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New MINI Cooper Genuine Floating Center Caps

Sep 8, 2020

With MINI enthusiasts, it's all about individual personality shining through a common love for the unique little cars. The simple, small, subtle touches often speak volumes in that respect, which is where the whole build is tied together. Brand new at ECS is just one more way to let your creative side show with the floating MINI center caps. Designed to stay static while your wheels spin, the iconic MINI logo will display as if suspended with the wheels in motion.

Newest Schwaben Tools

Aug 28, 2020

Newest Schwaben Tools

Did You Know?

Are you spending some quality time with your car this season? Equip yourself for all projects with Schwaben Tools! We offer an extensive line of standard & European specialty tools for your collection, as well as high quality items to help keep your car cleaner while getting work done and improve the DIY experience for both you and your tools.

View Your Order Status Or Submit A Return Online

Jul 24, 2020

View Your Order Status Or Submit a Return Online

Schwaben Fender Lip Rollers

Jun 3, 2020

Need to fit some aggressive wheels and tires, but your fenders require rolling? The Schwaben Fender Lip Roller is your at-home solution for forming your fender lips without paying excessively at a shop. Get the look you want with professional-like quality from the Schwaben Fender Lip Roller!

Top Lifting Products

May 25, 2020

Top Lifting Products

Did You Know?

The most important part of working on your car is doing it safely. Lifting, supporting, and lowering your car with the right equipment is paramount. Schwaben has a low profile, heavy duty, easy to use lifting products designed to safely and quickly raise and lower even the most slammed cars around.

Getting Your Car Out Of Storage Checklist

May 6, 2020

If your car has been unused for a few weeks, a few months, or has been in storage since last fall, there is a checklist of maintenance services you need to run through before your car may be ready to drive. Pulling your car from storage can be an easy and rewarding experience, and might save you some headaches down the road. Here is everything you need to make sure your car is ready to go back to work when you are.

Schwaben Professional Scan Tools

May 1, 2020

Developed by the most distinguished experts of this industry, the Schwaben Professional Scan Tool is one of the most powerful aftermarket tools available for your European car. From simple trouble code reads/clears, service light resets, parking brake deactivation, recording live sensor data, to providing live data graphing; The Schwaben Professional Scan Tool does it all! Owning a Schwaben Scan Tool separates you from the average car enthusiast, empowering you with manufacturer-level diagnostic and analytic capabilities. Diagnose. Code. Adapt.

ECS COVID-19 Update!

Mar 25, 2020

ECS COVID-19 Update!

Did You Know?

Online ordering and Phone orders are still available as normal. Our sales and customer support staff are here in the building (though we are working remotely to do our part to help with social distancing). We do not expect any delays with shipping and we are ready to provide assistance with your orders. Feel free to call in, speak with one of our enthusiast experts, and find what you need for your next project. We are now offering Curbside Pickup at our facility in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Schwaben Oil Fill Funnel

Mar 20, 2020

Changing your Audi, BMW, or Volkswagen's oil on schedule ensures your engine will live a healthy and long operational life. While changing your oil might be straightforward, those who regularly do it themselves likely find the little annoyances that make it more trouble than it could be. With our new Schwaben Thread-In Oil Funnels, you can quickly thread this funnel into your oil filler cap for a hands-free and mess-free result when you pour in that new liquid gold. Make services easy for yourself and you'll begin to enjoy them even more!

Milltek Sport Exhaust - MINI

Mar 12, 2020

Milltek's MINI offerings exude the engineering rigor and attention to detail that comes from years of experience developing prototype exhaust designs for race teams around the world. Every Milltek product is designed, tested, and manufactured in-house in the UK for the highest level of quality possible. Milltek's collaboration with ECS Tuning allows unprecedented access to these exceptional performance exhaust systems for your MINI that offers improved performance and more fun behind the wheel.

