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ECS COVID-19 Update!

Mar 25, 2020

ECS COVID-19 Update!

Did You Know?

Online ordering and Phone orders are still available as normal. Our sales and customer support staff are here in the building (though we are working remotely to do our part to help with social distancing). We do not expect any delays with shipping and we are ready to provide assistance with your orders. Feel free to call in, speak with one of our enthusiast experts, and find what you need for your next project. We are now offering Curbside Pickup at our facility in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Schwaben Oil Fill Funnel

Mar 20, 2020

Changing your Audi, BMW, or Volkswagen's oil on schedule ensures your engine will live a healthy and long operational life. While changing your oil might be straightforward, those who regularly do it themselves likely find the little annoyances that make it more trouble than it could be. With our new Schwaben Thread-In Oil Funnels, you can quickly thread this funnel into your oil filler cap for a hands-free and mess-free result when you pour in that new liquid gold. Make services easy for yourself and you'll begin to enjoy them even more!

ECS MQB OE Location Intercooler Upgrade - VW/Audi MQB

Mar 9, 2020

The ECS Tuning MQB Cast Aluminum Intercooler Upgrade boosts power and lowers intercooler outlet temps by maximizing core volume and more efficiently dispelling heat over the OEM sandwich-mounted intercooler.

New Sizes - APR A01 Flow Formed Wheels - Audi/VW

Mar 3, 2020

Give your Audi or Volkswagen a set of new wheels that look fantastic and reduce your unsprung weight with brand new APR Flow Formed wheels. Their new styles are designed for perfect fitment and accept your OEM center caps.

New MQB HPA IS38 OEM+ Turbo Upgrade

Mar 3, 2020

The brand new HPA IS38 turbocharger upgrades offer you the big power potential you want from your MQB Audi or Volkswagen. Featured on our recent Rallywagen expedition to South America, the new IS38 upgrades allow you to support up to 450HP with reliability and peace of mind in even the toughest conditions.

ECS Turbo Muffler Delete Pipe For Audi/VW

Feb 9, 2020

All too often OEM components sacrifice performance in an effort to appeal to a wide variety of customers. In the case of the factory turbocharger, a turbo muffler is positioned at the compressor outlet and is designed to reduce engine bay acoustics. With our Turbo Muffler Delete Pipe Kit, the factory turbo muffler is removed and replaced with our straight-through delete pipe. This increases flow and turbocharger acoustics by creating a smooth transition between the turbo outlet and intercooler pipe inlet. CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for smooth flow and lasting durability.

ECS Carbon Fiber Under Hood Covers for your VW

Feb 7, 2020

ECS Carbon Fiber Under Hood Covers add a smooth and consistent style when you open the hood of your VW. The attention to detail and uniform look shows off your dedication to making a clean thing of beauty out of the chaos that is the engine bay. The hand laid carbon fiber weave of our covers provide a tasteful improvement to pieces under the hood you otherwise just try to ignore. Covering your battery, fuse box, engine, and more with our ECS Carbon Fiber Covers is the best way to clean up your engine with a race-inspired theme.

MQB 034Motorsport Adjustable End Links

Jan 23, 2020

Maximizing the performance in your Audi or VW doesn't just mean throwing power at the engine. It means making complimentary upgrades to every corner of the car in order to keep everything performing at its peak. With suspension tuning, that means adding adjustment capabilities and reducing deflection. With the new 034Motorsport Billet Adjustable Motorsport Line Rear Toe Links, you have the ability to ensure your suspension is working as effectively as possible, even at an extremely lowered ride height.

Build Your Own Stainless Steel Exhaust

Jan 1, 2020

In the world of custom builds, the farther you stray from bolt-ons, the less likely you'll find a solution on the shelves that will fit and work exactly as you need. That's why we've launched our Universal Exhaust System program that helps provide you with the same high-quality stainless steel exhaust piping and accessories so you can tailor your spent gas exit to your needs with a brand you trust.

ECS Vacuum Actuated Exhaust Cutouts

Jan 1, 2020

Free up horsepower easily without sacrificing comfort with the ECS Vacuum Actuated Exhaust Cutouts! A simple modification that allows you to flip between the factory exhaust routing through the full system or dumped out the open valve when you need extra performance. Since the vacuum-actuated valve is not electronic, it will not stick or burn out, meaning you will enjoy this effective modification for a long time without worry. No welding required, instant power, and a fraction the cost of a full exhaust system makes this the perfect upgrade for your German performance car.

