delicate electrical work, the close finger design offers exceptional dexterity. Featuring a tailored elastic cuff and textured latex palms and finger tips, these work gloves are also breathable and comfortable with their knit top. Choose from Medium, Large, and Extra Large sizes.

Schwaben Wheel Essentials

Apr 1, 2015

When it comes to the essentials of wheel tools there are really only a few categories, Schwaben has an answer for each. When removing or installing wheels, using wheel hangers makes mounting an easy task and using the Protecta sockets prevent damage. When it comes to storage since many car owners today have more than one set of wheels, the wheel tree and wall rack are the perfect accessory to keeping your garage clean and organized. Keeping the tires off of the floor also extends the rubbers life.

VW MKV Rabbit/GTI Spyder LED Tail Light Sets

Apr 1, 2015

The exterior of your vehicle can only be significantly improved in a few areas - one of those ares is the lighting. Tedious stock lighting does the job, but it certainly won’t stir up emotions. The LED tail lights from Spyder give off an unforgettable look while outputting a much more vibrant field of light, improving nighttime safety and visibility. These tail lights are plug-and-play with included harnesses. Additionally, a highly convenient installation tutorial has been included to ensure a professional-level project.

VW MKV Rabbit Hatch Pop Kit

Mar 31, 2015

Add push button convenience; raise your VW MKV Rabbit rear hatch effortlessly. The ECS Tuning Hatch Pop Kit makes it easy to open your rear hatch, whether your arms are full of groceries or golf bags. Just push the hatch release button on your key fob, and stronger-than-stock lift struts raise the hatch for you, automatically. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to add this great convenience. Our online video shows you how to do it using standard hand tools. *Kit does require coding to operate properly*

Schwaben Electrical Tools

Mar 29, 2015

Automotive electrical work demands patience, knowledge, & above all else, the correct tools. European car owners oftentimes find themselves using ineffective, dangerous, & cumbersome methods when attending to electrical issues - Schwaben Tools has developed all the right solutions for these common problems. Offering 2 or 4 amp charging, LED setting indicators, and a reverse polarity warning, the Automatic Battery Charger is a highlight of this Schwaben release. The 12 Ft 6-Gauge Booster Cables are also offered, while the Coiled Cord Circuit Tester is ideal 6 to 24 volt systems.

Schwaben Wheel Bolt Pattern Gauge & Installation Tools

Mar 28, 2015

A series of exceptionally convenient and useful specialty tools have recently been made available by Schwaben, the leader in European performance car tools and accessories. Wheel install and metrics tools are the subject of this release. Long Reach Protecta Sockets prevent damage during the installation or removal of wheels, while the strong and attractive Portable 4-Way Lug Wrench Kit is ideal for regular or emergency use. Reliable and accurate Schwaben Digital Tire Pressure Gauges and Wheel Bolt Pattern Gauges give you precise measurements for professional-level DIY work.

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