New ECS VW MK7/MK7.5 GTI Resonator Delete Pipe

Feb 1, 2020

With the MK7/MK7.5 GTI, we want to hear that glorious Gen3 turbocharged 4-cylinder make its beautiful sound. Sadly, the factory-equipped resonator pipe takes all that fun noise, cancels it out, and sends a disappointing whisper out of the muffler. Don’t worry about spending thousands on a full exhaust to hear your GTI sound the way it should: grab our new in-house designed Resonator Delete Pipe and listen to your engine make all the right noises.

Build Your Own Stainless Steel Exhaust

Jan 1, 2020

In the world of custom builds, the farther you stray from bolt-ons, the less likely you'll find a solution on the shelves that will fit and work exactly as you need. That's why we've launched our Universal Exhaust System program that helps provide you with the same high-quality stainless steel exhaust piping and accessories so you can tailor your spent gas exit to your needs with a brand you trust.

ECS Vacuum Actuated Exhaust Cutouts

Jan 1, 2020

Free up horsepower easily without sacrificing comfort with the ECS Vacuum Actuated Exhaust Cutouts! A simple modification that allows you to flip between the factory exhaust routing through the full system or dumped out the open valve when you need extra performance. Since the vacuum-actuated valve is not electronic, it will not stick or burn out, meaning you will enjoy this effective modification for a long time without worry. No welding required, instant power, and a fraction the cost of a full exhaust system makes this the perfect upgrade for your German performance car.

RallyWagen 2 South America Build List

Dec 23, 2019

Last year, we sent VW Brand Ambassador Jamie Orr on a trip all across the country in a pre-production MK5 Sportwagen we affectionately called the Rallywagen where it ended in the Arctic Circle. This year we picked up a VW MK7 GTI and decided to build it here at ECS to debut at SEMA and then head South to drive all the way to the tip of South America on some of the most demanding roads. Rallywagen 2.0 was fully constructed in-house by our team of engineers. See the full journey here!

Trim & Moulding Removal Tool Kits

Dec 2, 2019

Ever tried removing a radio trim bezel with a screwdriver or metal putty knife? Ugly. Ineffective. Metal prying tools gouge, scratch, and crack expensive interior parts adding needless cost and aggravation to any repair or accessory installation requiring trim panel removal. Stop the madness. Invest in one of our affordable trim removal kits. Large kit or small, our trim removal tools are made of tough, non-marring molded plastic, brightly colored so you won't leave them behind when the job is done. Do it right. Do it faster. Schwaben.

CTS Turbo Performance Products for your MINI

Dec 1, 2019

CTS Turbo has been dedicated to manufacturing performance parts for enthusiasts by enthusiasts since its inception.

Air Lift Kits for your MINI

Nov 15, 2019

This Air Lift Air Ride kit offers one touch ride height preset option. No more wrenches. No more tedious adjustments. This digital management kit puts all system controls inside the car, so you can make fast ride height adjustments while staying clean. Great for performance, dial in your ride with adjustable front and rear shocks. Go low for show; add lift for general driving or to clear obstructions. Laugh at speed bumps and dangerous driveway entrances.

Featuring the New Carbon Fiber Intake from Dinan

Nov 15, 2019

Take your MINI to its full potential with the legendary DINAN Products. With DINAN's unparalleled dedication to performance European vehicle tuning, you can expect the best in tuning for your beloved MINI.

LIQUI MOLY Molygen Oil for your MINI

Oct 28, 2019

This new generation of oil is made with a quality synthetic base and includes a molecular friction modifier for reduced friction and wear. It also glows under UV light so leaks can be easily traced! This unique oil contains a fluorescent green chemical friction modifier to smooth out hard metal surfaces, reducing overall engine wear and heat due to friction. Tests have shown a reduction in friction coefficient of as much as 15%! MolyGen oil is also a great choice for modern turbocharged engines which produce much more heat.

