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Schwaben Presents: The Removers Feb 14, 2015

We've all found ourselves using highly "creative" methods for separating old parts in the midst of an intense project. Some methods do work - usually at the expense of personal injury and a few broken or damaged parts. The new Remover Tools from Schwaben leave your knuckles and expensive parts intact. The new Exhaust Hanger Removal Tool has a slim profile for work in tight areas, easily pulling off hangers from behind. Steering and Suspension Ball Joint Separators offer a combined 12mm to 80mm jaw opening range. New rugged 3/8” drive Schwaben E-Socket Sets are also available.

ECS Valentines Day Wish List Feb 8, 2015

Browsing through our world-class parts catalog can be overwhelming - with such a deep well of heart-pounding performance additions, convenient tools and accessories, and limitless OEM replacement parts, you'll need a way to control your lustful thoughts this Valentine's Day. ECS helps you cool off with the Wish List tool - setup a vehicle make and model, and click on the "Heart" logo next to any product that catches your eye. And if you're looking to spice things up this holiday with a thoughtful gift, $10-$100 ECS gift cards will make your sweetheart's wishes come true.

Schwaben Clever Solutions of Convenience Feb 7, 2015

Schwaben Specialty Tools has released three new products that eliminate the pains and inconveniences associated with automotive repairs and installations. Get off the ground and move around with the Six Wheel Creeper - ruggedly designed to reliably keep your body off the ground while working underneath your Euro. The Schwaben LED Under Hood Shop Light features 120 LEDs & a polycarbonate transparent lens that instantly illuminates every crevice of your engine bay. The Rolling Creeper Seat and Tray keeps your body at an ideal height while keeping your tools close at hand.

Schwaben Cooling System Tools Jan 30, 2015

When it comes to the cooling system, we're led to only think of failure with overheating in the warmer months of the year. On the other hand, coolant prevents freezing within its system during the colder months, and there are still many that are unequipped to service their system properly. Don't get left in the cold. Maintain your cooling system the right way and keep it fully functional with these cooling system tools.

European Car Electrical Terminal Tool Kit Jan 29, 2015

Automotive electrical work demands patience, knowledge, & above all, the correct tools. European car owners oftentimes find themselves using ineffective, dangerous, & cumbersome methods when repairing or replacing wiring harness connectors. Schwaben's latest release, the European Car Electrical Terminal Tool Kit, gives enthusiasts the exact tools required for bullet connectors, common ABS sensor and power connectors, trailer light plugs, and more. Extend harness life, ensure proper diagnostic equipment connectivity, and preserve wiring harness life with this superb release.

Mercedes-Benz Bentley Technical Companion Jan 28, 2015

Guesswork is expensive. It leads to costly repair errors that compromise vehicle safety. Talented pro-sumer or repair professional, you need accurate vehicle data and specifications. That's why ECS is happy to offer an entire inventory of Bentley manuals, a reliable, respected source of repair data for many European vehicles. This comprehensive source of info on your Mercedes-Benz has been carefully edited and illustrated. A worthwhile investment.

Eastwood Fender Rollers and Accessories Jan 25, 2015

It's hard not to appreciate the powerful, aggressive appearance of a wide-stanced performance car; it's the look that forces enthusiasts to take your ride seriously. The effect is typically accomplished with flared fenders and over-sized wheels, requiring increased fender clearance. The Eastwood fender roller tool is easy to use, priced right, and increases fender clearance while maintaining a factory-fresh look. Kits are available that include a heat gun to keep your finish from stress cracking, & a finishing tool to form the inner fender lip for a professional-quality job.

Schwaben Hand Tools Jan 24, 2015

Schwaben Hand Tools

Did You Know?

The growing Schwaben Tool catalog has just expanded again with the release of the superbly engineered, exceptionally reliable Schwaben hand tools - now available from ECS tuning. The new Schwaben 1/2" breaker bar has a full 180°swing for those hard to reach bolts and nuts. A complete set of Schwaben twelve-point metric combination wrenches from 8 to 19 mm is also available. Mechanic-quality 290mm and 200mm long ratchets featuring a durable fine satin finish round off this latest premium tool release.

Schwaben 12 Ft 6 Gauge Booster Cables Jan 23, 2015

Critical emergency parts should be purchased from a well-known, reliable company. High quality Booster cables are now available from Schwaben Tools. The 6-gauge copper, multi-strand cables are 12 feet long, making the emergency jump start hassle-free in any situation. Rated at 400 Amps, the vinyl-coated Schwaben cables are designed to last.

Schwaben CV Boot Clamp Pliers & Mini Tube Cutter Jan 18, 2015

Keep your cuts clean and your connections clamped tight with these new Schwaben tools. The CV boot clamp pliers will assist in maintaining the factory look by utilizing ear-type clamps found on CV axle boots, vacuum lines, and fuel lines right from the factory. The Schwaben mini tube cutter will cut hardlines with a smooth, straight finish making it easy to flare and fit. For the enthusiasts looking to complete a job, and leave it with the appearance that it was never touched.