Limited Edition Forge Pink Blow-Off Valve Kits

Dec 24, 2019

Nothing says dedication like something unique that also offers performance benefits. For the discerning enthusiast who wants to show off that little bit of extra effort, the new Forge Motorsport Limited Edition Purple Blow Off Valves are perfect.

RallyWagen 2 South America Build List

Dec 23, 2019

Last year, we sent VW Brand Ambassador Jamie Orr on a trip all across the country in a pre-production MK5 Sportwagen we affectionately called the Rallywagen where it ended in the Arctic Circle. This year we picked up a VW MK7 GTI and decided to build it here at ECS to debut at SEMA and then head South to drive all the way to the tip of South America on some of the most demanding roads. Rallywagen 2.0 was fully constructed in-house by our team of engineers. See the full journey here!

New ECS MK7 GTI/Golf R Front Mount Intercooler Kit

Dec 10, 2019

The MK7 GTI and MK7 R both offer excellent performance out of the box. As tuners, though, we always want more. More air, more clout, more power. That's why we set out on a mission to upgrade the performance of your turbocharged hatchback with our brand new Front Mount Intercooler Kit to increase the volume of airflow, decrease temperatures, and improve the efficiency of your boosted baby for more smiles per gallon.

Trim & Moulding Removal Tool Kits

Dec 2, 2019

Ever tried removing a radio trim bezel with a screwdriver or metal putty knife? Ugly. Ineffective. Metal prying tools gouge, scratch, and crack expensive interior parts adding needless cost and aggravation to any repair or accessory installation requiring trim panel removal. Stop the madness. Invest in one of our affordable trim removal kits. Large kit or small, our trim removal tools are made of tough, non-marring molded plastic, brightly colored so you won't leave them behind when the job is done. Do it right. Do it faster. Schwaben.

Limited Edition Forge Pink Blow-Off Valve Kit

Dec 1, 2019

Nothing says dedication like something unique that also offers performance benefits. For the discerning enthusiast who wants to show off that little bit of extra effort, the new Forge Motorsport Limited Edition Pink Blow Off Valves are perfect.

Newest Schwaben Tools

Nov 28, 2019

Newest Schwaben Tools

Did You Know?

Are you spending some quality time with your car this season? Equip yourself for all projects with Schwaben Tools! We offer an extensive line of standard & European specialty tools for your collection, as well as high quality items to help keep your car cleaner while getting work done and improve the DIY experience for both you and your tools.

New VW/Audi MQB Chassis Magnetic Oil Drain Plug

Nov 19, 2019

Take an oil change and make it better with the new MQB Magnetic Drain Plug from ECS. Protection in the form of the best lubrication is the best way to keep everything silky-smooth, but metal-to-metal contact is inevitable. In order to keep your engine free of that microscopic contamination, our new magnetic drain plug is the perfect preventative measure to maintain your engine's performance for a long and successful life.

New! iOS Compatible OBDeleven PRO Scan Tool Audi/VW

Nov 19, 2019

With the functionality and variety of professional-grade diagnostic equipment, the OBDeleven Plug-and-Play diagnostic app is right at home in your personal garage. The scan application features code reading, control units, LED coding, and the ability to clear service or check engine lights from your smartphone! Just plug in your OBD port and have the same capabilities you would see in a dedicated shop all from the convenience of your device.

034 Motorsport MQB Turbo Inlet Pipe & Inlet Hose

Nov 11, 2019

The MQB platform is a wonderful thing. Not only does it provide tons of Audi and VW owners with the right sound, power, and feel, but it makes aftermarket support a breeze. With the new 034Motorsport MQB Turbo Inlet Upgrades, you can improve on the already impressive performance from your engine by de-restricting the intake with their high-quality performance parts. Better sound, better performance, and more driving pleasure, all from some simple upgrades designed to work with your MQB platform.