MINI R55-R59 Frankenturbo Upgrade

Oct 26, 2019

Revive your engine with a performance turbo. Use this as a bolt-on repair option for a failed turbo, or as a direct-fit performance upgrade. The FrankenTurbo F21M hybrid turbo gives you the option of running the turbo upgrade on your stock tune or upgrading your tune for a more powerful experience. Use it alone or as part of a complete performance upgrade. It's alive!

View The Full Build List Of Our E46 M3 Sweepstakes Car

Oct 23, 2019

With a high-strung S54 inline six under the hood, a manual 6-speed transmission, LSD rear end, and competent suspension, the E46 M3 is a great platform out of the box. That isn’t to say it can’t be improved, however, which is exactly what we aim to do. Below, we’re going to show you everything we upgraded on the M3 before it finds its way to a lucky new owner who will surely enjoy our tasteful upgrades provided by our partners to help bring out the full potential of this incredible machine.

Inventory Reduction Sale - MINI Cooper

Oct 16, 2019

With tax returns and the spring right around the corner, we are clearing house! We have selected handfuls of products that we need out of our inventory to make room for bigger and better things. We have reduced their price until they are GONE. Deals like this go quick, so act soon or risk missing out. Limited time, limited stock, huge savings.

2020 New Products for your MINI

Oct 16, 2019

ECS had a productive 2019 and a roaring start to 2020 with several new performance aftermarket components for your favorite European cars. Our new parts for your Audi, BMW, MINI, and VW include everything from simple cosmetic upgrades to awesome performance pieces. Check out our full line of new products for your vehicle!

Milltek Exhaust for your MINI

Oct 1, 2019

Milltek's MINI offerings exude the engineering rigor and attention to detail that comes from years of experience developing prototype exhaust designs for race teams around the world. Every Milltek product is designed, tested, and manufactured in-house in the UK for the highest level of quality possible. Milltek's collaboration with ECS Tuning allows unprecedented access to these exceptional performance exhaust systems for your MINI that offers improved performance and more fun behind the wheel.

Kohlefaser Luft-Technik Intake System - MINI R55-R61

Oct 1, 2019

Months of tireless dedication and passion have resulted in a highly effective carbon fiber induction system, one that effortlessly weaves beauty with engineering rigor into one complete package that not only looks good, but is real world tested with the performance that is second to none. If you accept nothing but the best, this is the only complete carbon fiber air induction system for you!

Schwaben Brake Tools

Sep 24, 2019

Schwaben Brake Tools

Did You Know?

Flushing brake fluid is a commonly overlooked maintenance service for most car owners. Fluid should be flushed every 1-2 years as a good service plan, however checking with the manufacturer's suggestions is best. A simple way to tell if the fluid is in need of a change is by looking at the color, new fluid will have a slight yellow hue while amber is the sign of a needed flush. Because brake fluid is hygroscopic, its designed to hold moisture away from the metal internals to prevent corrosion. Like a sponge the fluid can only hold so much moisture before becoming ineffective.

MINI Cooper JCW GP Outdoor Car Cover - ECS Exclusive

Sep 19, 2019

This outdoor white main color / black top / red mirrors car cover for your MINI will keep it protected from rain and snow. Form fitted to your MINI, this cover has a weather resistant outside material that will form fit while the under side wont scratch your MINI.

Assembled BY ECS Carbon Blasting Kit

Sep 16, 2019

Just add an air compressor and this kit includes everything need to clean your N14/ N18 valves of carbon build up. One of the most common issues that causes performance loss in the N14/N18 is carbon build up, the carbon deposits build up in the intake tract right above the valve constricting airflow into the cylinder.

Bavarian Autosport Carbon Blasting Tools

Sep 16, 2019

Intake port media blaster decarboning kit. This is the DIY (Do It Yourself) kit that will allow you to effectively clean and de-carbon the intake ports and intake valves on your MINI N14 or N18 Turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, saving you hundreds of dollars over having this service done at the BMW dealer.

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