ECS Magnetic Fender Cover Jan 17, 2015

Coming to a finish of an under-the-hood project is a sight that any enthusiast can enjoy. The other finish we enjoy the sight of is the paint finish, unblemished and grease free. The best way to ensure you maintain this appearance while working under the hood is with a fender cover. The ECS Magnetic fender cover features Soft magnets to hold tight in place, soft non-scratch leather on the front, and goose flannelette backing. Don't risk it, stay covered.

Volkswagen 5x112 Alzor Wheels Jan 14, 2015

The easiest, most transformative modification for your VW is a set of new, perfectly selected wheels. Alzor wheels offers an array of 5x112 bolt pattern wheels for your VW available in various colors, finishes, and spoke designs. The entire line of Alzor alloy wheels are inspected and go through rigorous quality control and durability testing. Every wheel comes with a TÜV Rheinlan approval and is stamped with the familiar JWL and VIA stamps, giving you the confidence to drive aggressively on your new running gear.

New Schwaben Specialty Tools Jan 12, 2015

It's the new year, it's time for some new tools. Every one of these Schwaben tools are built to last and are easy to use. The Thread Chaser Set includes the most popular metric sizes so you can restore corroded, damaged or stripped threads.The Metric Bubble Flaring kit is a must have for anyone replacing steel brake lines. The Memory Saver Kit allows you to connect a separate power source (9 volt household battery, or separate 12 volt battery) up to your OBDII port under the dashboard when replacing a battery, preserving radio presets and settings, and other vehicle memory.

Schwaben 6 Liter Fluid Extractor/Filler System Jan 10, 2015

The Schwaben 6-Liter Extractor/Filler System makes changing oil, ATF, or any type of fluid easy and mess free. This easy to use tool is no doubt the best Extractor/Filler for the money. Easily change to pump in or out with the flip of a lever, and use the extendable foot step for stability while pumping. All of the included adapters mount on the tank for convenient storage. This is a manual pump which requires no electricity or air pressure to operate, and has a built in pressure/vacuum gauge for easy monitoring to prevent overpumping.

Schwaben Telescoping Hood Prop Jan 4, 2015

Those who own a vehicle with gas hood shocks know they aren't always reliable if they even work at all. The Schwaben Telescoping hood prop takes the risk out of being in the engine bay, especially on a windy day. This hood prop is adjustable, lightweight, and sturdy making it easy to keep out of the way in the trunk so its there anytime you need it. Hold up, here's an extra hand

Schwaben Brake Bleeding Products Jan 3, 2015

The 3-Liter European Pressure brake bleeder is designed to bleed and flush your brake system like a pro. This easy to use fully loaded pressure bleeder is no doubt the best pressure bleeder for the money. The customers looking for more, upgrade to the Multi-functional fluid pump kit that does all this plus and be used as an ATF filler. For those that prefer to leave flushing your brakes to the shop we offer a smaller fluid bleeding only option that comes in handy when doing brake jobs. Both products ensure your satisfaction in pedal feel and ease of use.

ECS Tuning Gift Cards | Get the right gifts this season Dec 20, 2014

Give 'em what they want: cold hard cash. ECS Tuning Gift Certificates are the gift that won't get returned because it's the wrong size, style, or color. ECS gift cards come in different denominations, from 10 to 100 dollars, to fit any budget. These certificates are sure to please your favorite auto enthusiast, and they're a lot easier to wrap than a bowling ball!

ISSE 10% Off For the Holidays Nov 28, 2014

Worried about that really bad storm? The mother of all blizzards where your all seasons tires don't get it done, and there are more cars in the ditch than on the road? Rest easy. We have a solution: ISSE Textile Tire Chains. So light a child can lift them. Easy to install no matter where you are. Just slip them over your tires, and get instant traction. Available in different grades depending on frequency of use, in sizes for most vehicles. Keep a set in your trunk so you can stop worrying and get a grip when winter gets ugly.

ECS Assembled Brake Flush Kits Nov 28, 2014

When addressing a vehicle's braking system, it can be easy to overlook brake fluids. It's not always clear which parts are necessary to do the job correctly - usually resulting in unnecessary time and expense. ECS has assembled three Brake Fluid Flush Kits, each containing the convenient Motive Power Bleeder, Schwaben Bleeder Wrench, and one liter of brake fluid - everything needed for a basic servicing. The level 2 Kit includes a Motive Catch Bottle Set; the level 3 kit further improves the level 2 kit with high-performance TYP 200 brake fluid.

RockyMounts Roof Rack Travel Gear & Accessories Nov 27, 2014

RockyMounts has been providing convenient products to transport some of your favorite outdoor toys and supplies to adventures for some time now. These mounts are ideal by saving space or simply using your compact vehicle to transport larger items. Don't let the size of your vehicle keep you indoors this time of year, expand your options and get the most out of life.

VW MKV/MKVI Golf FK Street-Line Coilover Kit Nov 27, 2014

Take it to the streets with FK Street-Line coilovers. This affordable entry-level suspension package eliminates guesswork by combining full height adjustment at all four corners, with matching dampers, engineered with fixed, pre-calibrated settings to improve ride quality. The polished steel housings offset bright yellow springs for a great look. The large adjustment range improves vehicle appearance and handling while maintaining ride comfort suitable for a daily driver. German-made to tough DIN quality standards with a one-year warranty.

