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ECS BMW E46 Pedal Sets

May 19, 2011

Want to add some style and function to the inside of your vehicle? ECS Tuning has the solution with these sets of Billet Aluminum Pedals. Available in two different colors, the interior of your E46 BMW will be completely transformed, while adding a large touch of function as well. These thick pedals give a better underfoot feel while the rubber pedal appliqued gives a slip proof feel. Designed and manufactured by ECS Tuning, right here in the United States. This allows us to exert a larger amount of quality control to provide you with quality parts at a reasonable price.

VW Ansa Mufflers

May 19, 2011

Road salt, moisture, and the elements take a toll on your muffler. Over the years, the muffler rusts out and breaks causing excessive noise and vibration in the exhaust system. Replace yours with a mildly upgraded performance piece from ECS Tuning. This Ansa replacement muffler is guaranteed to fit like stock and provide years of reliable service. It's black coated with polished tips, which not only means great looks, but it also protects this vulnerable piece from premature corrosion. This aftermarket sport muffler offers a slightly improved exhaust tone that is not overly noisy.

VW MKIV 1.8t Carbon Fiber Engine Cover

May 19, 2011

Continue the popular theme of carbon fiber on your vehicle under the hood with this 1.8T Carbon Fiber Engine Cover from ECS Tuning. Made of thick, hand laid carbon fiber, this engine cover easily replaces your boring, stock plastic cover. Using the same mounting locations as the stock piece, it can easily be installed in just a few minutes with simple hand tools. Free of any logos or manufacturers emblems, you get to decide to advertise your favorite retailers or leave it as a sleek, shaved look. Another quality piece of carbon fiber from ECS Tuning.

Volkswagen MKV Carbon Fiber Eyelids

May 19, 2011

If you are after a more menacing look for your Volkswagen, you might consider picking up some of these MKV Carbon Fiber Eyelids from ECS Tuning. Created with hand laid carbon fiber, these eyelids attach easily to your stock headlights with strong double sided tap and they help eliminate unused lenses to make your headlights appear tailored. Produced by the experts at ECS Tuning, you can be sure of their quality thanks to our rigorous testing standards. These are the perfect custom touch that will set your vehicle apart from everyone else.

Audi B6 A4/S4 Lip Spoiler

May 19, 2011

Add an aggressive look to the rear of your Audi with this lip spoiler from ECS Tuning. Manufactured of a flexible, pliable material, this spoiler will conform to all of the contours of your trunk deck to give it a completely unique look. Attaches easily with strong, double sided adhesive, installation can be done in minutes in your driveway. Because ECS Tuning pays such attention to fitment details, your lip spoiler will appear to be a factory item. Want a factory color match? Drop it off at your local body shop to have it painted for a unique, color-matched appearance.

VW MKIV Golf/Jetta Black Mirror Housings

May 19, 2011

The sun can deliver a punishing blow to the plastic parts on your vehicle, turning them chalky gray, ruining the appearance of your vehicle no matter how often you clean it. Don't settle for a less than stellar exterior look; replace those worn pieces with this new Black MKIV Rear View Mirror Assembly. This part will give your vehicle a sleek, flat black look that is subtle but visually pleasing. Produced by Genera, you can be sure that these mirrors will fit perfectly and last for years, allowing your vehicle to look its best at all times.

MKIV Suspension Refresh Kits - Stage 1, 2, or 3

May 17, 2011

Suspension components are one of the most overlooked aspects for maintenance on a vehicle. With all the work that your suspension does, it's best to keep it in top shape to assure you stay safe. The suspension refresh kits assembled by ECS Tuning have everything you need to start to get your vehicle back to factory handling. No matter how old your car is, it is possible to restore steering feel, suspension feel, and a regain a great ride. Eventually, all of the stock components will deteriorate, and leave you with a less than desirable driving experience.

Door Pocket Cup Holders - Add A Cupholder To Your BMW

May 17, 2011

Finding space in your BMW for all of your daily accessories and your favorite beverage can be difficult. Add a little more functional space to your interior with this retrofit cup holder kit and get the room you need to store a six pack of soda inside your car. Installing is easy with three thumb screws, as this cup holder clamps to your door pocket to provide space for your beverage or other items. It's completely removable and does no damage to your door, not to mention the fact it looks as if your vehicle came from the factory with this unit in place.

VW MKV/VI R-Line Pedal Sets

May 17, 2011

The Volkswagen Golf R32 is a stunning machine to say the least, but it commands a high price, which might be out of reach for some. Yet, now, thanks to ECS Tuning, you can get some of that Golf R32 style in your vehicle with these R-Style Pedal Kits. Whether you use the Genuine Volkswagen / Audi parts or ECS Tuning’s own products, you will get a gorgeously aggressive appearance in your vehicle, even if you have a DSG transmission, for a fantastically good price that is easily affordable and well worth it.