VW/Audi MQB 4Motion High Flow Catted Downpipe Kit

Nov 8, 2019

Unlock hidden power, find a new reason to love your car's sound, and make every commute more fun in your MQB 4motion Haldex Audi or VW with our brand new High-Flow Catted Performance Downpipe!

New X34 Carbon Fiber Fresh Air Duct

Nov 5, 2019

034Motorsport's Carbon Fiber Fresh Air Duct is now available for the 8V/8S Audi A3/S3/TT/TTS & MkVII Volkswagen Golf/GTI/R! Designed to better route cool, dense air from the front of the car to the airbox, this high-quality carbon fiber piece offers OEM+ fit and finish, and is the perfect match for your X34 MQB Air Intake.

New ECS Carbon Fiber Steering Hub Overlay

Nov 5, 2019

Looking to spice up your interior? Our ECS Tuning Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Hub Overlay drastically improves your interior with race-inspired carbon fiber material! Our in-house designed and engineered overlay covers the trim on the steering hub, from the switches to the lower emblem and remains in place with automotive-grade 3M tape. Installation is accomplished within minutes and does NOT require removal of the airbag.

APR MQB Chassis Roll-Control Coilover Systems - VW

Oct 31, 2019

The APR Roll-Control Coilover Suspension System is designed to dramatically improve handling while delivering a stylish visual upgrade to your vehicle’s appearance. This is all made possible while retaining a comfortable and exciting daily driving experience expected from a high-end system. With this system, you will experience a harmonious balance between the springs, struts/dampers, and bump stops thanks to a careful selection of spring and damping only possible through the use of non-generic components.

CJM Industries Vent Pods - VW MK7

Oct 29, 2019

Finding places to put gauges in your MK7 isn't difficult; just bolt them up wherever they are still visible. For a solution that doesn't look like an afterthought that involved many zip ties and poor decisions, CJM Gauges has you covered with their Defrost Vent Pods to house two of your information displays without making those gauges look like you just tossed them in your interior and said 'that'll do.'

LIQUI-MOLY Molygen Oil for your Audi/VW

Oct 29, 2019

Enlighten your engine with new LIQUI-MOLY Molygen engine oil!. Using revolutionary molecular friction control, Molygen will provide the quality protection your VW or Audi deserves. Even better, with our included UV Light you can quickly spot any leaks by the distinctive green glow. Molygen is specifically engineered to preserve, cool, and lubricate your naturally aspirated or forced induction engine from performance use to daily driving. ECS now offers Molygen for VW and Audi engines, sold individually, or in complete service kits.

ECS Carbon Fiber Exterior Upgrades | MK7 GTI/R

Oct 28, 2019

ECS is quickly earning a reputation for delivering the most outstanding aftermarket carbon fiber products for European cars. Our unparalleled R&D facilities and dedication to exceeding consumer expectations give us the ability to provide this quality consistently. Check out our authentic hand-laid Carbon Fiber Exterior Upgrades for your car.

Modular Suspension Solutions - MK7 Golf R

Oct 23, 2019

Your suspension is more than just what supports your VW. The system as a whole is what determines how your car rides, how it looks, and most importantly, how it performs around corners, under acceleration, and in braking. Dialing in your suspension settings with adjustable upgrades can give you the perfect feeling for a track day that you need to shave off those seconds, but make the car completely unlivable on the street. With Modular Suspension Solutions for your VW, just a few simple changes give you the ability to live in both worlds without sacrifice to comfort or performance.

View The Full Build List Of Our E46 M3 Sweepstakes Car

Oct 23, 2019

With a high-strung S54 inline six under the hood, a manual 6-speed transmission, LSD rear end, and competent suspension, the E46 M3 is a great platform out of the box. That isn’t to say it can’t be improved, however, which is exactly what we aim to do. Below, we’re going to show you everything we upgraded on the M3 before it finds its way to a lucky new owner who will surely enjoy our tasteful upgrades provided by our partners to help bring out the full potential of this incredible machine.

VW - ECS Clearance Blowout Sale - Save Big

Oct 21, 2019

You spent all your Summer doing things that didn't involve all those upgrades you had planned for your VW, didn't you? Well, we're cleaning out our shelves and discounting tons of VW parts right now, so take this as a sign you should stop slacking and start wrenching! Go get all those last-minute upgrades handled before it gets too cold to want to do anything!

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