RockyMounts Holiday Sale Nov 20, 2014

RockyMounts Holiday Sale

Did You Know?

Rack and roll. In sun or snow, RockyMounts has a roof mount solution for your active lifestyle. Whether you're skiing, snow boarding, or cycling, RockMounts roof rack accessories are as easy to load as they are good looking. For a weekend with nature, a 14er Cargo Cage Roof Basket will handle up to 150 pounds of camping gear. Its scooped grille design keeps items in place, and sheds water and snow. The next time you plan a getaway, plan to take RockyMounts.

ECS Tuning Holiday Gift Cards Nov 20, 2014

In most cases the best way to get the perfect gift in the holiday season is to go with a solid choice gift card. This makes shopping convenient and simple for both the person giving the gift and the person receiving. With an ECS Tuning gift card the family European enthusiast can choose from needed replacement parts, upgrades, or the next tool for the collection. ECS also offers a virtual gift card, perfect for last minute shopping or if your looking to set a custom amount, maybe enough to get the product you know they want but not quite sure on the fitment? 

Sonax Car Care Products Nov 14, 2014

Companies that dedicate themselves to a specific industry niche have a head start on large, excessively diverse manufacturers. A familiarity with the challenges of making superior products is gained through the sheer time spent within a more narrow market. Sonax produces car care products. Each release by the company is a leader in its category, & their catalog is growing every day. ECS offers a staggering array of Sonax products, from the highly effective acid-free Wheel Cleaner, to deep-cleaning & odor-eliminating Upholstery/Carpet Cleaner and Premium Class Carnauba.

Schwaben Ramps and Jack Stands Nov 12, 2014

The specialty tool experts at Schwaben have released a series of superbly engineered, exceptionally reliable car ramps, ramp extensions, wheel stands, & wheel chocks - now available from ECS tuning. 30" to 67" Low Profile Car Ramps are specially made to accommodate vehicles with low bumper clearance, eliminating the risk of body damage & sliding ramps. Schwaben Wheel Stands feature a cradled wheel support for superior stability compared to jack stands, supporting up to 3000 lbs. And when lifting your vehicle or placing it on an incline, Wheel Chocks are a wise investment.

Schwaben Automatic Battery Charger & Circuit Tester Oct 31, 2014

Schwaben's latest additions to their catalog of excellent specialty tools, the Automatic Battery Charger and Coiled Cord Circuit Tester are professional-quality, highly convenient tools that belong in every home mechanic's toolbox. Utilizing short circuit protection, 8 LED indicators, charging voltage auto-select, & selectable charging current, the Schwaben Automatic Battery Charger is designed to work on 6 or 12 volt Lead-acid batteries. Featuring an easily visible high-intensity LED bulb, the Schwaben Circuit Tester is a superb example of one of the most useful electrical tools.

European Essentials Tool Kit Oct 17, 2014

Owners of European automobiles often find that alongside the pleasures of driving a more refined, tasteful vehicle exists the very real challenge of finding the correct tool for these cars' unique fasteners. Featuring swivel-head triple-square bits, Torx screwdrivers, one hundred specialty fasteners, and the exceptionally sturdy go-through screwdriver set, the Schwaben European Essentials Tool Kit allows you to approach any project with confidence. Each tool is secured in a molded case, helping you keep track of your investment.

Schwaben Hose Clamp & Swivel Head Pliers & Socket Set Oct 14, 2014

Features of convenience and versatility define this latest group of industry-standard hand tools from Schwaben, the European specialty tool experts. The 24-inch long, flexible Locking Hose Clamp Pliers make removing metal or plastic self-tightening hose clamps an infinitely more simple and quick task. For oil & fuel filter removal, Schwaben's 4-position adjustable Swivel Jaw Filter Wrench Pliers feature Sure-Grip teeth to provide the right amount of clamping force for the job. The superb 12-piece Metric Socket Set completes this latest new and exciting Schwaben product release.

Schwaben 3-Ton Aluminum Jack Stands Oct 11, 2014

Schwaben's reputation for producing highly reliable, finely crafted specialty tools is growing rapidly - consumers are beginning to see the extraordinary value behind the Schwaben name. Nowhere is the dependability and security associated with the Schwaben name more important than with their latest 3-Ton Aluminum Jack Stands. The all-aluminum stands feature heavy-duty flanged bases for exceptional stability, while the over-engineered .584" diameter load pin rigidly secures the post in six different positions for convenience and peace of mind.

DIY Change Your Own Brake Fluid Oct 7, 2014

Massive rotors, multiple-piston brakes, and advanced pads are glamorous, eye-catching upgrades to your vehicle. But experienced enthusiasts know that all that stopping power relies on adequately bled brake lines. Your brake fluid is incompressible, like a metal; but air is compressible, so ridding your lines of this gas is imperative for fully realized braking power and response. ECS has an array of solutions to tighten up your braking system, including a Power Brake Bleeder, multiple synthetic Brake Fluid options, and a premium Schwaben Brake Bleeder Wrench.

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