VW MKV Golf R Anti Rattle Spring

May 9, 2011

There is no doubt that the Volkswagen Golf R is a brilliant machine, but all that performance comes at a steep price. If you want to get some Golf R style without spending over $30,000, pick up these R emblazoned Anti Rattle Springs for your Golf R32. These springs are from European Volkswagen / Audi, so fitment shouldn't be an issue and once they are in place, your Volkswagen will look absolutely stunning. Installation is relatively simple and once these Golf R Anti Rattle Springs are in place, you can drop the 32 from your vehicle's name.

VW MKIV Bolt On Hood Extension

May 9, 2011

Do you want to transform the appearance of your Volkswagen MKIV in a matter of minutes with just basic equipment? If your answer was yes, than this new hood extension is for you. This bolt on hood extension is the perfect way to add a menacing look that is certain to turn heads no matter where you go. The extension attaches to the underside of the hood with ease with a self-tapping screw. The item is made with ABS Plastic and is paintable to match your body color, giving you a stealthy, yet aggressive appearance.

BMW E46 M3 Blackout Fender Side Grille Kit

May 9, 2011

If you want to add a custom touch to your BMW E46 M3, this new Blackout Fender Side Grille Kit is the perfect thing for you. This product was created with 100% ABS plastic, which will resist chipping, impacts, and UV damage, right here in the United States by the experts at ECS Tuning. Installation is simple and once the job is done, your E46 will look unbelievably stunning and you can even reuse those OEM M3 badges. When you purchase from ECS Tuning, you can be sure that this part will have the look you desire and the longevity you deserve.

New VW Drivers Gear Products

May 9, 2011

Volkswagen has been around for decades now and during that time the company has developed a loyal following due to its bevy of gorgeous vehicles. Those that are looking to celebrate Volkswagen's heritage, or show their pride for the German brand, can now purchase numerous items from the Volkswagen Driver's Gear Collection. From umbrellas to sunglasses to shirts, the Driver's Gear Collection has just about everything for the modern Volkswagen fan and the good thing is, you don't even have to own one.

VW 5x100 Wheel Adapters

May 3, 2011

VW 5x100 Wheel Adapters

Did You Know?

There are numerous wheels out there that might not fit your particular vehicle, but now, with these new wheel adapters, you can get just about any wheel you want on your car. Have you always wanted those stunning wheels from the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG on your Volkswagen MKV? Pick up these new wheel spacers, which are offered in ranges from 15mm to 40mm, and fit them to your car and open up your wheel possibilities. Don't limit yourself when it comes to wheels, pick up these new spacers from the aftermarket experts at ECS Tuning and get what you desire, no matter the bolt pattern.

VW MKV Rabbit Front Valance Are On Sale

Apr 28, 2011

The Volkswagen Rabbit is a vehicle with a lot of potential, but its styling is rather conservative. If you're looking to add a touch of aggression to your Rabbit, this new Front Spoiler/Valance will be just the thing to intensity your Volkswagen. This new Vortex Front Spoiler will give your vehicle a much lower visual appearance and its lines integrate perfectly into your stock body panels, making it look as if it has been there the entire time.

Schwaben Five-Piece Trim / Molding Tool Set

Apr 25, 2011

When it comes time to customize your vehicle, it might be necessary to remove trim, molding and door panels, but don't risk damaging your paintwork or other components with a screwdriver. This new Schwaben Five-Piece Molding Tool Set is made from rigid poly/nylon to prevent marring and it's durable enough to be used over and over again. Our kit comes with everything you'll need to get those pesky trim pieces, including a wide edge remover, narrow edge remover, pull-type remover, handle remover and an upholstery clip remover. Make it easier on yourself with this new kit from ECS.

Ziza D2S HID Bulbs

Apr 22, 2011

Basic headlights are decent and they light up the road just fine, but since when was "just fine" good enough? These new D2S HID Bulbs will illuminate the road as if there were two suns in your headlight housings, allowing you too see everything in your path. If you have HID bulbs already, replace those dead bulbs with a set from Ziza. These bulbs are sold in a pack of two and are compatible with any system that takes D2S bulbs. Upgrade your factory HID bulbs with these Xenon HID 6000K bulbs. Each HID bulb emits a very exotic look from your HID systems.

ECS Tuning Is Hiring

Apr 22, 2011

ECS Tuning Is Hiring

Did You Know?

In today's troubled economy where good jobs are hard to come by, ECS Tuning is offering numerous full-time positions for applicants that are energetic and have a passion for the automotive industry. We are seeking individuals that enjoy a dynamic and fast paced work environment and a desire to be apart of a growing company. Whether you're experienced in sales, web programming or parts installation, we are looking for talent that can help take our company forward into the future. ECS Tuning is a worldwide leader in the automotive parts industry located in Wadsworth, Ohio.

Audi B8 S4/A4 Wheel Spacers

Apr 22, 2011

When purchasing a set of new wheels to add to your Audi B8, it's best if you add some new wheel spacers to ensure the proper amount of space for those new spinning beauties. ECS Tuning offers a wide variety of spacers from 2mm to 20mm, for those of you that want to ride in style. Each spacer is manufactured and engineered in our factory by our trained experts and each will deliver the same quality and performance that you have come to expect from ECS Tuning. With all the attention to detail in all aspects of manufacturing, a product with incredible fit and durability is produced.

Is Your MKIV Dipstick Tube Cracked?

Apr 15, 2011

Volkswagen and Audi have been around for numerous years and one would imagine that after all this time they would be able to create a dipstick tub extension that wouldn't snap during normal use. Yet, when they do break, MTC has the replacement part you'll need to check that oil once again. For years, MTC has been delivering quality parts at discount prices that are just as good as the originals. So, if you own a Volkswagen or an Audi, replace that damaged dipstick tub extension with this replacement from ECS Tuning.

FK Wheel Trees For Easy Storage

Apr 15, 2011

If your garage is cluttered with old wheels and tires, or your favorite spare set for the summer and winter months, get this new wheel tree and take back your garage space from those rubber beasts. With your wheels on these trees, your garage will be spacious once again and allow you to place anything from an extra car or more equipment in various places. So, don't let your wheels turn your garage into an unusable work space, get them organized today.

Audi USB Flash Drives 4GB

Apr 13, 2011

Flash drives are not only vital to our everyday lives, but they are incredibly vulgar in their appearance. Yet, that might not be true anymore, as these new Audi USB Flash Drives take gorgeous practicality to a whole new level. Not only are they amazingly accurate to real Audi Key Fobs, but they can hold up to four gigabytes of information. This Audi USB Flash Drive is from the Audi Collection and is of the utmost quality. So, if you desire a flash drive or something to convince that beautiful woman that you own that Audi S4 in the parking lot, this flash drive is the perfect choice.

Audi Collection Die Casts Models

Apr 8, 2011

Purchasing an Audi may be out of the question for most people across the country, but with these new Audi Collection Die Cast Models, anybody can own some Audi magic for a fantastic price. These models are insanely accurate down to the interior navigation screen and gauges. Each model will be a perfect fit to any collection and will add a touch of class to any area. From historical models to current vehicles, each Die Cast Model is absolutely incredible. These models are without a doubt, almost as good as the real thing.

5x120 BMW Miro Wheels Style 111

Mar 31, 2011

This set of Miro Type 111 in particular will not only change the look of your vehicle but also capture the attention of others and after all, isn't that one of the main goals when buying new wheels. The split "Y" spoke design is incorporated beautifully into the barrel eliminating any visual obstructions to make the barrel look completely molded into the face. The concave design and polished face will give your vehicle a sleek look that will keep people looking for hours upon hours.

MKV LED Daytime Running Light Kit

Mar 30, 2011

Safety and beauty don't normally walk hand in hand, but in the case of these MKV LED Daytime Running Lights, they do. We all know why daytime running lights are important, but add the luminosity of LED bulbs and your fellow motorists will be able spot you from miles away. Not only do these LED lights increase your vehicle's visibility, but they add a touch of class to your MKV Volkswagen as well. On top of all this, they are simple to install. What could be better?

VR6 Accessory Belt Tensioner Assembly

Mar 29, 2011

Accessory belts getting loose? Power steering now working as it should? Replace your accessory drive belt tensioner with this unit from ECS Tuning. When failing, this unit can cause loud squealing and knocking that some people can interpret as internal engine noise. Don't take the chance of throwing your belt on the highway one day and replace yours with ECS Tuning. A must to replace if internal bearing in roller is noisy. Complete tensioner with roller bearing for a fraction of what this part cost at the dealer.

MKV 2.0T Forge Twintake Induction System

Mar 29, 2011

This Twintake induction system from Forge replaces your stock air box and filter with their new tubing and twin filter set up. With the twin filters, it pulls air from two different locations for maximum power. By allowing the filter to pull from 2 places instead of one, more air flow can be accomplished, especially for turbo and aftermarket power adders. Forge has shown gains of up to 17hp over the stock air box on a stock motor. The kit comes with black tubing and black silicone hoses with all parts necessary for a bolt on installation.

Schwaben Oil Filter Cap Removal Tool

Mar 29, 2011

Tired of trying to find a filter wrench to remove your oil filter cap on your N52 / N54 ? This is a tool directly from the Schwaben designed to make your next oil service much more pleasant. Fitting perfectly over the oil filter cover, you can easily remove the cap for the filter and install the new unit. Prevents damage to the oil filter housing or cap as it grips tightly and securely. A must have tool for any BMW do it yourselfer or technician.

LED License Plate Light Conversion

Mar 29, 2011

The look of fresh, clean light makes a vehicle look so much more modern. Aftermarket headlights, tail lights, and even interior lights with cleaner light enhance the looks and performance. Why not take that concept to a place that is often neglected. Even if you have great looking tail lights, yellowish incandescent license plate bulbs make them look terrible. The solution is to continue the LED theme and illuminate your plate with clean, brighter, white light.

Black Conical Seat Wheel Bolts

Mar 29, 2011

If you want to run wheel spacers on your vehicle, you will need to find longer wheel bolts. It can be almost impossible to find the proper length, thread pitch, and seat of the bolt for your wheels. Now, ECS Tuning has your solution. These ECS Tuning wheel bolts are specifically designed and manufactured to be completely compatible with wheel spacers. With extended lengths stepping up in small increments, it's easy to find the right length for your wheel/spacer combination.

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